Combat at the Quik-E-Mart

When last we left our post-Apocalyptic road warrior (no relation), we were deciding whether to get the heck out of Dodge in our Dodge or to eat dirt and stick it out. Wouldn't you know it, our bravery overcame our survival instincts and we dove for cover:

In the drugstore! I hope one of our choices is to ask him to pick us up some candy bars.

Now, we have a choice here, but I figured from the responses last time that you all were game to be aggressive in an attempt to rescue our cohorts, so I made a command call and decided that if we weren't meant to fire this rifle, it wouldn't be clutched in our cold, dead hands. Or something.

Hey now, according to that illustration we should have two rifles! I guess we'll just have to muddle through with our singleton, though. Pulling out the handy-dandy random number chart, I close my eyes, dart my pen down, and get ... a five. Adding that to our prodigious Shooting score of five, we are at a comfortable ten. Meaning:

WE RULE! One shot, POW, right through the heart. Take THAT, Mel Gibson! And I'm pretty sure we did it without a Samson-like power-mullet.

Once again we're left with a directional dilemma. Do we try to join our compatriots in the store and join forces, or do we hop behind the wheel of our Hot Rod Ford and run the bastards down? I'm interpreting that second choice as not being "run away" but rather "get to a better fighting location, and/or run some leather-clad punks over." Being a CYOA, however, it could just as easily result in our driving over a cliff to our fiery death.

So what'll it be, intrepid survivors?

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15 Responses to Combat at the Quik-E-Mart

  1. Dan says:

    I’m going with getting indoors, becasue as McKnight pointed out last week, getting in the car is pretty much suicide.

  2. Hunter-Hunted says:

    Overconfident by our one-shot-one-kill trick I say let’s run into the store and join Long Jake and the ‘flavour of the day’.
    Seeing as Long Jake (yes I intend to call him that throughout the whole post) was heading into town for weapons and ammo he might have been lucky – with his search I mean not with the girl.

    On the other hand, the store thats refered to here could also be the drug store, in which case I say we run with double speed to secure us some bubble gum so we can kick ass and chew gum!

  3. Myro says:

    I’m saying head to the store. It seems a more defensible position. I’m not for running away, and if Jeff’s right, and getting into the car means chasing these guys down, it’s probably an ambush.

  4. Frankie says:

    To the store and through the door with Long Jake and the whore.

  5. Gero says:

    Since we’re already in this fight, might as well see it through to the end. I vote we take cover in the store…

  6. Tool says:

    Were still not completely sure where or who the enemy is right, and as nice as it may sound to try and go run him down in the roadster, it may give our position and cover away. I say move quietly to another position and try to take out another possibly heading to help Jake in same position or on opposite sides of street moving in bounding and covering manuvers.

  7. Worf says:

    To the store!

  8. McKnight57 says:

    To the store. Whether a drug store, grocery, hardware or general store, there’s bound to be something we can use to our advantage. With our fieldcraft abilities, we can create some sort of pipe bomb, smoke screen, flash bomb, slingshot, or other awesome gadget in a pinch. There’s also medical supplies there so we can bandage our wounds if we become injured and dress ourselves differently to possibly blend in and attack guerilla style taking out the enemy one at a time. In essence we can pretend to be Batman.

  9. TOOL says:

    @McKnight57, good point

  10. DubbleYoo says:

    Definitely into the store. If Long Jake’s in there, it should be fairly safe. More importantly, stores have stuff to loot!

  11. Definitely the store. I picture a tactical “Figure 8” outflanking manuever. Sweep one opponent, circle back, circle round again.

  12. William A. Peterson says:

    Not to mention, there are Candy Bars in that there Drug Store! Maybe some more 7.62 mm ammo, too!
    This one’s easy!

  13. X-stacy says:

    …if the store is a better position, why hasn’t Long Jake won the fight yet? Still, since we didn’t put any point in driving anyway, it’s probably more survivable.

  14. haz says:

    @McKnight57, you realize the people who wrote this were likely not quite as creative as you, yes? Also, you have earned the right to wear a “During a zombie attack, please follow me” shirt. I would follow you.

  15. Joe says:

    @Hunter-Hunted: Long Jake says, “Long Jake don’t like being called Long Jake by anybody but Long Jake…Long Jake.”

    Also, definitely go into the store. Who knows? We might get a cool nickname like “The Store-Entering Kid”.