Caption Challenge 130

It's time for another new Caption Challenge! This week you're tasked with coming up with the best caption for this comics panel:

I'll pick out some as my personal favorites to highlight in a post next Monday, and then I'll choose one of those to bear the standard as the "Featured Creator of the Week" atop the right column.

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

No limit to entries, but please, self-edit and only put up ones you genuinely think are good!

54 Responses to Caption Challenge 130

  1. 1:The TV has had enough of the “The Only Way Is Essex” marathon then!
    (That probably won’t translate to america so just insert Jersey Shore or some other rubbish ‘reality’ show)

    2. Too much porn you say?
    3. Damnit Bill i told you not to put metal into the Microwave!
    4. What does it mean self destr-…..
    5. Lets watch some Jersey Shore!!

  3. This new 3D Tv is taking the Big Bang Theory a bit too literally.

  4. 1. It looks so real! OW!

  5. AAAAAAAAA! Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo!

  6. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    Why did you have to use my puppy to prove that urban legend.

    Wow a real life Boom Box

    This happens every time I put on Will and Grace

    Now we’ll never know who won the Presidential race

    I just wanted to watch the Nsync music video

  7. “I knew it was a bad idea to get you to fix the TV, Bill”

  8. 1) See Bill even the TV can’t stand yer pro wraslin’!
    2) I told you fooling with the cable box to get HBO for free was a bad idea!
    3) I knew we should never let “Wires R Us” do our electric!
    4) Steve! Did you sleep with the cable guy’s wife again!?!?
    5) Who knew the guy selling TVs out the back of his van wasn’t reliable!
    6) Mom! I think we found Dad’s 4th of July stash!’
    7) So this TV was made in China!


  10. 1: Can we change the channel?
    2: 3D Nascar has it’s drawbacks!
    3: Big Brother is PISSED!
    4: Wii feedback is murder!

  11. 1. Don’t turn on that Nickleback music video montage!

    2. Who put those small, incandescent bulbs in the TV before blowing it up? That’s not how TV’s work! Nor bombs!

  12. Aargh! The TV of fiery doom has come for our souls!

    When I asked for an interactive TV, this isn’t what I meant!

    Wow! 4D TV!

  13. 1: I told you 4D was a bad idea!
    2: I knew we shouldn’t have pirated cable!
    3: Sooo reaaaaal!
    4: I warned you about the internet!

  14. “This is what happens when you watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!”

  15. Stay at home, you say
    It’s safer than out in the street, you say.

  16. Jamie I told you not to eat that month old burrito!

  17. “We’re sorry, but the program you were watching has been canceled… PERMANENTLY.”

  18. “Theyyyyy’re heeeeeeee – agh!”

  19. 1. The Explodo-Vision works!
    2. The Radio Stars are getting their revenge!
    3. Ugh. Another episode of the Real Housewives of Krypton.
    4. Aaaarg! My DVR schedule is flashing right before my eyes!
    5. Oh no! Here comes Honey BOOM BOOM!

  20. The Kardashians finally hit critical mass!

  21. 5: We shouldn’t have watched “Innocence of Muslims!”
    6: You can’t do that! We’re the Nielsens!
    7: I told you to disconnect the V-chip to watch porn! –

  22. wow, that is hot news!

  23. Worst…episode…ever! I mean it this time.

  24. Wow, video really did kill the radio star!

  25. “I thought only computers did that.”

  26. “My planter!”

  27. “I take it back! I take it back! The 3D effects are NOT rubbish!”

  28. 1) Why did we buy an exploding TV?
    2) 3D TV is getting too life-like!
    3) Worse than Pepe LePew in smell-o-vison!
    4) I told you inviting Johnny Storm was gonna be a bad idea!

  29. “Previously on Lost…”

  30. Oh my that last political commercial was just too much.
    My god Dr. chastity you left the truth detector on during election season.
    I warned them not to put Roseanne Barr on again.
    And finally T.V.s all over the world comitted mass suicide over one too many reality show.
    The new super computer when it realized just how stupid humans really were.

  31. Avatar Galactic Ketchup

    1. That’s what I call car-crash television!

    2. Watch Jersey Shore they said! It will be fun they said!

    3. I told you not to buy a TV from IMF.

    4. Oh No! It’s the Floating Onomatopoeia!

    5. I expected explosive action, but this is ridiculous!

  32. Avatar William Peterson

    “Ahhh! When they said Saturday Night was LIVE, I didn’t think they meant THAT Live!”

  33. When you said “violent television,” I thought you meant the content!

  34. video did KILL the radio star !

  35. 1) I guess Archie’s gay bomb worked?! Well GUESS WHAT Arch? You just bought yourself a car!

    2) WHO taught BARNEY about science?

    3) Veronica, this means war!

    4) In the bubble: “Meatloaf SURPRIZE!”
    Caption: Why Riverdale High is now featured on Kitchen nightmares!

  36. 1. Dammit, it’s in 3D!

    2. Wow, this HD really is something!

  37. I’ve heard of reality TV, but this is ridiculous!!!

  38. I knew this movie bombed, but i didn’t take it that literally.

    Never do Kamehameha Ever Again!

  39. Wow! Reality TV has been getting REAL!

  40. “Now I will never learn who won this season of Survivor!”

  41. Pink smoke! Why is it always pink smoke?

  42. They cancelled Firefly?!

  43. Grandpa tried to program the DVD player again.

  44. 1. AAAHH!! 4-D!

    2. Black Dynamite!

    3. A Jersey Shore re-run!!

  45. 1. “I guess we’ll call that myth confirmed, you can blow up a TV set by showing enough explosions.”

  46. 1. Wait until the TV repair guy hears about this.
    2. I don’t think Larry’ll be able to help us now.
    3. Now we’ll never know who caught the ball first.
    4. Wow, this 3D is amazing!
    5. I think we should lower the volume.

  47. Wow, I did not know Michael Bay used to own this TV!

  48. I love John Cusak but did they have to go and make this one in 3D!!

    who knew Jersey Shore would blow up the way it did?

  49. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    The Capitol tricked us with an exploding tv….Worst Hunger Games ever

  50. 8: They spelled “crash” wrong!
    9: This blows!
    10: Save me, Mr. Whipple!
    11: Now the penguin on your television will explode!

  51. 5) Over loading spell check caused windows to crash explosively!
    6) The Misfits realized a Pherric victory, never selling another record!
    7) Behold the birth of PEEPS!

  52. 4. A Crossfire commercial!

  53. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    1. I forgot! In Europe it’s 220 volts!

    2. Next time, kill your OWN television!

    3. Never point your “burrito bomb” toward the TV again!

    4. My pink lemonade blender!

    5. Dang kids playing in the sandlot!

    6. Not another “family board game” night!

    7. Whoa there, Elvis!

  54. OK folks, challenge is over! Results momentarily.