Caption Contest 124

Your challenge this week is to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel (which comes to us courtesy of the always awesome Glenn3's "Say What?" PhotoBucket site):

The best entry (as judged by yours truly) wins the author's choice of either any item they like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration (you pick the subject, I draw it however I like).

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

No limit to entries, but please, self-edit and only put up ones you genuinely think are good!

56 Responses to Caption Contest 124

  1. Joshua says:

    1. “Terry, you know I hate musicals!”

    2. “The Estate of Gene Kelley has not authorized this!”

    3. “There! That’ll help you sing those high notes!”

    4. “Hey Terry, check out this new talcum-powder dispenser!”

  2. Wil says:

    “I’ve always wanted to see a blood bath”
    ” That is how you end it with a bang”

  3. Gabe Puratekuta says:

    “You suck, man!”
    “You know I hate that song, Terry!”
    “My gun wants to say hi!”
    “Who’s a dick now!”
    “I’m out of grenades, so this’ll have to do…”
    “This is for drinking milk from the carton!”
    “Whoops, I meant to use a tranquilizer gun.”
    “Don’t you know any more recent songs?”
    “Hold still. There’s a spider in there with you!”
    “Hey, that’s where I keep my hidden cookie stash!”

  4. ryan says:

    1. let me get in and sing with you

    2. stop singing that dang on song!!

  5. Vampyrist says:

    Vaudeville’s dead!

  6. ams says:

    Take that, Justin Bieber wannabe!

  7. Bael says:

    Kelly was a hack! Fred Astaire is the greatest, you philistine!

  8. Kaito94 says:

    1: “It’s a G Major! A G Major! GET IT RIGHT!”
    2: “This’ll teach you to stop using all the hot water!”
    3: “Why yes, that IS a gun in my pocket!”
    4: “I’m not ‘raining’ on your parade, am I?”

  9. Skybandit says:

    1: This is for Alex DeLarge!
    2: Considering where I’m aiming, change your name to Terri!
    3: You’re screaming in your pain, just screaming…
    4: Lightheartedly is not a word!
    (it is, actually, but thugs ain’t goodly edjamacated)

  10. BenK22 says:

    1. I hate that movie!
    2. You’re dying in the rain, just dying in the rain.
    3. What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.

  11. alphaalpharomeo says:

    Beyonce had one of the best music videos ever

    That’s what you get for not tanding under my umbrella

    the roommate agreement says no singing in the shower

    you shall dance when you sing….dance minion dance

    you’re ruining my favorite song

  12. Viknix says:

    Enоugh with a singing Enоugh with the rain
    hat song reminds of my ex-wife

    I hate that song it makes me angry Enоugh to kill

    Stop just stop with the song

  13. Joel says:

    “TERRY! Your being attacked by gaudy shower-curtain, I’ll save you!”
    “Try singing in the bullet rain biatch!”
    “I’m saying hello to your little friend.”

  14. Skybandit says:

    5; Your stage name sucks, Lightheartedly!
    6: The gym manager sez ta shoot anybody singin’!
    7: Anyone choosing that for a victory song deserves death!

  15. Bob says:

    1.”That’s what you get for cheating on me you traitorous ignoramus!”
    2.”I think I shot you Terry, oh well, to the Morgue we go.”
    3.”Okay, where do you keep your shovel?”
    4.”I admit, I was aiming at the locker.”
    5.”I was right my gun can say ‘BANG’!”

  16. Myro says:

    1. “I requested that you sing ‘I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair!'”

  17. TOOL says:

    It’s raining lead!

  18. Kytana says:

    Watch out, Terry! There is dangerous cloud of smog in front of you!
    Watch out, Terry! That smog takes your song of victory!
    Take this, Terry! Hah, die in an fire of blank ammunition!
    Watch out, Terry! There is Justin Biber behind you!
    Watch out, Terry! I shot you with my new water gun!
    (i dont want that this smart singer must die )

  19. LoneWolf6155 says:

    Now your singing in the pain… singing in the pain.

  20. punkjay says:

    “Your audition for the next season of American Idol has been TERMINATED!!!”

  21. dblade says:

    “It’s a shower, Terry! A shower! You are not singing in the freakin rain!”

  22. maniacmick says:

    This might get deleted but,

    ” So that’s why they call you Big Terry!”

  23. Frevoli says:

    How is “sing in the rain” a song of victory?

  24. Frevoli says:

    I’ve had it up to here with your shower dancing

  25. Bud says:

    1. I’ve gotta certain feeling, that he wont be singing that again.
    2. From where I’m standing it doesn’t look like sunshine for you either.
    3. Well it aint exactly a kick in the head, but it works.
    4. Boom, boom, boom, boom, I’m gonna shoot you right down.
    5. I don’t want to set the world on fire, I’m just going to put a bullet in your heart.

  26. Jack says:

    “My Pitch-Perfection-Pistol-9000 is useless! And Terry’s recital is tomorrow!”

    “Stick to Clay Aiken covers…in HELL!”

  27. thor1066 says:

    This is the LAST time I’m gonna tell you “The curtain goes INSIDE the tub!”

  28. E350 says:

    1. That is MY shower!

    2. Beware my steel-jacketed death!

    3. What are you doing in my house?!

  29. Sauron says:

    “You still arent finished doing your hair after two hours, eh? Take this, you miscreant perpetrator of the over-long shower! You shall vex me no longer…

  30. Sauron says:

    You stll arn’t finshed your hair after two hours,eh? Take this, you miscreant perpetrator of the over-long shower!

    Oh, by the way, just ignore the other idea. This one’s the one i want to submit.

  31. Ploughed Jester says:

    Keep your day job kid… you’re all washed up!

  32. Drago Smith says:

    Guy with gun-Sing just one more note, and my gun will finish the tu

    Terry-ing in the


  33. Kevin Quick says:

    “My Bullets Will Have You Singin’ In Much Pain, How Dare You Intrude In My Home, And In My Shower”..

  34. Sutter_Kaine says:

    1) Hey Terry! Check out my gun-shaped remote toilet flusher!
    2) It’s curtains for you! Yellow polka-dot shower curtains to be exact.
    3) I’m a stalking figure carrying steel-jacketed death in my hand!
    4) Death wears a jacket of steel! Mine, on the other hand, is a polyester-cotton blend.
    5) If it helps, think of the gun as a metaphor.

  35. ryan says:

    1. let me get in and sing with you but first i got to take off my cloths

    2. stop singing that dang on song!!

  36. Dr. Shrinker says:

    Alright Gene Kelly…Dance!

  37. Myro says:

    2. “Pee in the shower again, and you’ll be getting more of the same!”

  38. ActionJackson says:

    No one farts in my shower!

  39. JR19759 says:

    No, this is how you make a big impact.

  40. Mr Matt says:

    I warned ya Terry, One more song and BANG!

  41. Rendu says:

    Oh, no you don’t! I saw “Clockwork Orange”!

  42. Sauron says:

    Hey, Terry, you’re being attacked by a giant, naked, 2-D silhouette! I’ll save you!

  43. SongBird says:

    1. Simon Cowell called with news: The bad news is…you won’t be on American Idol. Good news is…you won’t be on American Idol.

    2. ♪Do you really want to huuuuurt me?♪ – Ummmm…YES!!!

    3. Rather than wait for someone to tell you how terrible you are, I’ll do you a solid and put you out of your misery now.

  44. Wulf says:

    “What a glorious feeling to murder again!”

  45. Skybandit says:

    8: You’re on your oooown…when the bullet hits the bone!
    9: You should bleed, but the color registration is off!
    10: You took my shampoo again, didn’t ya, Terry?
    11: Stalking Figure to Terry Lightheartedly: BANG!

  46. Bryce Wasley says:

    Your poor taste in curtains shall not go unpunished!

    Take that you shadowy fiend!

    Those poorly-dotted curtains will be mine!

    Sorry Terry. Thought you were a ninja.

    Sorry Terry. Thought you were a shadow.

    Sorry Terry. Thought you were a shadowy figure.

  47. Bael says:

    Now let’s try that as a castrato, Terry!

  48. ProwlerKnight says:

    1. Oh, sorry, I heard about your victory and decided I would surprise you with a confetti popper

    2. You wanna be a singer huh? well 50 cent was shot 9 times and became famous, let’s see if that works for everyone

    3. It’s 3 in the #!#$%^& morning!!! keep it down!!

  49. Joel says:

    “Oh my gosh sorry! I thought this is what you meant when you said shot for shot remake.”

  50. fudgee says:

    “Oh my goodness, you.are.NAKED!”

    “I’m sorry, did I just hit your private part?”

  51. webpulp says:

    1: “It’s a G Major! A G Major! GET IT RIGHT!”

    I think this is the best one so far. Wish I’d thought of it.

  52. Jodapo says:

    This is the LAST time I’m gonna tell you “The curtain goes INSIDE the tub!”

    I think this one is one of the funniest so far.

  53. LeftyFPB says:

    ASCAP wants their royalties NOW!

  54. L PRAVEEN KUMAR says:


  55. Joseph Zumchak says:

    1. “Now thats what I call a silencer!”
    2. “‘Shoot first’ check! Now Terry I have some questions for you.”
    3. “Sorry Terry, but the RIAA has clear rules about this sort of thing.”
    4. “Now that I have your attention, why the heck is your shower outside?”
    5. “Yes! My new ‘Gun of Suggestive Onomatopoeias’ works like a charm!”

    If I were judging, Joshua’s 4th about the talcum powder dispenser takes it. That actually made me laugh out loud.

  56. Jessica says:

    1. Who’s the bitch NNNNOOOOOWWW?!!
    2. Damn it, Terry! Where’d you put the tub?! I swear if you’re making your “Special Moisture” in there again…
    3. Oh my God! I killed Terry! I’m such a bastard…
    4. That’s for giving my mom you’re “Special Sauce”!
    5. NOBODY sings Gene Kelly and gets away with it! NO ONE!!!
    6. That was the LAST yellow polkadot shower curtain! It matched my bathroom PERFECTLY!!!
    7. The Kingpin sends his regards! Say hello to Gene Kelly for me, wouldja?
    8. WHOOPS! Guess it’s not a water pistol! Terry, you okay in there…
    9. Dang it! Lisa told me they were blanks!
    10. Was that realistic enough? Did I get the part?