Friday Night Fights 3, Round 3 Results!

The bell has rung, the fight is over, and only two remain standing in our epic Team Matchups. In our first match, between MartianBlue and headlessgeneral, the winner is Martian Blue!

And in the second clash, between DiCicatriz and AMS, the winner is DiCicatriz!

Thus the Finals consist of an epic showdown between two of the titans of HeroMachinery, DiCiatriz agains Martian Blue! It's the match you all have been waiting for, a little something I call ... "The Carouse in the Brickhouse"!

Meanwhile, in our Round 3 Consolation All-In Cage Match, the last one standing was Kaldath!

Congratulations to Kaldath, headlessgeneral, AMS, Martian Blue, and DiCicatriz, who all win their choice of a custom item, an HM3 caricature of himself, or the choice of a general Sketch of the Day subject. Fellahs, holler at me when you know what you want for your prize.

I'll have the final round up in a bit, but please take a moment to thank and congratulate all of these fine creators!