HM3: Vase

Apparently I promised Kytana a vase in addition to her treasure chest, so I've just updated ItemRight-Miscellaneous with this one:

5 Responses to HM3: Vase

  1. Myro says:

    Nice, I can think of a few projects I could use one of these.

  2. Trekkie says:

    I like it. Maybe we could have a pop quiz involving creating the best-looking vase you can?

  3. ams says:

    @ Trekkie – I thought this was “HEROmachine”, not pottery class!!

  4. dblade says:

    That was very kind of you, Jeff. And everyone shall benefit. πŸ™‚

  5. Kytana says:

    @ Trekkie –I thought this was β€œHEROmachine”, not pottery class!!

    We can be to this like the “Hero-Egg”, with a hero face on it. No problem. πŸ˜‰
    Like the ancient greece.

    Danke, Jeff!