Did Nightwing have a bad costume?

An alert reader sent me Nightwing's classic costume for our "Bad Costume Wednesday":

But here's the thing -- I'm not so sure this is a bad costume. I mean, you can make fun of his long, flowing, romance-cover raven locks if you want, I suppose, but remember that this was an era in which Superman had a mullet. So you kind of can't totally blame the guy.

The big yellow glove wedges and giant glowing chest wing are perhaps not ideal for a night-stalker, but I don't think they look bad.

I kind of dig the stylized Bat symbol on the belt, I think it helps establish him as his own person without totally losing his history.

About the only thing I am not down with is the belt itself, which always bugs me when it's not actually holding up anything. But that's a pretty minor point.

Still, this particular alert reader has good taste and sound judgement, so I'm willing to concede I might be wrong on this. What do you think, was this a good or a bad super hero costume?