Quick Note

This is a quick note to put out a few tidbits of information.

1. Moderator approval; I try to get the comment approved as fast as I can but sometimes a few things in real life slows things up (Sleep) so please be patient with me they will be approved.

2. Copyright material; please avoid saying that your characters are based on or looks like a copyrighted character. This will keep Jeff and the rest of us out of trouble.

3. Characters that are enter in a contest should be available for me to pull up and view for the complete week. I judge on Sundays and Mondays and if I can not pull up your character it will not be entered in the contest. This starts now, because this is the second week in a row that this has happen and I tried like crazy last week to give a person a chance but they did not reply, so as of today I will no longer waste time tracking down characters.

4. Negative Critique; please save your negative comments to Open Critique Day, don't post them in contests and challenges. Everyone has a chance to win. Plus use your critique to help a person, not to hurt them. In other words, say it nice or don't say it at all.

I would like to add that my wife, Isia, has been doing a lot to help me with the blogs and I would like to thank her for it.