"Spelling" error

I applaud the efforts of super-hero costume designers to do something beyond the simple underoos-and-capes look. I really do. But sometimes, the classics are classic for a reason, and in trying to go off the beaten path you end up going off the rails instead. To wit, "Spellbinder":

Someone had this guy under a spell, all right. I imagine he went to the Super Hero Clothing Outlet and got whamboozled by the attractive and flirty sales lady. "I look dashing in this, really? Do you think it says 'Evil Magician Overlord? You do? I suppose you're right, and it really does set off my beautiful eyes, doesn't it? All right, I'll take it! And your number! Hello ... ?"

Seriously, it looks like someone happened across the scene of a tragic accident involving an eighteen wheeler full of discontinued restaurant tablecloths and a game store and thought "COSTUME!". I grant that the bizarre outfit might help him think onlookers are held in thrall, but it's just fashion horror, my friend.