Maybe Wertham was onto something

Our latest "Bad Super Costume" comes from the pages of 1943's "The Wizard", namely his super-sidekick "Roy the Super Boy". Witness the horror:

Beyond the pose and the granny-panties, the real trainwreck of this outfit is the standalone popped collar. It's so standalone that it looks more like an orphaned cape top, like maybe one time when Roy was forced to rush from the salon he got his cape caught in the door, yanking it off and leaving just this bit.

In the history of awkward relationships between grown men in tights and their underage male sidekicks, I think Roy is a real low point. I bet when Robin's starting to feel too picked on at school, he turns to his hidden autographed copy of this Roy photo to make himself feel better. Sadly, it's just as likely that Batman also has an autographed copy of this photo, also hidden away for the odd private moment ...

Maybe Dr. Wertham didn't do such a bad thing after all.