(From "Weird Comics" number 9, 1940.)

16 Responses to ZINGOW!

  1. Tarkabarka says:

    This call epic fail.

  2. EXILE says:

    SHOT! but, it kind of kills it witht he morning part.

  3. gendonesia says:

    is that clark kent? sure louis wont make a dinner with him, he is superMAN, not superMEN

  4. TheNate says:

    Ohhhh … he’s going to be so smug after he changes into his super-costume and rescues her.

  5. Dan says:

    @TheNate, I don’t know man, after that burn he might just “forget” to the rescue part.

  6. Hyperanthropos says:

    If I may play devil’s advocate here. Imagine the picture showed an unattractive girl asking a goodlooking man, if he would go out to eat with her, and the guy would turn her down because of her looks, would you side with the man, or would you call him a dick?
    Remember, pretty girls don’t go out with losers like us, because they have the same standards.

  7. TheNate says:


    I’d call the guy a dick if he said something like, “Looks like you already ate, fatty” or “Isn’t that a pizza on your face?” I’d also hope something horrible happens to him later in the story.

    Now if he said, “Sorry, but I have a lunch meeting,” or otherwise politely refused, I’m not saying that alone would make me side with the guy but I wouldn’t think he was a dick.

    My usual excuse: Sure! Can my wife come too? If she says yes, my wife has someone to talk to.

  8. Gregg says:

    Has anyone noticed that the guy in this comic and Henry Cavill have the same haircut?

  9. McKnight57 says:

    Geez. Can you say “low blow?”

  10. dblade says:

    @Hyperanthropos(6): The dickery is in the delivery not in the message. Saying “No” doesn’t make you a dick, saying “No, you ugly cow!” makes you a dick and then some.

  11. Doornik1142 says:

    I think Hyperanthropos makes a good point. If a guy had responded to a woman’s date request with “Sorry, but I don’t date she-males” or something, I doubt most people would find it funny (I would, but I’m weird like that).

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    ::rolls eyes:: She’s saying he’s immature, fellahs. Lighten up. Lots of things aren’t funny if the circumstances are completely opposite from how they are in the joke. It’s called humor.

    That’s the reason “Why did the road cross the chicken” jokes never caught on.

  13. Skarchomp says:

    She must have been turned of by his lack of eyebrows. Clearly not a true man!

  14. Complicated story… I used a similar line on a bar butch. She proved her womanhood. *ahem*.

  15. knight1192a says:

    “Why did the road cross the chicken”

    To put it in it’s place.

    To start a KFC.

    To start a Popeye’s.

    To start a Bo Jangle’s

    Because it was tired of the chicken crossing the road jokes.

    Because the chicken refused to cross.