Friday Night Fights 3 Consolation Round 4: Bricks!

Our final all-in cage match Consolation Round is ready! Vote for the five illustrations you like best before next Friday. Good luck everyone! And remember, you can click on the image to see it at the larger, original size.

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20 Responses to Friday Night Fights 3 Consolation Round 4: Bricks!

  1. Worf says:

    @Jeff: VonMalcom and Vampyrist’s illustrations can’t be the same! So which is it?

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Grrr, stupid PollDaddy was giving me a hard time, not updating images and not uploading stuff. I’ll go fix it, thanks for the tip, Worf.

  3. headlessgeneral says:

    Lots of good stuff here.

    And here’s a group shot of The Stars. I didn’t get one done to turn in with the rest of the team but I decided to do one anyways.

  4. Vampyrist says:

    A wall of text approacheth

    A lot of great entries this week, it was hard to decide who my top five were.

    It originally came down to AJW’s Brimstone, Asder’s Trasher, AMS’s Stronghold, Headless General’s Gioh, Imp’s Steelheart, Superfan’s Mr. Sanderson, Mercwithamouth’s Knight, Borntobealoser’s Hercule’s beetle, and Trekkie’s Ddistryw. My fifth vote would be going to my own Tank, as he was one of my personal favorites of my group, behind Aegis and Supernova of course. To narrow it down, I looked for overall appearance. Below, I’ll state my likes and dislikes of my favorites and any criticism is meant as helpful.

    AJW- brilliant composition, though the lava effects, while good on the legs and arms, the ones on the chest seemed to be too flat compared to the rest of your 3D picture.

    AMS- as usual, a fantastic image with tons of character, however, he seemed to lack the uniqueness your other entries had. He’s not bad, just not the best of your FNF entries.

    HeadlessGeneral- The image is very striking, between the coral colored skin and the big, definitely alien eyes, a very clashing, but good picture. My only critique is that the shine on the morningstar crisscrossed a bit too much.

    Imp- A very good character with good lighting and nice view of a flipped armband. However, unlike some other entries, he seems to be lacking a sort of dynamism.

    Superfan1- A character that just screams B’dazz and the hammer, while being hugely impractical, is cool as all hell.

    Mercwithamouth- His helmet is simply outstanding, the sides of it almost look like hair and that is great

    Borntobealoser- The picture is very well done and has some of that dynamism which is oh so important. My problems with it, however, come from that from such a cyclopean(sorry been reading some Lovecraft)body, he has such a tiny head.

    Trekkie- Great job on Ddistryw. What does his name mean, I know you mentioned it on the forums, but it seems to elude me. He has a lot of dynamism and he definitely seems like a superhero, which is a great thing. I have no nitpicks for him and if given another vote, I would’ve voted for him.

    Asder- Wow, everything about him screams awesome. The pose, the gaze and everything else about him shows a lot of character and he is probably my favorite of this round.

    Myself- Overall, Tank was my third favorite of my group, behind Aegis and Supernova. I liked how he turned out, though his right leg, after the fact, appears a little short.

    In the end, I only had five votes and it was a very tough decision. My votes ended up going to, drumroll please: Asder, Mercwithamouth, Superfan1, HeadlessGeneral, and Vampyrist. If I had just one more vote it would’ve been for Trekkie and his Ddistryw.

  5. Gero says:

    Here’s the bio on my final guy (who I have to admit is the worst done of the team, with the least time spent on him):
    Brick: Onyx
    Bio: Onyx is a living tank. The largest, physically strongest member of the team, his already great power is massively increased by a special steroid pumped through his body by a device on his chest. He’s capable of easily smashing through concrete bare-handed, and can tear steel apart like tissue paper. His body is so strong that he can even stand up to automatic weapons fire without armor.

  6. Myro says:

    Here was my write-up on Doctor Utopia:

    The product of experimentation by the Nazis near the end of WWII, the benignly named Doctor Utopia is everything you could expect in a prototypical superman and more: virtually immortal, superhumanly strong and fast, the ability to withstand conventional military weapon strikes, flight, and an IQ that cannot be measured by current means.  Doctor Utopia has amassed and his patents are worth billions, but that has proven insufficient for him.  He needs to rule the world.Complete Story Link

    I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but I have to give kudos to Frevoli for making Samson, destroyer of buildings, his Brick for his team of Golden Age heroes. love that he’s hefting what appears to be a tower in that picture too.

  7. Jessica says:

    Wow! Some pretty good entries here. It was hard to pick between all of them. There’s so many good ones and we’re only allowed to choose five. I vote that next time we do these that we be allowed to choose more like 10. It’s hard choosing between ams and Asder. Anyway, it would take me all night to list what I like about each character so I am just going to say that I am very impressed and good luck to everyone! On a more comical note, BTW, who likes my jeep? 😀

  8. Trekkie says:

    @Vampyrist: Using the wonder that is Google Translate and my own limited knowledge of the language, ‘Ddistryw’ is Welsh for ‘Destroyer’.

  9. Hyperanthropos says:

    Great entries!

    @Imp: I think I like your character “Steelheart” the best. Coming to think about it, I kinda was impressed with the whole team “The Fighting Five.” You put a lot of work into the individual characters.

  10. ams says:

    Great pics everyone!

    Here is my final group shot for RED DAWN!


  11. Tarkabarka says:

    Good Luck to everyone. I think the most hardest is the Brick Char. I see a lot of great work.

  12. MartianBlue says:

    My Votes
    Trasher -“X-5″(asder)
    Brimstone -“Metanoir”(ajw)
    Tank -“Exemplars”(vampyrist)
    Gioh -“The Stars”(headlessgeneral)
    Steelheart -“The Fighting Five”(imp)

    My Favorite(s)
    Gioh -“The Stars”(headlessgeneral) with Brimstone -“Metanoir”(ajw) trailing

  13. Hyperanthropos says:

    How fast five weeks can pass. Already we have all arrived to our last character, “The Brick.” While my previous characters were based on the horror- and Science-Fiction-movies from the 50ties, this one was inspired by the television series “The Twilight Zone.” The background is my hommage to one of the best shows ever produced on television. Can’t you just here the spooky intro music. I also put some elements from Lovecraftian fiction in origin story of my character.

    Agent Asterisk
    Agent (*) is the powerhouse of the team. He posseses superhuman strengh, speed, a certain degree of invulnerability and the power of flight.
    (*) was a test pilot for the Airforce, who flew an experimental plane that would have allowed him to become the first man in space. Rumor has it that the machine was powered by an enigne harvested from an unknown flying object, which the Airforce had discovered a few years earlier. Entering the exosphere, radio contact broke off with (*) and his plane vanished from the radar for 100 seconds. When (*) returned, he somehow had been transformed into a new form of “being”, so radical different from anything known to humanity, that his mere sight caused death or insanity. Since then (*) has been wearing a containment suit. The Airforce erased his identiy and gave him the codename “Agent Asterisk.”

    Here is an excerpt from an interview taken on October, 23rd, 1953:

    Interviewer: Please state your name, your rank and your date of birth for the interview

    (*): (*), (*), I was born (*)

    Interviewer: (*), are you aware what has happened to you?

    (*): Yes.

    Interviewer: Well, could be please describe the experience that, uh, “altered” you?

    (*): No.

    Interviewer: …Why not?

    (*): How do you describe colors to a man, who has been blind from birth. There are no words in your ape language that I could use for an adequate comparisson.

    Interviewer: Hm, are you aware that you have been declared legally dead and that every evidence of your existence has been erased?

    (*): Yes.

    Interviewer: And you’re fine with that?

    (*): It seems proper given my condition.

    Interviewer: You do not feel angry or scared? Aren’t you worried about your future? Don’t you feel any form of loss or regret?

    (*): Those are ape emotions and ape concerns. I am no longer an ape.

    Interviewer: …Well, speaking of your “condition”, do you have had the need to sleep since your transformation? Do you still feel hunger or thirst?

    (*): No, to all three questions.

    Interviewer: (*), the goverment is putting together a team, whose purpose will be the investigation of strange cases like your accident. Officials have decided that your new-found abilities would be an asset for the group. Would you join the team and use your powers in the service of your country?

    (*): It is acceptable.

    Interviewer: Is…that suppose to mean “Yes?”

    (*): Yes.

    Interviewer: (*), how would YOU describe your new condition?

    (*): Self-aware.

  14. The Imp says:

    @Hyperanthropos: Thanks!

    I think my fave for this round has got to be AJW’s Brimstone. That pic rocks. 😉

  15. Frevoli says:

    Although he needs little introduction, here’s Samson’s bio:

    A direct descendant of the biblical Samson. Just like his ancestor, he has immense strength and endurance unless his hair is cut (though fortunately, it grows back at a much faster rate than normal). He also possesses an “iconoscope”, which can view remote scenes without a transmitter.

    Samson’s “throw a building at them” approach to crime-fighting shone a negative light on all heroes, and was the fuel of the anti-hero inferno. Hunted by the military, he shaved his head and led a normal life as Sam Cohen. Since they were no longer at threat of being destroyed on a regular basis, house prices rose. Having invested before the boom, Sam Cohen became a millionaire overnight. With nothing else to do with his time Cohen looked into the disappearances of the heroes and villains, finding it to be the work of none other than the Fisherman of Space. He started to grow his hair out, and then unite the remaining heroes (even sending Starr Flagg the message about the riot). Since their new team would become linked to the bad reputation of Samson, should he be at the forefront, they decided (despite disagreement from Blane) to make Alan the figurehead – naming the team “V group”, after V man’s Nazi fighting squad.

    And here they are –

  16. Frevoli says:

    @Myro cheers – say what you like about Samson, he’s always got a plan… mainly involving propperty damage, but it’s a strategy

  17. ajw says:

    Hey thanks imp, I am little late, watched my Cardinals whoop the Rangers

  18. ajw says:

    Forgot Martianblue, thanks to you too.

  19. VonMalcolm says:

    My Faves: