Character Contest #H02 “Cryptozoology”

"Cryptozoology" the study of creatures whose reported existence is unproved. Big Foot, Loch Ness and many more have been around for years, I want you to show me what you think they look like. No limit this week. Have fun and show us the Monsters.

31 Responses to Character Contest #H02 “Cryptozoology”

  1. Frevoli says:

    Great theme Hammerknight

    While I’m not sure how many I will do, one immediately came to mind that I had to do.

    I give you… Mothman

  2. Frevoli says:

    anyone struggling for ideas, here’s a handy-dandy list:

  3. Worf says:

    As a quick Study I did the Wolpertinger. From the description: It has a body comprised from various animal parts — generally wings, antlers, tails and fangs, all attached to the body of a small mammal.

    For this contest I’ve decided to go the way of the hoaxes… Which means that if I do another one, it will be another hoax animal. Later y’all….

  4. Kellkin says:

    Here is my snowman…and not the kind you make in your front yard.

  5. Keric says:

    Damn, this would be a perfect challenge for Wrecks- to bad I put him in a pop quiz by mistake!

  6. Keith_Kanin says:

    Fate, the immortal spider, spins her web entangling us all. None can escape, though some try. The best most of us can hope for is to bend a strand or two in our favor.

  7. Keric says:

    Thread hijack I am JUDGING the ONE PART, MANY CHARACTERS contest……(in the forums)
    On the next Saturday, some time after midnight, I hope those who want to get in on it!

  8. frozen_scarecrow says:

    The Kraken rises from the deep.

  9. The Canvey Island Monster


    I could spend months on this challenge!

  10. Ariana Iris says:

    Hello, I´m back from diaperland.
    My newborn twin daughters Ariana and Iris are now taking all of my attention and my free time is now very scarce.
    Anyway, here’s my rendition of the mythical Chupa Cabras:

  11. Calvary_Red says:

    I were drivin’ home from my Gran Pappy’s farm one night, right aroun’ six-thirty just when it starts gittin’ dark. Well there was some nail in the road an’ sure enough I got a flat tire. So’s I git out an’ get the jack out o’ the back, an’ that’s when i hear somethin’ rustlin’ around in the woods. Now like I said, it’s gittin’ dark, so start ta git a little nervous, but I got ta change my tire so I tells myself it’s just an old opossum or some other little critter, an’ I start crankin’ up the jack. But then I hears it agin, an’ this time I realize it’s at least as big as a man, so’s I call out, “Hello? Is anybody out there?” An’ I turn around an’ there it is, standin’ off in the trees. Must’a been at least ten foot tall if it was an inch. So’s now I git real scared, I jumped right back in the driver seat, an’ hit the gas, an’ there was a big thud as I pull off the jack an’ hit the ground agin, but flat tire or no flat tire, I didn’t let off the gas ’til I knew I was good’n’safe. The next day, after I fixed the tires – two of ’em, cause I blew out the other pullin’ of the jack – well, I went back there with a couple of my buddies, an’ there was my jack, still layin’ by the side o’ the road, but we didn’t see any trace o’ that critter, agin.

  12. The Dover Demon: Cryptid or Extra-terrestrial?

    The night of April 21, 1977, Bill Bartlett and two friends saw what they thought was a dog or cat crawling on a stone wall along Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts. Bill turned the car to get a better look in the headlights…

  13. Calvary_Red says:

    Bigfoot: Fact or fiction?

    Oh man, that’s good.

  14. Skybandit says:

    The carnivorous Ringspotted Jackalope blends well into it’s environment and subsists exclusively on an diet of Furred Trout.

  15. djuby says:

    What if Nessie is a Mermaid?

    For a second I thought she was giving me the “mac-finger”.

  16. J’Ba Fofi: The Great Spider


    Rumors abound in West Africa of a giant spider who builds nests in the forests. The creature is known for stealth and ambush.

    The animists have made J’Ba Fofi their god and symbol of defiance. Using geurrilla tactics, they quickly claimed the countryside. Now they are poised to take the cities.

    It is their duty to cast out the Europeans and the Muslims. To restore the traditions of the tribes. To bring J’ba Fofi’s wisdom to the world!