Pop Quiz 15 Results

Many thanks to all who took part in the last Pop Quiz contest. We had a lot of great entries, so without further ado, here they are!

Unfortunately, Drago Smith and barbario were disqualified for not naming their files properly, causing me to have to go back after downloading them all to figure out who did them.

Out of the remaining entries, I had a few I thought were the most outstanding.

BornToBeALoser came up with a terrifically clever flip-face composition.

DiCicatriz has a real knack for coming up with faces that look like actual people instead of generic placeholders. This one is no exception.

Harlequin's "Prepare to Battle" is a very cool illustration.

Iscarioto's homage to one of the most famous faces of all time was inspired and gorgeous.

MisterDinoMan's grumpy old man had a lot of character.

I don't think I've seen anyone do what Rancid does in his image. It's a neat idea very well executed, and the actual portrait itself (the most important bit for this contest) is also great.

Rozenstal's general also shows a lot of individuality, the key to doing well on this particular outing.

As you know, of course, there can be only one winner. What I wanted this time was a facial portrait that looked like an individual, a unique blend of common features that would stand out in a comic as if it were a drawing of an actual person instead of a generic sort of stand-in. The person who did that the most successfully this week in my opinion was ... Shiboreth!

The coloring, the lighting, and the accessories all combine with the well proportioned and convincing features to give me something that looks like it could have come from a current comic book. Great job!

Congratulations to Shiboreth and many thanks to all of those who entered.