Kid’s Korner #1


Welcome to Kid's Korner, a place for  you and your kids to get together and have fun with HM.  So pull up your chairs and take the challenge. I few years ago I designed "Art Heads."














Here is a base character so that you can have the right sizes to use. You are allowed to change items to make male or female characters, but the sizes need to stay the same. You can add clothing and accessories.

So for your challenge this week, "Wizards, Witches, and Warlocks", yes that is right, show me the magic.

Rules for posting your characters are the same as any other contest or challenge. No limit. So have fun with your kids. I will post the winners on Monday, so you can have all weekend to work on your characters. Still no prizes for challenges, but for this one you get to spend times with your kids and that is better then any prize.

P.S. Open Critique is being moved to Thursdays and Sundays to allow for people that work during the week to share in the fun.