Character Contest 87 Winners

We had a ton of great entries for Character Contest 87. Without further ado, here are the ones I thought had something extra special about them. Ladies and gentlemen, your Finalists!

Picking one winner is really tough this time, as so many of these are pure awesome. I want to tip my hat to Skybandit for doing all 24 words and to Marquis Samedi for doing every dinosaur combination. As you can see they did some great work along the way.

Those weren't the only ultimate contenders, of course, I really liked all of these Finalist entries. But given that everything else is pretty equal, I am going to go with ... Skybandit! Specifically, I'm picking "General Dinosaur" because he totally looks like something Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would have done Back in the Day.

Congratulations to ALL of our Finalists, and especially to Skybandit. Great job, everyone!