Pop Quiz: Guns

Update: This was originally a "celebrity profile" quiz but after an hour I decided I hated that, so I changed it to guns.

Get ready for your pop quiz, kids! Your one-day quick-fire challenge is:

Make your own awesome gun in HM3!

You only get one entry -- that's right, just one! So make it your best. No backgrounds or elaborate scenes, just a cool looking gun of some sort.

Most of the other rules are the same as for a regular contest, but instead of a whole week I'll announce the winner either tonight or first thing in the morning.

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.

Good luck! Hopefully this won't be too tall of an order for a one-day Pop Quiz.

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