Super Pouches!

I missed "Bad Costume Wednesday" yesterday, my apologies. So I'll take that up today instead, with an interesting take on Superman's costume:

It's from the mid-Nineties "Hunter/Prey" mini-series. There are a few obvious tells that it's from the Nineties. Can you spot them all? I'll leave that as an exercise for you, the at-home viewer.

My favorite part is the sword, because why the heck does Superman need a sword? You think Doomsday's going to fall to a bit of computer-generated sharpened metal? Please.

I also enjoy the yellow crotch flap. Because if there's one thing a grown-ass man in spandex needs, it's something dangling between his legs that practically screams "Yank me!". I keep wondering what the Mother Box thinks he's going to put in all those pouches. I guess maybe a change of Clark Kent vintage suits and hipster black-rim glasses? Maybe some Yoo-Hoo? I'd guess flying around toting all those extra straps would get pretty tiring, and a fellow needs his chocolatey pick-me-up.

You have to admire this approach, though. If you're tired of a costume, just throw a bunch of random crap on top of it, and done! It's simple, easy, and there's so much more room for activities.