Caption Challenge 133 Results

Many thanks to all who took up the last Caption Challenge, wherein you had to come up with the best replacement dialog for this blank comics panel (edited to add, the original comes from The Gutters!):

In no particular order, my personal favorite entries were:

  • Skybandit: These bagpipes are out of tune!
  • NHA247: “Soft Kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur! Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr!”
  • EldritchSandwich: “My god…this cat ISN’T EVEN PLUGGED IN!”
  • Onikagenoken: ‘Yes, I’m seeing something. Your grandmother wants to speak to you from the other side. She says…meow.”
  • DiCicatriz: Foggy, I don’t get this new ‘Angry Cats’ app. How do you even play?
  • frozen_scarecrow: The internet really is full of cats!

Having just come off an epic Reddit session, I'm going with Frozen_Scarecrow as my overall favorite entry. Because the Internet really IS full of cats.

Thanks to all who entered!

4 Responses to Caption Challenge 133 Results

  1. mcknight57 says:

    Good choice. Cats and the internet are at least 80% evil.

  2. Herr D says:

    And full of the potential for kitty porn. . . congrats, froz.

  3. Sohmer says:

    Much as I appreciate the publicity, we’re going to want our credit for creating that panel there, buddy.

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    That was you guys? Neat! 90% of the time I have no clue where these come from, thanks for chiming in! Post updated with a link and credit.