Friday Night Fights 3, Round 2: Energy Blasters

With great pleasure, I present Round Two of Friday Night Fights 3, featuring the following fantastic fights:

As a quick review, there are four head-to-head contests this week. You can vote once in each matchup for your favorite. The winner of that fight moves on to face the winner of the next bracket, so the first-place finisher in the Asder-headlessgeneral poll will meet the winner of the Martian Blue -PapaKrok match in week 3.

Good luck to our Elite Eight! Note that you can click on the image in the poll to see it full-size, and that once again results will be hidden until the polls close next Friday at 1 a.m. Mountain Time.

Asder vs. headlessgeneral

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  • Asder's Hitman the X-4 of "X-5": Dino Giavallone is a man who used to work as an independent hitman for many mafia families, and gained the reputation of the world greatest hitman at a very young age, because his missions were extremely dangerous and almost impossible, and he never missed a target. His reputation precedes him even after leaving his days as a hitman, as even being a member of the elite 5, people referred to him as ¨hitman¨, so he kept it and use it. Hitman is a very skilled shooter who can shoot a fly without killing it from a very long distance. Also he is known as the one man army, being able to defeat many enemies with just one blast.

    He can generate large amounts of energy with his hands and blasted trough his guns, or accumulate it in big concentrations and quickly release it causing explosions from grenades to A-bombs levels. Having overdeveloped senses, he can easily see without light and listen when a needle falls. He is also really smart strategist, a cold calculator and a specialist on spy and infiltrations missions. And his self-proclaimed greatest ability, he is a ladies' man.

  • headlessgeneral's Jana of "The Stars": Heat and cold manipulation to the extreme.

Martian Blue vs. PapaKrok

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  • Martian Blue's Gale of "Midnight Mavericks": Growing up knowing her older brother in name only, the former multi-pageant queen received an unhealthy amount of her parents’ attention, blaming themselves for their son’s unexplained disappearance. The siren destined to be called “Gale” grew from childhood into womanhood with a nasty case of self entitlement, her saving grace being her naturally gentle turn. The manifestation of her powers where made clear to her and family when she came home from high school upset, she had not been nominated for prom queen. She stormed in the house, stomped up the steps, slammed her bedroom door, threw herself onto the bed, and let out a blood curdling, ear ringing scream, followed by a tornado destroying almost 1/4th of Kansas. Afraid their daughter might be possessed the family called in preachers, and through hear say and a few no-name papers, the story received minor news coverage. Deeming herself “…a freak…” to dangerous to live among “…normal people…” she wrote a letter to her parents, laid it on her pillow, and slipped out of the house in the middle of the night. While walking along the road she was picked up by a man dressed all in black. *Ring, Ring* “Hello?” “Your sister’s in a motel on VT-289, room 7” “Who is this?” *Click*. A few hours later there was a knock at the door, and when the girl opened it there stood her brother, “Maverick”. Since becoming known as “Gale” a couple of the other “Midnight Mavericks” team members have attributed a second meaning to the name, bundling her seeming mood swings and the wind’s almost instant intensity changes. Since joining the team her civilian cover, provided by her brother, is as a nurse at the “Craven Common Health Hospital”.
    - Gale/Energy Projector – Team Role: Versatile Role / Powers: Wind Manipulation.
  • PapaKrok's Tracer of "Lason Daga Conspiracy": Psyonic Field / Chakra Energy Generator.

DiCicatriz vs. Tarkabarka

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  • DiCicatriz' Specs of "Quintessence": Ted Osman headed the department of extradimensional exploration at Flux's resident research facility and operated the dimensional projector on the very first attempted dimensional breach into a dimension whose physical laws and properties differed wildly from our own. The gateway was off target and a massive star composed of sentient energy lifeforms threatened to spill out and consume our own reality. Ted was saved from exposure to a radiation lifeform by a security guard on the scene, but made the mistake of staring directly into the dimensional breach as Flux sealed it shut. The light of the alien star, composed of viral photons, entered his eyes and began a chain reaction in his brain, converting it into an immensely powerful energy reactor. Flux was able to temporarily contain the energy discharge (after it took out one of the reinforced walls) while he developed a more permanent solution. Ted had to have an energy diffuser surgically attached to his face, coupled to an exhaust system he carries on his back. This leeches off the constant energy output through his eyes, filters it, and releases it in an inert
    imperceptible form (sometimes visible as soft radiating waves). Ted can use his harness offensively by disabling the filter system, and releasing destructive bursts of energy from his goggles. Flux makes it a point to provide constant repair and upgrade to the apparatus, as an uncontrolled energy discharge has the capacity to annihilate everything in Ted's line of vision. He took his codename from the apparatus itself (the Self Protective Energy Containment System); calling himself Specs.
  • Tarkabarka's Solaria of "Fast Jack and the Red Eagles": Hellion god daughter who was born in human flesh. A young Jenna Harris was in her early years a strange and irresistible compulsion with the fire. 18 at At her age 18 her father's spirit appeared before her and warned of the danger does she exist of Lunar the ancient enemy of Hellion. Lunar has been destroying the human flesh goddess by his forces. Jenna rush from town to town to escape her pursuer the Souls from the Dark Moon. Despite his father's explicit instructions she use her goddess power to help the people. She has now calmed down, but still in her mind they find and destroy her. Fast Jack's request to she join the Red Eagles. Jack is the only one person who know Jenna past. She trying to help the peoples, but she also needs help because the minions of Lunar is always find her.

    Strength: Solar Power, Order of the Fire

    Weakness: Paranoia


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  • AMS' Battalion of "Red Dawn": Able to absorb solar radiation and covert to strength, invulnerability and powerful laser blasts emitted from hands or eyes; Can also use stored solar energy for regeneration.
  • AJW's Corona of "Metanoir": Corona can fly, and become a humanoid supernova, his temp ranges from 7,500-10,000 kelvin at his peak, enough to scorch the earth.Usually Corona, stays as hot as a dim lightbulb. As well as be hot, Corona can blast his heat as fast as light can travel. In dire circumstance, Corona can explode in supernova fashion, it is unknown what happens if he does this.