Caption Contest 113 Winners!

Caption Contest 113 generated some of the funniest lines we've seen in a long time, filling in the missing dialog in this classic "Superman" cover:

Without further ado, here are the ones I thought were the funniest:

  • Mr.MikeK: Mutton Chop Powers Activate! Activate Dammit!
  • Nick Hentschel: “Well, that’s the end of THESE undies!”
  • Nick Hentschel: “Oh, no not DETROIT!!!”
  • GreenBat: I’ll never play Words with Friends again.
  • Worf: Wait! I haven’t told you the punchline yet!
  • DubbleYoo: So that’s why you never tug on Superman’s cape!
  • Joel: “So THIS is fourth class.”
  • William A. Peterson: But I haven’t learned how to MISS the ground, yet!
  • spidercow2010: THIS is the connecting flight?!
  • Lewis: “This is not statistically the safest was to travel!”
  • Myro: “Fine! You’re scarier than Batman! YOU’RE SCARIER THAN BATMAN!”
  • Niall Mor: These TSA pat-downs are getting way out of hand!

As you know, there can be only one overall winner, and this week I am going once again with ... Nick Hentschel!

I didn't honestly notice the line until Spidercow2010 pointed it out, so I thank him for that.

Thanks to everyone who entered, congratulations to all the Finalists, and Nick, let me know what you'd like for your prize!