Now THAT's random

(From "The Green Mask" volume 2, number 1, 1945.)

5 Responses to Now THAT's random

  1. Patriot_Missile says:

    The Vol.2 Green Mask has a more sensical costume, and still makes The Punisher look like a Nickelodeon game show host.

  2. Frankie says:

    Green Mask: “Thanks, doll. I was beginning to think noone got my humor. Shall I tell you the one about the dentist? He had a giraffe for a patient–Ho, ho! But, in all seriousness. Are you cooking a ham for Chistmas?”

  3. ams says:

    “Sorry blondie, I had an atomic burrito and refried beans for lunch! Thar she blows!!”

  4. John says:

    Frankie: That made me literally LOL.

  5. FRM says:

    w/ his right hand, is he checking to see if his pants are still on, or what?