Caption Contest 123 Winners!

Many thanks to everyone who shared their humor with us in Caption Contest 123. I've picked some of the funniest lines replacing the missing dialog in this strip:

And they are:

  • Dr. Shrinker: When I snap my fingers you will no longer be bees!
  • Gargoyle323: “How come you are the only comic book property nobody wants to make into a movie?”
  • Skybandit: A writer’s strike has been declared! No more dialogue!
  • Bryce Wasley: I take it you’re all enthusiastic about the spelling bee?
  • Ian Thomas Healy: I just took bath salts, and somebody’s going home without a face!
  • Bael: I hope you’ll be more polite during my sex ed demonstration with Mr. Weatherbee tomorrow.
  • Gene: I’m not wearing underwear.
  • Joel: “Ahh, whenever I hear the sound of chainsaws I’m reminded of my wedding.”
  • Sean: Come in tomorrow, when I reveal which of you gave me the clap!

To me, the difficulty of this episode is figuring out what an angry teacher would say to a class of happy students that would result in blank stares and orderly departure from the students. Some of these entries, while funny, don't really fit the expression on her face. Others don't seem like they'd result in the expressions on their faces in the last panel.

So the one I am going with as the winner is ... Ian Thomas Healy!

I thought it was the right mix between being something an authority figure would say in angered exasperation that would leave the students nonplussed, yet was so over the top as to not be taken seriously. Good job, Ian!