HM3: Satyr leg

I've just added a satyr leg to the Body-Monster set for Cliff's Character Contest 86 victory:

Cliff, I know you wanted three separate pieces, but generally I do my best to keep prizes to one item. Hopefully this will work for you.

2 Responses to HM3: Satyr leg

  1. Cliff says:

    Jeff, without a doubt it looks great. But I mentioned, I really wanted ine that had the non hairy hoof on the ground. This is cleary one that is up.

    “or even 2 forward legs and get a bit more poses.
    I would like the thighs to have a fur look to them, but not too furry on the sides, in case anyone wants to masque pants onto the thighs.
    Note the hooves are not hairy and they are on the ground.

    You have a great set of non hairy hooves already, but they can only be used for jumping up.mid air, since they clearly aren’t on the ground.

    I understand just the one le and not two peices or more, but really would like the forward legs as mentioned in my email/

    this sounds bitchy and mean even to me, but it’s not meant to be, so please don’t read uit that way.
    I really appreciate all you do for us!

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Not rude at all, Cliff, and my apologies, you’re absolutely right. I looked for that email before I started drawing and couldn’t find it. I’ll redraw it and post it later tonight.

    I’ll do a more front-view, with less protuberant hair, and a clean hoof that rests flat.