Character Contest 91 Winners

First of all, I am seeing a lot more of you naming your files as I requested and posting direct links, so thank you very much for that. On a holiday weekend when I'm sitting here doing this instead of enjoying the weather, it makes things a lot easier.

Now, on to your Finalists!

I thought Ariana Iris' "Shadow Raven" was just a really well done Golden Age style illustration.

Atomic Punk's "Phantom Fist" made me laugh.

Apparently I was in a Golden Age mood ... I especially liked the mask on Captain Brass' "Phantom Genius".

Not too much to say about ManiacMick's "Phantom Protector" except that it's a nice character design.

Ditto for MisterDinoMan's "Phantom Tiger".

PapaKrok continues to inspire admiration and laughter in equal measures with "Phantom Heifer".

The whole illustration is outstanding but I particularly love the the flames, the smoke, and the "body" in dblade's "Phantom Reaper".

I really like the power gauntlet blades on Prowler Knight's "Phantom Assassin".

Again with the Golden Age vibe on Frevoli's "Phantom Strangler". The sidekick is awesome.

I ought to reject the "Phantom Biker" just because Sohier-Legrand refuses to name his or her images properly. But it's too neat.

Rhinoman's "Phantom Fox" (or "Fantom Furry" as I think of it) is a good, clean, effective character design.

Shiboreth's "Phantom Thief" is a great scene.

As is Skybandit's "Phantom Vigilante". The colors leap right off the page and strangle you! I love the combination of the car and the hero jumping into the back seat, though.

I liked the original Phantom feel I get from Sutter Kaine's "Phantom Fury".

The ground drapery of Thundersong's "Phantom Empress" really impressed me, it's a great effect.

This sounds weird since I'm a foot-o-phobe, but I really like the way the feet look on Tool's "The Phantom Avenger". The whole look of the character works well together.

Trekkie's "Phantom Shadow" is another clean, simple design that just looks good together.

Watson Bradshaw also has something against putting his name on his images, but I like the visceral impact of his "Phantom Punch".

WolfMoon's "The Phantom Runic" doesn't look quite like anything else I've seen from HeroMachine, which is pretty remarkable on its own.

Finally, Xavier Kaine's "Phantom Rider" almost reminds me of someone ... regardless, it's a nice take on the concept.

Picking a winner is always tough, but this week I'm going with ... WolfMoon! I like the whole composition with the tilted doorway, the odd proportions on the figure, and the unusual method of building up the body. The colors work well together, too. I'm not as sold on the wings or the spikes in the floor, but otherwise I was impressed with the originality and impact of the piece.

Congratulations to WolfMoon and all the other Finalists! And thanks again to everyone for sharing your creativity with us, you're an inspiration.

28 Responses to Character Contest 91 Winners

  1. Scatman says:

    I am a newb tryin’ to figure out where to simply post a random character to be observed publicly.
    what and where is the best way to post my characters?HELP?

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Scatman, your best bet is to use the Forums link at the top of this page to post character images into your own topic in the “Hero Archives” area.

  3. Harlequin says:

    Gratz the finalist, and Jeff pls delete my waiting for moderate post in the Phantom_Contest, now really not needed. I tell sorry for the guys whose don’t make perfect link i want to help it. Sorry guys.

  4. Dan says:

    Congrats WolfMoon. Nice Picture!

  5. dblade says:

    Congratulations, Wolfmoon! Great job.

    As for Phantom Heifer, you still make me giggle.

  6. dblade says:

    And the roll of the d18 dice is “8″. Prowler Knight (the Chosen One) is the winner of dblade’s Random Finalist Consolation Prize!
    1. The Chosen One can choose one new item to be created for any existing category in Hero Machine 3 with the exception of these categories: Backgrounds, Companions. I also reserve the right to exclude monster bodies, but you can try me on this one. Sometimes I will take the bait.
    2. The new item must be applicable to the default body type. No specialized items for alternate body types (turned head, 3/4 torso, back view, etc…)
    3. I reserve the right to ask the Chosen One to pick another item if the request is beyond my ability or inappropriate for Hero Machine 3.
    4. Reference images or a really good description must be provided so I can fulfill the request with the minimal amount of heartache and frustration.
    So there you have it. As many of you are familiar with my contributions you know I can handle a wide range of art requests so don’t let the guidelines scare you. I do have limitations (damn you, Human Hair!!) so please be understanding if I have to decline a request.

    So, Prowler Knight, this is the time of the Choosening! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (this week)!

  7. dblade says:

    And don’t forget to vote for dblade’s Hero Machine Item of the Week in the UGO forums. This week is boots. Link below.

    Link above.

  8. ProwlerKnight says:

    O.O I thought my Phantom Mage was my strongest character but I guess Phantom assassin does look cooler lol that’s why I’m not judging the characters I guess ^^ but congrats Wolfmoon, I saw your character before and knew it took the contest ^^ and for Dblade I will have to come up with an item and get back to you ^^

  9. dblade says:

    And PapaKrok, I still owe you an item. You originally asked for a firearm, but in my infinite wisdom I did not download the example and I have lost track of where it was originally posted. If you could link here with the image or even choose a new item I would appreciate it.

  10. Kytana says:

    Gratualtion the winner(s)!
    I like the Phantom Heifer too, very funny.
    Also i like Shiboreth’s Phantom Thief.
    And dblades…you know…as always…

  11. WolfMoon says:

    Congrats WolfMoon. Nice Picture!

    Thanks. 😀

  12. Charles \"Drago\" Smith says:

    Congrats to the winner. Love the pic, very cool.

  13. TOOL says:

    Congrats, and thanks for the mention, I was kinda going for a grim reaper/ the phantom like from the old movie.

  14. Congrats, Wolfmoon! Well done, finalists! Great stuff, everyone!

    Let me play the broken record once again. CC 91 pushed HM to yet another level. So many unique concepts, awesome designs, and inspirational techniques.

    Some personal favorites (no particular order) –

    * Kytana’s Phantom Manor: Please post the text in the Backgrounds section of the Custom Item Archives!

    * logosgal’s Phantom Sue: The story clichés are hilarious. I like her color scheme.

    * PapaKrok’s Phantom Heffer: Original, off-the-wall, instant classic.

    * Kwnnos’ Phantom: The mascara and the stark contrast of her colors against the Zypped black&white.

    * Harlequin’s Phantom Summoner: The living tattoo is awesome! As well as the glowing fingertips. Üdvözli a haza!

    * Shiboreth’s Phantom Thief: Sensory overload! Awesome down to the screws holding up the plaque!

    * Sutter Kaine’s Phantom Fury: Straight out of Detective Comics.

    * Thundersong’s Phantom Empress: She looks like a Chinese Empress. The headress and robes are amazing. Also, I am familiar with the story.

    Finally, Jeff, thanks for the Honorable Mention! I noticed late that the Lavender Lady’s right forearm needed tweaked. Which I did for my personal archive, but the correction was not worth re-posting.

  15. logosgal says:

    Congrats, WolfMoon! Phantom Runic certainly looks like an interesting character, and the way you built the body is indeed impressive! Well done!

    Thanks for the mention, Atomic Punk! Glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Harlequin says:

    THX A. P. But technically that is not an entry. When i last see Jeff closed the contest and that picture is not moderated (or only show for me to not moderated) N.p. I use for next time for something similar.

  17. Papakrok says:

    Nice work HM masters!
    Thanks Dblade! The gun was called a Winchester mares leg.
    I may be out of commission for a bit. Looks like I have been diagnosed with the big C. I’ll check in when I can!

  18. Myro says:

    I may be out of commission for a bit. Looks like I have been diagnosed with the big C. I’ll check in when I can!

    Ouch! Do what you need to to get better, Papakrok, my thoughts are with you. My dad just recently had surgery for colon cancer, so it wouldn’t be too hard to keep your name in my prayers for a full recovery as well.

  19. Jeff Hebert says:

    PapaKrok, I’m so sorry to hear that, man. Hang tough, fight hard, and by all means stop by if you need some laughs and support. We love what you do here and will definitely be keeping you in our thoughts.

  20. Dan says:

    I may be out of commission for a bit. Looks like I have been diagnosed with the big C. I’ll check in when I can!

    Wow, man. I hope everything is gonna be ok. 🙁

  21. Harlequin says:

    I sorry it’s hard to find the perfect words but i hope i express myself well.
    PapaKrok, I think it not seen but i’m very big admirer for your art pieces.
    I work in a hospital and I know what do the modern physic.
    But i think the most important thing is that you not lose the hope and don’t give up the fight.
    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
    I pray for you.

  22. logosgal says:

    I may be out of commission for a bit. Looks like I have been diagnosed with the big C. I’ll check in when I can!

    Wow, yeah, definitely be praying for you!

  23. Papakrok says:

    Thanks friends. Surgery tomorrow to remove tissue and offending nodes. Kick some hm butt for me to dig post op, aye? Brb. Might be a damn good time to get gamma rayed and green myself outta here, or get bitten by a vampire….

  24. dblade says:

    Good luck, Papa! You will be in my thoughts.

  25. TOOL says:

    @Papakrok, get well soon! Keeping you in my prayers

  26. @Kytana: Vielen Dank!

    @PapaKrok: Hope the surgery is successful with speedy recovery!

  27. TJDouglas13 says:


    I am a newb tryin’ to figure out where to simply post a random character to be observed publicly.
    what and where isthe best way to post my characters?HELP?

    I like the character quite a bit it works well together