Caption Contest 111 Winners!

Many thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 111, which reaffirmed my belief that massively violent panels make for the best captions:

We had a ton of great submissions, so without further ado, here are some of the ones that I thought were particularly funny:

  • MLS: “We Demand Chips!!!”
  • Jack Zelger: “Yeah! This is what I call jumping the shark!!”
  • McKnight57: We have come for the head of Long John Silver!!
  • punkjay: Time for the whole undersea world to fear the power of the Unholy Mackerel!
  • Mr.MikeK: Who ordered the jumbo shrimp?
  • Watson Bradshaw: MARCO?
  • Sutter_Kaine: I can’t believe this ride only cost a quarter!!!
  • The Atomic Punk: Sorry, Kool-Aid Man called in sick.
  • LoneWolf6155: Prepare to soil your scaly undies!
  • TheNate: It’s a Fantastic Four-course meal!
  • dblade: “No one expects the Finnish Inquisition!”
  • Joel: “This is the… PRAWN OF THE DEAD!”

Some of those I could totally see appearing in a Stan Lee / Jack Kirby "Fantastic Four" issue. Personally I'd pay good cold cash for an issue involving the Unholy Mackerel.

However, as the overall winner I am going to have to go with ... LoneWolf6155!

Congratulations to LoneWolf6155 -- let me know what you'd like for your prize either in the comments or via email.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!