Caption Challenge 130 Results!

We had some really fun entries for Caption Challenge 130, which asked you to come up with replacement dialog for this comics panel:

The ones that gave me the biggest chuckle were:

  • JR19759: This new 3D Tv is taking the Big Bang Theory a bit too literally.
  • Mark: AAAAAAAAA! Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo!
  • fuzztone: Wow! 4D TV!
  • DiCicatriz: “We’re sorry, but the program you were watching has been canceled… PERMANENTLY.”
  • dblade: Ugh. Another episode of the Real Housewives of Krypton.
  • ams: Wow, video really did kill the radio star!
  • William Peterson: “Ahhh! When they said Saturday Night was LIVE, I didn’t think they meant THAT Live!”
  • P.F. Bruns: When you said “violent television,” I thought you meant the content!
  • gozuforce: I knew this movie bombed, but i didn’t take it that literally.
  • Renxin: Grandpa tried to program the DVD player again.
  • Myro: “I guess we’ll call that myth confirmed, you can blow up a TV set by showing enough explosions.”
  • alphaalpharomeo: The Capitol tricked us with an exploding tv … Worst Hunger Games ever.

This one was a real toss-up for me, I could easily have gone with any of those as my personal favorite. I would probably say that Myro, dblade, and JR19759 were my Top Three. Myro summed up my favorite show, "Mythbusters", really well. And JR19759 nailed the crossover of 3DTV and pop culture. But I'm going to go with dblade's entry, because I thought it was the cleverest actual show title that still made sense of the scene:

Thanks everyone for making us all laugh this week, I know I'm not alone in saying I needed it.