Sadly, this IS your Daddy's Halo

People under the age of 30 think of this when they hear the name "Halo":

Those of us over the age of 30, however, are not so fortunate. This is our Halo:

I know who I'd rather have in a firefight, and it's not the one with the look that says "My kid spilled crap all over my tablecloth and all I got was this stupid costume." When your outfit's best feature is that it looks like you stole Ronald McDonald's socks, you're in trouble.

But hey, sometimes a super-hero that doesn't work on the page will really pop in real life, and ...

Oh dear. Surely there's something better in her closet that she could put on instead of ...

Clearly our best hope is that Master Chief will come along and force-dress her into combat armor. She ought to be used to it, since that outfit definitely qualifies as a walking assault on our fashion sense.

(Many thanks to ReaderKate for sending this one along!)