Missing Items found, and I bring you the head of dblade!

When my laptop got stolen a few months ago, it had some updated HeroMachine source files on it, containing things like a bunch of headgear and boots and tops from dblade that were not backed up. Restoring files from my Durango desktop meant that I got old versions of those files without the new items in them. So when I later went and added yet more new stuff (like the hoodies) and put the resulting file on the server, it was missing all the previous additions.

The good news is, all of the fantastic dblade items I lost when I overwrote the Headgear-Modern set with the new hoodies have been restored (if you don't see them, clear your browser cache). The bad news is, they're not in the same order as they used to be, so you might notice some weirdness when loading old saves. I apologize for that. The missing dblade fantasy boot also is up now.

Having finally figuring out how to decipher which other items were out of date on my local system but not on the server, I have updated the Eyes-Standard and Tops-Male-Tech sets as well. So if I have to do any updates for those going forward, we'll be set and you won't lose anything. Hopefully.

Speaking of dblade, I've finished two of dblade's outstanding prize requests, portraits of him and his adorable daughter Amelia, available now in Head-Winners:

And finally, I want to once again thank dblade publicly for all of his great work adding items to HeroMachine 3. He's made a huge impact on the program, all on a volunteer basis. We're beyond lucky to have someone with that much talent giving of it so generously. Thank you, dblade, you rock!

Edited to Add: Dang, I forgot that I also put in two "face-kicking shoe bottoms" in FootRight-Standard as well as the prize for Fuzztone's Pop Quiz win!