Quick and Easy Challenge H#02

This challenge will be head and shoulder above the rest. That is Head Gear and Shoulders to go above and beyond. This week you can only use items from the "Head Gear" and "Shoulders"(left or right). The challenge is to build the best space fighter craft.











So have fun, no limit this week.

Winner will be posted Sunday afternoon/evening.

17 Responses to Quick and Easy Challenge H#02

  1. Keith_Kanin says:

    Just what you need when an alien horde decends upon the earth in neat organized rows slowly moving back and forth while you fire your laser cannons up at them.

    The Stingrae

    (Hope the addition of a background doesn’t disqualify me. It just didn’t POP without the contrast.)

  2. Renxin says:

    Shown with shields up, this Fornaxian Battle Cruiser is equipped with the latest in covert weaponry, a Vixen-Pulse drive generator (for those light-speed chases one may find oneself in), a cloaking device, and leather seating in the escape pods. Optional ammenities include on-board stereo systems, a kitchen, and laser-lighting (now non-lethal!) for on board partying.

    One color only, 26 lypg (light years per gallon) standard.


  3. WillyPete says:

    Perfect, Rwnxin, I’ll take one! Err, wait… gallon of what? 😉

  4. Keith_Kanin says:

    Capable of carrying up to 100 ground troops, this Stinger Class ship is highly versatile. The armored hull will withstand the most damaging physical attacks protecting those inside. The hull is also coated in a special alloy consisting of gold, titanium, and another unnamed metal (to protect patents and copy rights, we are unable to provide the third metal’s name.)This alloy provides a defensive bonus to energy based attacks. It is the gold that gives the ship it’s distinctive coloration. The offensive traits are limited for a ship this size as it is mainly a transport vehicle. Two forward rail guns mounted in the “mandibles”, as well as two plasma cannons mounted in the fore legs gives the forward gunner some flexibility. A rear mounted ion cannon gives those in pursuit something to think about. This ship is designed to get in, drop/retrieve troops, and get out quick.

    The Yellow Jacket

  5. Kellkin says:

    The Viper

    Infiltrator class fighter:
    Crew of 5
    Ion Pulse cannons
    Laser Banks
    Magnetic Mines
    Cloaking, Plasma Shielding, and reinforced hull
    Repulsorlift, and Warp Engines


  6. Dionne Jinn says:

    My second entry. KillBird star fighter. I wanted to add crew to cockpit, and I probably will…


  7. Hammerknight says:

    Challenge Closed

  8. Scatman says:

    backround was a headgear item to play fair

  9. Scatman says:

    ok ok I was late I get it!!!

  10. Scatman says:

    Scatman: ok ok I was late I get it!!!

    my spachip broke down on the way here!sorry.

  11. Hammerknight says:

    backround was a headgear item to play fair

    I’ll let it enter because of the updates that made things a little off today.