Pop Quiz 4 Winners!

Many thanks to all of the intrepid (and quick!) participants in our last Pop Quiz, which asked you to create your own gun. Here are all of the entries so you can see what a tough decision picking a winner was:

Unfortunately, the submission from Roccopio Cuccurullo (one of our most frequent and talented posters) did not go to an image so I couldn't consider it.

All of these submissions were, honestly, outstanding. I can find something cool and awesome about each one. But I have the unenviable task of selecting but a single overall winner, and ultimately I had to go with ... Fuzztone!

Some of the other entries might have had more of a gee-whiz factor, and others might have had more crazed imagination, but I liked the way Fuzztone gave it some dimensionality by using non-standard parts in an ingenious way.

Congratulations to Fuzztone and to all who entered, you truly did a stellar job.

10 Responses to Pop Quiz 4 Winners!

  1. Congrats, Fuzztone! I agree with Jeff that the “3D” aspect is what really sells the design. Good stuff, everyone. I took the “real-world” approach because I’m expanding on both my meta- and mecha-worlds. What better than a sniper rifle capable of taking out an APC, tank, or a Brick!

    Personal favorites:
    * headlessgeneral’s water gun
    * Joel’s necrocannon
    * Watson Bradshaw’s gun

  2. fuzztone says:

    Blimey. Did I win? Thanks, Jeff!.

    (Checks Date) Hmm… 😉

    Am enjoying these Pop Quiz things… sometimes it’s good to do something quickly!

    Lots of excellent entries and good work all round. Cliff’s Alien Gauntlet and JohnnyGear’s Absurdity Cannon are great, and I really like HeadlessGeneral’s Gun, which looks like the sort of thing a Doctor Who villain would wield…

  3. Frankie says:

    Congratulations to Fuzztone! And great job to everyone else who particpated.

    My three favorites are the same as Atomic Punk’s. Headlessgeneral’s gun is my personal favorite. It looks like a gun that one of my characters would own. It’s even the right colors.

  4. Cliff says:

    Congratulations Fuzztone!
    I admit when I saw your 3D rifle I was very impressed and new if it didn’t win it would be close to the top.

    I also liked:
    HeadlessGeneral’s Hydrogun was pretty awesome!

    Meniukus Purefire – I loved the engraving on the blade and the textured handle.

    MLS Dwarven Thunder Axe was positively inspired!

    WatsonBradshaw – A beautiful steampunk pistol

    Thank for the mention Fuzztone

  5. Myro says:

    Congrats Fuzztone. A lot of fairly inventive creations in this one.

  6. headlessgeneral says:

    Congrats Fuzztone! And thanks for the love guys 🙂

    Great job, everyone!

  7. FRM says:

    congrats! i was too late to enter, but here’s a gun i came up with:

    @jeff: i think we should do another “Friday Night Fights” again soon.

  8. headlessgeneral says:

    Nice looking gun, FRM.

  9. MaDPac says:

    Congrats to the winner!
    I liked this pop quiz. Can we have a couple more but in categories like “blades”, “handguns”, “rifles”…?

  10. MLS says:

    Brilliant work Fuzztone. All of these entries were really amazing. The way that the parts get mixed an matched in ways that were never intended never ceases to amaze me. But the way that Fuzztone managed to get a perspective angle on his is among the best tricks I’ve ever seen.