Caption Contest 119 Winners

Many thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 119, featuring this great panel:

I've selected the ones that made me laugh the most, and present them here for your amusement:

  • McKnight57: Who’s Bruce Wayne?! He’s your daddy!
  • ams: Ring, shming. You want to get chicks, get yourself a car!
  • Joel: “When I said arm yourself I didn’t mean literally- Never mind.”
  • Dan: You know, I also revealed my identity to Catwoman. So, you wanna go find a roof?
  • Frankie: “Nanananana-Na! Batman!”
  • Myro: “Okay, Hal. Your turn again: Truth or Dare?”
  • Black Griffin: Best…Party…Ever
  • rick: Listen. This is serious. You will go blind.
  • thor1066: “Most powerful weapon in the Universe” and you couldn’t see thru a leather mask? What am I going to do with you, Hal?
  • X-stacy: Now that we really are the last two men left on earth…okay.
  • Joel: “……On second thought, I’m not gonna fist bump.”
  • X-stacy: Seriously, though, how much for the ring?
  • Jessica: I say we tell the Commissioner that it was all Superman.
  • Hammerknight: “Hal, I am your father.”

And because I have the mind of an eleven year old boy, I've chosen Rick as the winner! I liked that he incorporated the construct into the joke. And that it's a joke an eleven year old mind like mine finds funny.

But all the Finalists were great, as were a lot of the other submissions. I love seeing your creativity and humor come out, thank you all so much for participating!