Super Bad Superhero Halloween Costumes

I appreciate anyone who's willing to go out there and act out their fantasies, truly. I just don't necessarily want to be a part of that fantasy by having to see it in real life, you know? That's why bedroom windows have blinds on them, folks.

I'm in awe of people like Amber Love, who have the incredible ability to bring our favorite super-hero costumes to life. But we can't all be Amber Love, and ... well. These folks aren't. In honor of the recently passed Halloween holiday, I give you "Super Bad Superhero Halloween Costumes". Enjoy! And by all means, if you have links to other examples, please share in the comments.

It's not "She-Man", sir ...

Look, I don't have the physique to pull this off, either. But sometimes failing to try is the best option.

George Lucas is turning over in his grave. I know, he's not dead yet, but seeing this will kill him, and then he'll turn over in his grave.

But think how easy replacement parts would be to build!

I admit, it took me a little bit to figure out this was supposed to be Iceman. I thought maybe C3PO got captured by some albino taggers or something.

But it didn't take me as long to figure out Albino C3PO as it did this Silver Surfer attempt. My first thought was "Cylon in a blender", but no.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Wolverine got bitten by a radioactive banana? This guy did.