Your'e Going To Die VII

When last we left our intrepid Office Adventurer, we were locked in a storage closet with the boss' bratty son. Our options were to a) stay in the room and hope for the best or b) go exploring to try and find our way out. I enjoyed all four of the suggested outcomes (thanks to Renxin, Herr D, Gero, and borntobealoser!), but I'm going to go with Gero's as our official response. Here's what happens as a result of both choices:

Stay Here: You decide That this room should be safe enough, as long as Jimmy keeps his big trap shut.

This is the image that sprang to mind as soon as I saw "fire axe" and "boss' kid".

“Hey, kid” you whisper to him, “stay real quiet and we’ll be fine, okay?” Jimmy looks at you for a moment, then immediately starts bawling his eyes out. You faintly hear a chittering sound outside, moving closer and closer to you and the crying boy. Thinking quickly, you grab a turned over chair from the corner and wedge it under the door handle. There, that’ll keep the creepy-crawlie out!

You turn back to Jimmy, smile and say “See, we’re fine, there’s no way that thing’s getting in here!” Just as Jimmy starts to smile back, you hear an ear-splitting shattering sound, as the large glass window that makes up the top third of the door explodes inward. You’re showered with glass, and knocked to the ground. As the scuttling mostrosity squeezes it’s way through the hole you realize: Your Office Adventure Ends Here…

Go Exploring: “Now what?” you repeat back at Jimmy, “Now you stay here and be reeeaaal quiet while I go look for help.” You quickly unlock the door, open it, slip out, and close it behind you before the shocked expression even leaves his face. You quickly but quietly make your way down the hall. If you remember right, there’s a stairway leading to an emergency exit around the corner.

Just after you round the bend, you hear Jimmy start to cry loudly. Man that kid has a set of lungs! Over the bawling, you can just make out the sound of something with a lot of feet heading towards your former hiding place. As you try to get the image of a giant cockroach eating a small child out of you mind, there’s a huge crash, and Jimmy’s cries turn to screams. You peek back around the corner, and see the monsterous insectoid has apparently gotten itself stuck trying to climb through the window in the door. You also see that there’s a fire axe attached to the wall opposite the door. You realize you have two choices. Do You:

A. Go back and use the axe to try to kill the monster before it eats little Jimmy, or
B. Decide the little brat has caused you enough trouble for today, and continue to the exit while the monster is distracted?

Your challenge is to write up the results of both of these choices, with one leading to death and the other to a continuation of the adventure by giving us two more possible actions.

I realize this doesn't draw the participation levels of, say, a character creation contest, but doggone it I think it's really fun!