Caption Contest 111 Winners!

Many thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 111, which reaffirmed my belief that massively violent panels make for the best captions:

We had a ton of great submissions, so without further ado, here are some of the ones that I thought were particularly funny:

  • MLS: “We Demand Chips!!!”
  • Jack Zelger: “Yeah! This is what I call jumping the shark!!”
  • McKnight57: We have come for the head of Long John Silver!!
  • punkjay: Time for the whole undersea world to fear the power of the Unholy Mackerel!
  • Mr.MikeK: Who ordered the jumbo shrimp?
  • Watson Bradshaw: MARCO?
  • Sutter_Kaine: I can’t believe this ride only cost a quarter!!!
  • The Atomic Punk: Sorry, Kool-Aid Man called in sick.
  • LoneWolf6155: Prepare to soil your scaly undies!
  • TheNate: It’s a Fantastic Four-course meal!
  • dblade: “No one expects the Finnish Inquisition!”
  • Joel: “This is the… PRAWN OF THE DEAD!”

Some of those I could totally see appearing in a Stan Lee / Jack Kirby "Fantastic Four" issue. Personally I'd pay good cold cash for an issue involving the Unholy Mackerel.

However, as the overall winner I am going to have to go with ... LoneWolf6155!

Congratulations to LoneWolf6155 -- let me know what you'd like for your prize either in the comments or via email.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

9 Responses to Caption Contest 111 Winners!

  1. Kaylin88100 says:

    I thought they were all pretty funny 😀
    I didn’t enter – but I would have if I’d thought of some way of referring to the fact that the woman in the bottom right appears on first glance to be mostly naked. Or that the guy next to her IS mostly naked. And reminds me for some reason of Namor.

  2. Gabe Puratekuta says:

    Well, Kaylin, in case you’re not joking, that is Namor

  3. Patriot_Missile says:

    Yeah, you people are freakin funny! Congrats.
    @Kaylin: Yeah, that’s Mrs. “Invisible Woman” Richards cheating on Reed with Namor (see the winged feet?). And yeah, superheroes are drawn naked to show off muscle. or something…

  4. Kaylin88100 says:

    Hmm…in that case, my entry would have been something along the lines of “Die, adulterers!” 😛

  5. Trekkie says:

    This was a good contest. There was some really funny stuff here. Congrats to the finalists and especially LoneWolf6155, I laughed quite a bit at these entries!

  6. Joshua says:

    I really hate to do this here (…BTW, congrats LoneWolf), but seeing as how I won’t back on until Sunday:

    I hope all of you here on have a blessed Thanksgiving. Safe travels and great times to all of ya!

    Now, there are a few of you here that hail from another country and you don’t observe Thanksgiving; it’ll more or less be another Thursday for you. Can’t leave you out, now can I? So…gang, have a great Thursday! Enjoy stuffing yourselves on whatever non-turkey/pumpkin pie staples you’ll be eating!


  7. Jessica says:

    @Joshua: Now, don’t forget that not all people are celebrating Thanksgiving in November. Us Canucks here celebrate it in October. But I did have copious amounts of turkey and pumpkin pie! It was yummy!

    @Kaylin, yeah, it’s funny how they always draw the women so that they appear pretty naked at first glance. But then I always thought it was weird how comic-book artists draw heroes in speedos all the time so I guess I can’t complain… Of course, I can still wish that someday they will realize that women can be both comfortable AND sexy at the same time, without drawing them with clothes so form-fitting it looks like she’d have a huge wedgie if she hiccupped…

  8. Jessica says:

    Oh, and I am personally insulted by the fact that all comic-book women are drawn with huge breasts. I mean, are there no small-breasted women in the Comic Book Universe. I can tell you that out here in the real world, small-breasted women far outnumber big-breasted women! Okay, Feminist Rant Time is over now. Back to our daily programming…

  9. X-stacy says:

    Have you seen the Boobs Don’t Work That Way and Escher Girls tumblrs, Jessica?