HM3: Frankenarm

Frankie had a loooooong outstanding prize request from before I was really doing regular contests, and he finally cashed in. I dub thee "Frankenarm". It can now be found in Tops-Female-Spandex. Why there instead of Female Gloves? Because like a moron I haven't done female gloves yet, a project that now has moved to the top of my list. And I didn't put it in hands because Frankie indicated he didn't want to be able to put items in it, but would rather be able to mask other items onto it (those are two mutually exclusive things, by the way). Thus, Frankenarm:

3 Responses to HM3: Frankenarm

  1. ams says:

    Never complaining about new items, but what is the difference between this item and a female hand with female body forearm? Same thing?

    Thanks again for all the recent additions! Cheers!

  2. headlessgeneral says:

    I think the difference is the way things are masked onto it.

  3. Bia says:

    I’m not really sure if i can make like requests or say what i want in the games. But I think it would be really nice to have quivers, more types of masks and female top spandex,different kind of female hair.
    I know that the insignia slot already exist, but it would be really nice if you could put like superman, flash, batman, wonder woman and other heroes insignia, cuz it would me lot easier to create them.

    Thanks for the recent additions 🙂