Friday Night Fights 3, Play-In Round: Gadgeteer!

With great pleasure, I proudly kick off the play-in round of the third HeroMachine Friday Night Fights contest! We once again have some fantastic character portraits; I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did.

As a quick review, here's how all this works. You can vote for up to 16 of these entries, once per day from now until next Thursday at midnight Pacific Time. That means you could vote for your top 16 up to 7 times if you come back every day. Why? Because we want visits, that's why! Get your friends to come as well, because if there's one thing we like more than visits, it's visits from new people.

Next Friday, the top 16 vote getters will square off in a series of eight one-on-one, head-to-head matches, while the remainder will all compete all in one big group for a consolation prize.

The challenge for this edition was to come up with a team of five characters, all unified by some sort of common costume elements like the original X-Men or the Fantastic Four, so that each member stands out as an individual while also clearly belonging on the team. Each team had to have a Gadgeteer, a Mentalist, an Energy Projector, a Mentalist, and a Martial Artist. First up: Gadgeteers!

Good luck everyone! And remember -- vote early, and vote often.


Team: Metanoir
Name: Neon
Description: ABILITIES: Neon is a technopath, capable of controlling machines from and to greater distances and capacities than other people, she is also a very good mechanic and engineer, knowing how each part comes together to create amazing things, including her war suit for which she is named after. The war suit can fire electrical based missiles and EMP charges, as the other hand can fire typically riot rounds for enemies safety, the legs allow for flight, and the helmet provides protection on both sides, using sonic pulses from it to create shields.

STORY & PERSONALITY: Neon was born Kira Jessop, in Detroit, Michigan, great place for an engineer to get their start. Kira's uncle owned a large junk yard, where she learned her skills a as a mechanic, and discovered her skill as a technopath, starting cars up from 5 feet away by simply mimicking the motion of turning the key. Kira eventually graduated from MIT, and moved into a lucrative position as head engineer for a new automotive company, which she still holds. Kira built the war suit in response to a letter from The Negatives requesting her services, and she's been fighting ever since. Kira is a feisty and opinionated woman, she is both the youngest and most intelligent member of the team, she is also very mature, but she likes to crack jokes. She's not into her teammates, but if she was, she'd choose Bronce(The Martial Artist).

Creator: AJW


Team: The Mutates
Name: Tinkerer
Description: Harvey Stein the team's gadgeteer. He was born with the ability to create any mechanical device, no matter how seemingly impossible. He invented a set of mechanical arms to help him fight in battles he's otherwise be to meek to fight in. In his lab he is assisted by his two robots, Henry and Kendra. He joined the team so he could have adventures.

Creator: alphaalpharomeo


Team: Red Dawn
Name: Task
Description: Red Dawn is a Canadian government sponsored group with special abilities. Team members include Task, an android who is armed and programmed to be the perfect first strike weapon, able to eliminate multiple targets at a time. Crimson who is a master of all hand to hand combat as well as the samurai sword, anything in her hands becomes a lethal weapon. Next is Capt. Ryan Williams , former RCMP field officer who joined the team after the “accident” that gave him is telepathic powers. The muscle of the group, Stronghold, has the strength to level mountains, but the soul of a poet. These 4 individuals led by Battalion, the human solar battery, who is able to absorb the sun’s radiation and manipulate it to project powerful laser blasts from his eyes or hands, strive to keep peace and justice not only on the home front, but anywhere in the world where they are needed.
- Antigravity generators located in his hands and feet
- Multiple laser guided mini cannons mounted on shoulders
- Programmed with state of the art targeting computer, able to track multiple targets at once.
- Artificial body able to withstand heavy munitions fire and self-repair

Creator: ams

Stealth Angel

Team: X-5
Name: Stealth Angel
Description:Neither they aren´t heroes nor criminals, they are balance protectors. The never respond to calls or signs, they are always where and when they are truly needed. They are a group of people who specialize in the impossible, on the top of their respective fields, gathered together to do what can´t be done. They adopted the name that their enemies gave them, because it fits perfectly. They are the Elite 5.

Alter ego: Tess von Henhiem

Tess is the smartest human being alive and consider on of the greatest minds ever. Her discoveries helped humanity to conquer other planets and galaxies, and eradicate hunger, almost every diseases and global analphabetism, before she was 20 years old.

When her father was murdered during a bank robbery, she created the battle armor known as ¨Stealth angel¨ to capture all the possible criminals, and make the world a better place.

While wearing the armor Tess can fly at supersonic speed, and her strength grows considerably. Her right shield can absorb any kind of impact or energy, and use it for many purposes, like reflect it as a blast or use for recharge energy cells. She can also loose the heavy weapons and engage in a hand to hand combat.

Creator: Asder


Team: The Damning Eyes
Name: Nibin
Description: Giants ruled the jungle continent of Xen'drik for millenia. Among the lower races, there was violence. However, fear of the overlords kept conflicts to skirmishes and border raids. The giants knew nothing of the changes happening under their feet. Revolution came from the Underdark. A strange new god had emerged among the drow - Vulrook. A radical patriarch who inspired his followers to open war.

The scorpion god's open defiance inspired other races to revolt. Battles were not coordinated attacks between allies. Rather, they were free-for-alls with the goal of destroying first the giants then whichever enemies remained on the battlefield.

The drow, second most powerful race on Xen'drik, quickly moved to fill the power vacuum. Unfortunately, the wars exacted a heavy toll. Entire Houses were destroyed. Many fled Xen'drik. Lolth and Vulrook encouraged their faithful to destroy the other's. Other races tried to capitalize on the drow's weakness. The derro renewed the Uniting War. Even humans travelled to the continent in hopes of wiping out the remnants.

From all this, Vulrook conscripted his enemies to fight his battles for him. Through Arcane Arts, he created a binding magic known as "the Damning Eyes." The Damning Eyes compel the enchanted to obey the scorpion. He specifically enslaved those who had dared oppose him. His intent to show that he is not simply the god of the drow, but of all Xen'drik. Often referred to as "His Eyes" or simply "Eyes", the press-ganged group fights to conquer and defend the continent above and below the surface.

Those who bear this mark are instantly recognized as agents of the scorpion god. Depending one's status, these shock troops are to be loathed or feared, never loved. They might come to a mountain village to slay a giant or a dragon. Then they burn it down and slay the villagers for a perceived slight against Vulrook.

Nibin is a derro - a Dwarf of the Underdark. He is a master blacksmith and engineer; however, he was an amateur thief and scout. During the last Uniting War, forces of the drow god Vulkoor captured Nibin. The derro had tried his hand as a sapper. He intended to literally undermine the scorpion god's holiest city. Weakening its foundations, thus causing it to collapse.

The drow slaughtered the other derro. Vulkoor had other plans for Nibin. The scorpion god used his dark magic to enslave his captive. His intention was to conscript a shock force composed of his enemies. Thereby showing his power not to dominate just the drow but all the races of Eberron.

Like the god's others of "His Eyes," Nibin bears the "Damning Eyes" of Vulkoor. These tattoos bind him to the god. Though they still have free will, they can never permanently leave Xen'drick nor can they ever refuse Vulkoor's demands.

Unlike other derro, Nibin does not long to return to his people. He failed them in the Uniting War. He knows that he would be killed by his former clansmen. Instead, he takes some solace in that he and the other Eyes function as a unit.

As an engineer, Nibin devises weapons of war and fortifications. As a thief, he lays traps for raiding parties as well as trackers. As a derro, he builds elaborate torture devices.

Nibin forges weapons of quality for Vulkoor. Some are worthy of enchantment, such as the Lizard King's trident. His skill is such that he is able to repair the Warforged. Though he is not able to create one himself. Nibin refuses to repair the Heretic's armor. He holds no love for any drow, even those who seek to destroy Vulkoor. The derro stays clear of the Illithid. Vulkoor has already scrambled his head. What sense is left might make a tasty snack for a Mindflayer.

Creator: Atomic Punk


Team: Hive Force
Name: Fly
Description: Often acting mysteriously, and never showing his face from behind his mask, Fly is a technical expert. Aside from supplying the other Hive members with the latest technology, Fly also uses mechanical wings to take flight and provide covering laser fire for his team mates from the sky.

Creator: bonrtobealoser


Team: The Red Gang
Name: Widget
Description: The "Red Gang" are a group that formed around the latest generation. Scarlett and Flash, are the latest direct descendants of The Man in Red and his partner/wife, the original "Scarlett". Her grandfather really didn't think that Scarlett was ready to take up the mask, but she wouldn't hear "no". Flash stuck by her. Her grandfather relented, but only under the condition she work as part of the team. Her wise-Alec cousin, "Widget", was eager to join. Grandfather pretty much assigned the remaining two. "Tiny" has been Scarlett's bodyguard for years, and Tai is one of her teachers.

Widget, as a boy was a practical joker, and loved tinkering up gimmicks in his grandfather's shop, much to the chagrin of his victims. Scarlett has always been the apple of her Grandfather's eye, and widget is jealous of her and Flash's abilities. She's clearly going to be one of the finest Martial Artists in the world when she's matured a little, and Flash throws energy blasts around and flies. Widget makes up for it with his gadgets and by being a smart-Alec. There's no way his cousins are having all the fun, and if they have a team, he's on it.

Creator: Brons


Team: Tsunami Force
Name: Tek
Description: When the US detonated the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II the resulting radiation of those two cities, as well as those between and around it, effected the people and their offspring for generations. Most grew sick, many died, but some .. developed ... powers. Super human abilities.

From Japan, the original birthplace of mutants we present to you: Tsunami Force!

REAL NAME: Hiro Nakamura
POWERS: Gadgeteer - a genius inventer able to create almost anything, with time, tools and materials. He usually has his Power Suit; Air supply; Lazers; Scanners;
Goggles (Telescopic Lenses, Microscopic, Thermal vison lenses, Ultra vison lenses); Headphone to Android Smart phone and satellite for a wide band of emergency bands, also can be used to pick up extremely soft or even high pitched sounds; Microphone (usable to project voice better than a megaphone); Wrist computer interface with satellite hookup; sensors & scanners, not to mention Android smart phone and ipod; Various wrist blasters from time to time; Shoulder pads and boot jets allow flight.

Hiro was brilliant from birth. He was eating solids, crawling, sitting up and walking and talking before any other recorded child. He had an abbreviated childhood and education graduating from high school at age 14, going to the Institute of Japanese Technology and having a job with Hitashi. He was asked to joining Tsunami Force when he helped them while he was in his Power Suit defeating a terrorist bomber. Despite his brilliant mind Hiro is only 17 and still acts like a somewhat immature teen with raging hormones, which he is ... Tek is the creator of the Cerebral Enhancer later on. Through Kami's use of the Cerebral Enhancer he becomes a Technopath, able to manipulate and create technology with his mind.

Creator: Cliff

Johnny Gear

Team: The Protectors
Name: Johnny Gear
Description: The team name is 'The Protectors': They are bought together by their leader and mentalist, Crystal, to avert an apocalyptic future, Crystal had a vision of.

Johnny Gear: Genius and techie, he has the imagination and skill to create virtually anything.

Creator: Craig


Team: Quintessence
Name: Flux
Description: Quintessence, a group of adventurers and investigators assembled by a genius inventor. Together they delve into the secret corners of the universe, drawn to the fantastic and the unknown. They protect the world from forces beyond its comprehension, unearthing ancient entities and fighting extradimensional invaders to keep humanity safe.

Flux- Team Leader, an unparalleled inventor, technological genius and founder of Quintessence, as well as a number of facilities devoted to scientific research. He initially relied on an advanced weapon system attached to an external interface for his superheroics, but intellectual curiosity led him to fuse experimental biotechnology to his body; going so far as to replace pieces of his brain. His weapons systems are now a living extension of his own physiology. They react to the impulses of his nervous system and can adapt and reconfigure themselves against any environment. He exists in a constant state of biomechanical evolution, adopting the codename Flux.

Creator: DiCicatriz


Team: Phoenix
Name: Bumblebee
Description: These are 5 women who have banded together after suffering some type of a rejection or let-down from another mutant group. Now they have risen from those ashes to become the heroes they are.

BumbleBee has the ability to create machines out of just about any tech. It was she who created the machine that helps B.A.R.B. keep her form. She was let go from her last group because they thought she was a "klutz."

Creator: Firecracker


Team: V Group
Name: Skyman
Description: (Just a quick note; note my characters are actually redesigns of golden age characters, but they are all public domain - therefore legally free to use by anyone.)

After his parents died in a plane crash, Allen Turner was raised by his uncle, becoming a brilliant scientist. When his uncle too past, he used his inheritance to fund a career in crime-fighting. Working from his secret hanger (dubbed The Skydome) and with his custom plane that flew by the power of Earth's magnetic poles (dubbed The Wing), he foiled villainy as Skyman.

However as the golden age ended, the usual roster of megalomaniacs, monsters and giant robots disappeared. Allowing the politicians to evaluate the cost of their protector’s antics. Despite the fact that the majority of damage could be traced to one individual, they sought to pass legislation banning all costume vigilantes. Amongst such calls, Skyman publicly stepped down. Although he hung up his costume, Allen still occasionally tinkered with his old gadgets – just in case there was ever be a need for the return of heroes... which there was

Creator: Frevoli


Team: The Young Mutants
Name: Dadeleus
Description: The Young Mutants exist in a world where most of the superhuman population has been exterminated, leaving few super powered beings behind. Mutants are hunted and dealt with as they are discovered. Most are quietly disappeared by Homeland security as potential terrorist threats.
The Young Mutants are second generation heroes, children of the Atom, second generation X-men

Dadeleus is the daughter of Forge, mother is unknown. She inherited her father’s ability to build and create using current technology, and expanding on it. She also has a superhumal ability to communicate with computers and cybernetic constructs making her an accomplished computer programmer…and hacker.

Creator: GeneH


Team: The idea of the "team" is a sort of black-ops/commando group based aroud colors.
Name: Teal
Description: The tech expert of the team, Teal is in charge of creating and maintaing the advanced weapons and systems used by the rest of the group. He usually stays out of fights, but when he has to engage in combat, he uses a large, remote-controlled battle-mech to do his work for him.
Creator: Gero


Team: The Stars
Name: Trell
Description: Trell is sitting in the locker room contemplating his defeat when Jean walks in.

"Eh, Jean? Come to rub it in? Well, don't forget that I'M the reason YOU are out of this tournament."

"No... I come to you with an offer."

"I'm not interested..."

"There's no shame in your loss, Trell. Sutol is the most skilled fighter in the universe. His skill against Gio's strength will make for a most interesting final."

"What about Jana?"

"Jana is a very formidable fighter but he will not get past Gioh."

"Yeah, you're probably right... So, what is it? What is your offer?"

"Join me. I offer you a chance to prove yourself as a fighter not just this universe, but in all the universes."

"What are you talking about?"

"A tournament, no, not A tournament, THE tournament. It pits teams of five of a universes best fighters against teams from every other universe in the multiverse. The winners claim ultimate glory. Are you in?"

"Hmm... Who else is in?"

"I came to you first. Next, we will go to Jana. Then Sotul and Gio. The five of us will be unbeatable."

"What makes you think they will join?"

"Me, you, Jana, and, my guess, Sotul, will get a chance at redemption, a chance to prove ourselves after a loss. And Gio would never turn down a fight. So? Are you in?... Will you compete with me?... Will you fight in FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS 3?!"

"I'm in."


"The draw was random, you're up first."

"The Stars? Seriously?"

"Silly, I know. I meant for it to be. Because we don't want them to take us seriously. And then we will beat them."

"I see. Same for the purple?"

"No. I just like purple."

"Eh, teenage girls... Alright I'm ready.

Creator: Headlessgeneral

Professor Steinbaum

Team: The Scouts
Name: Professor Steinbaum
Description: After a classified incident happened at an arctic research station in 1951, and New York City was terrorized two years later by a prehistoric Monster, that had been reawakened through nuclear weapons test, the U.S. Government grew concerned about the potential danger for the country from extraterrestrial or other extraordinary threats. President Eisenhower asked congress for the formation of a team of specialist, who would tackle this problems:

“As we are recovering from the great war with the axis powers, we now stand at the border to a new frontier, a frontier not of new territory, but of social and scientific change. The unknown terrain must be scouted for possible menaces to the american public. It has come to my believe that the people of this great nation are facing threats not only from advanced sciences used by agents of enemy nations against us, but also from mutated and off-worldly horrors. We are in need of a team of intelligence and combat specialists, whose mission shall be to research real or potential threats, to find defenses against them, and if possible, to terminated them. In order for this team to be flexibel, the members will be pooled from various military and civilan agencies.”

And thus the Scouts were founded in 1954, who have their headquarters on an Air Force base in Nevada.

Professor Hiram Jeremiah Steinbaum, born and raised in New York, mastered in nuclear sciences at Harvard. He is however a polymath in various scientific fields and mastered seven languages fluently. The Professor is your typical “eccentric inventor”, who serves as the team’s scientific advisor.

Creator: Hyperanthropos


Team: The Fighting Five
Name: Machinesmith

Creator: Imp


Team: Crimson Cyndicate
Name: Armoury
Description: The Crimson Cyndicate is a group of villainous individuals, some naturally super powered and some not, but all with the same intent of seeking power through any means necessary. While like the original X-Men, they only consisted of five members, they have grown greatly over the years and are a constant threat to Devlin City (in the fictional universe from which they come) and an ever growing threat to the world. While they originally commited crimes such as robbery, they have grown over the years to involve themselves in numerous activities including drug trafficking, assassination, international extortion and major scale blackmail. They are also deeply intergrated within international politics, many nations fearing their reach and unbridled wrath. They Cyndicate has been controlled by many different leaders throughout it's time but was originally controlled by Armoury.

Miles Heron was a genius scientist and inventor ,receiving a full honours combined degree of Advanced Mechanics and Advanced Engineering from Devlin City University when he was 21, pursuing both a master's degree and then PHD in the same subjects. It was during this time that he met and soon married his university sweetheart. With Miles having founded his own company soon after, they settled down and made a family. One day, their home was attacked by a rival company seeking the blueprints for Miles's latest invention: a fully functioning bio-prosphetic arm. His family was killed after refusing to betray his work and Miles himself was gunned down. He awoke weeks later in a hospital bed and hastily discharged himself. Returning to his home, he found it had been sold and all his research destroyed. Maddened with grief and loss, he worked night and day on designing himself a new prosphetic limb and eventually came up with a monsterous looking mechanical arm filled with state of the art technology and weaponry. After dissmembering his own right arm and attaching the new invention, he set about creating himself a technologically advanced battle suit, using his former laboratory and own vast finances. From the moment he donned the armour, Armoury was born.

Creator: Jamesinchains


Team: The Wu Xing
Name: Silver
Description: My team is called The Wu Xing (Five Elements).

Fascinated by electronics since before she can remember, Silver has decided to use her talents towards bettering mankind. An Element of Metal, she can command all electronics to do her bidding. As leader of The Wu Xing, she is a natural organizer who would protect her group at any cost.

Creator: Jessica


Team: The Agents
Name: Tech
Description: The team name is The Agents. They're a diverse group of people that are officers and law-enforcers in the far future, they prefer to use their gifts and talents to stop crime.

Once a proud and decent officer. One day the mafia set up an ambush for Fredrick in an abandoned warehouse.their plan was to detonate the ceiling and crush Frederick underneath the wight,lucky for him he created created a watch that slows down time for several minutes, he barely managed to escape, once out of the heap, he collapsed. Years later he woke up in the hospital, he realized that his arm his missing, so he constructed a weaponry arm, and notice that half of his face is turned into a machine. He then returns to his filed of work yet due to that fact that he became handicapped, the agency hired him as the technology adviser /mechanic, he did some work on himself so he reflects himself as a cyborg.

Creator: Jo

Captain Cyborg

Team: The American Power Team
Name: Captain Cyborg
Description: A group of specially gifted individuals has been assembled to become a force for the defense and protection of the American way.

Captain Cyborg (Captain James Edward Armstrong): James Edward Armstrong is a member of the U.S. Marine Corps who has been in many succesful military campaigns. In his latest mission, he was trapped under a cross fire and tried to get his unit away from danger. While performing this effort, he was severely injured by a grenade. In a hurry to save him, Captain Armstrong was submitted to experimental surgery, in which his body was rebuilt with cybernetic implants to replace his limbs and organ implants which substituted his damaged body systems. The rebuilt Marine was brought from the dead and became a fully functional being with the help of intensive therapy and retraining to adapt to his new life. He became Captain Cyborg. His new talents brought him to the attention of the U.S. Government, who were looking for specially gifted individuals for a new initiative designed to serve as a special defense force for the United States. Captain Cyborg´s cybernetic body is super-strong and virtually indestructible. He has built in computer systems, solar-powered batteries and hydraulic devices to control and move his body parts. His strength is at superhuman levels, and has enhanced senses thanks to his new implants. In addition to his new abilities, he is an experienced combatant and a skilled master strategist.

Creator: Jordanxord


Team: Gal Force
Name: Tink
Description: Tink has no Superpowers however she has a genius level intelligence and a knack for invention and Science

Creator: Kaldath


Team: Guardians of the Wildwood
Name: Lir
Description: The Team – Guardians of the Wildwood
This team of five women was put together by the Seer Surah, who found the others and molded them into a team to protect the Oracle of Ma’at, hidden deep in the forest known as the Wildwood, from a tribe of goblins called the Sa’kagé who want to use it to wipe out the human race. They are linked by the magical pendants they each wear, which Surah uses to create a mental link between them, allowing coordinated attack and defense. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and work together to support each other.

Lir is a goblin of the Ta’Daitsu tribe, from the northern mountains. She encountered Surah on her way south to visit cousins in the goblin enclave of Faria. She is a skilled weaponsmith and alchemist, and is also a healer. For her healing she mainly uses herbs and potions but she does have a tiny magical ability that she uses to enhance their effects if necessary. She only uses magic for the very worst injuries; otherwise she considers mundane means sufficient. She doesn’t usually fight with the team, in part because she doesn’t feel very comfortable about fighting her own kind, but she can and will if necessary. Lir makes all the team’s weapons and she also made the settings for the jewels in their pendants.

Creator: Kaylin88100

The Doctor

Team: The Monster Mash
Name: The Doctor
Description: Doctor Henry Jekyll also known as the mad scientist, he can't stop creating machines, his latest creation is a cyborg name Frankie stein (a female version of Frankenstein).

Creator: Kyle


Team: The League of the Scarab
Name: Serif
Description: "The League of the Scarab" is the secret society dating back to the Crusades dedicated to removing all threats to the world. Serif uses her jet pack to be "the terror from above"

Creator: Maniacmick

White Man's Burden

Team: American Imperialist LEague
Name: White Man's Burden
Description: In a universe that is a dark reflection to our own, the American Imperialist League was formed in 1898 to encourage the annexation the Philippines as another colony of the United States. Having achieved unqualified success, the League set up base in the fifty-first state, seeking to spread the reach of the American Empire. In present day, having discovered portals to alternate dimensions, the Imperialists seek to spread their empire across every possible reality.

Instead of observing the richness of life on the Mississippi river, steamboat pilot Samuel Clemens became fixated on the mechanisms of steam. Turning his profound creativity to science instead of art, he created all manner of steam-powered weaponry under the pseudonym of Mark Twain. A prominent member of the American Imperialist League, he led the conquest of the Philippines in his steam-powered armor. As the decades passed, he kept himself alive through various mechanical augmentations and continues to lead the League to this day, bearing the White Man's Burden on his mechanical limbs.

Creator: Marquis Samedi


Team: Midnight Mavericks
Name: Gadget
Description: What's in a name?

- A secondary, non-government incarnation of a world renowned government special tasks force, "The Midknighters". To retain association between former members, "Maverick" and "Cog", and the aforementioned now debunked team, while avoiding confusion with the latter's predecessor, "The New Midknighters", still headed by former team leader "Midnight-Man", though altering its' spelling by dropping the k, the two decided to keep with the original name of "Midknighters". To further the avoidance of confusion as well as solidify his leadership role within the new team, as some thought should have been the case with the original and thus would have avoided the teams looming downfall, "Maverick"(s) name was placed alongside "Midnighters". Although the first few official names included both, "Maverick" and "Midnighters" with the altered spelling the team was still incorrectly associated with the official government owned, "The New Midknighters", simply because both teams were commonly referred to in short as "The Midknighters" by the public. "Gale" suggested the error lay not with the name, but it's positioning, "because "Midnighters" is the last word in the name, it's the most relevant, where as "Maverick" just serves as a support. Simple answer, just flip them". The flip brought immediate media attention to a new team on the rise, "The Midnight Mavericks" or in short "The Mavericks".

-Failed Aliases include "Maverick's Midnighters", "Maverick & The Midnighters"

"Media Sensations!"

"The Midnight Mavericks" is a new team of vigilantes, sweeping our city streets with purpose; Purpose of removing the blot that is crime, Purpose of making our streets once again safe, Purpose of returning the city back to you, her loving, law abiding citizens, Purpose of restoring "Craven City" to her former glory", "Headed by an experienced leader, "Maverick", leads his "Midnighters" against the very essence of criminal behavior", "Experience! Beauty! Brains! Grace! Power! This team has it all", "Hiring out all the big name baddies, "the Crime Lord" will never get the upperhand", "We can finally look toward a new dawn over our dark city"

"A Twins Bond" (the origin of Gadget)

- While her twin brother, "Cog", was off playing superhero, "Gadget" was at home being raised by their single father. Without a motherly influence, she acted and dressed more like a boy, fighting and cursing all the time. Though she showed no interest in electronics as her brother had, she was in fact fascinated by cars, always underfoot in her father's garage. By the age of 13 she was already as knowledgeable as a world class mechanic. Soon after "The Midknighters" were disbanded, and "Cog" returned home to an ailing father who died shortly thereafter. Leaving his two children the garage, now their home, after his illness not allowing him to work caused the loss of their house to the bank. It was their father's hope the garage would keep the two close, "your all you have in this whole world, each other and this garage ". Not willing to lose her brother as well, she jumped into aid "Cog" in his research to build a mechanical suit to prolong his dwindling life. "Cog" is now completely bed ridden, leaving his sister and current "Midnight Mavericks" team member "Gadget" to finish their work while keeping up the garage, the face of their secret underground HQ. Though the suit is a sign of hope, it is not a permanent solution (One Wonders could "Gadget"(s) blood hold the key to her brothers cure? If so, who could help to find such a solution?). "Gadget"(s) pet robotic squirrel, the last thing given her by "Cog" before becoming bedridden, serves as a telepathically controlled, an electronic head band is required, miniature body for "Cog" allowing him to aid his sister, and the team in mundane tasks.

- Gadget/Gadgeteer - Team Role: Automotive Expert / Abilities: Genuis Intelligence

Creator: Martian Blue

Mac Colt

Team: Hero Corps
Name: Mac Colt
Description: None
Creator: McKnight57

The Smith

Team: The King's Hand
Name: The Smith
Description: group name- The King's Hand
In the Kingdom Korolevsta the King chooses a group of five individual upon his coronation. These individuals are the Best they're is at what they do. they can be from anywhere or be anyone. they are his closest advisers his staunchest advocates, and his closest friends. alone they are Fingers but, together they are know as the Hand of the King carrying out his orders in the farthest reaches of the realm.

The Smith is the royal armourer. he is the oldest member of this hand and was one of the last king's Fingers. He lost his arm in a battle against the Kingdom of Serari. however , through skill and resourcefulness he crafted himself a new arm that is better than the first. each tattoo represents a different different master he has studied under. The Thumb.

Creator: mercwithamouth


Team: New World Order
Name: Gearbox
Description: New World Order is a super villain team of hyperintelligent scientists whose sole objective is to seize control of the world and place its leader, Doctor Utopia, at its head. (Complete team story here.)

Gearbox is an engineer who has found the means to create universally adaptive modules that he can assemble into a wide range of gadgets and weapons. His favorite weapon is a chest-mounted low frequency, high pressure sonic generator he refers to as a "Thousand Decibel Deathray." (Complete story here.)

Creator: Myro


Name: Groovy
Description: The unifying theme? The 70s and all its beautiful psychedelic aspects …

Gadgeteer ~ Groove
Name: Harold “Handy” Hanover
Specialty: Communications / Analogue / Warfare expert

Creator: PapaKrok


Team: The Stunt Jewels
Name: Quartz
Description: As more action heroines break into movies and TV there comes a need for stunt doubles who can make them look like badasses without getting killed. Stunt Jewels has come to the answer with five of the toughest stuntladies around, each an expert in her field. And when they're not in front of the camera they're using their superhuman talents to save the world.

Quartz, aka Quinn Barry is the group's leader and tech expert. The gal with the plan, she designs the stunt and makes sure they work both from a safety standpoint and from a "Holy Crap! How'd they do that?!?" look from a director. She also comes up with ideas and equipment to handle any supervillain out there.

Creator: Phatchick

Platinum Pentagon

Team: The Five Stars
Name: Platinum Pentagon
Description: Crippling injuries end the careers of many military personnel, but there are Black Ops that seek out these individuals to test new treatments and/or weapons systems on human subjects that have no living relatives and little to lose if things go badly. All of the Gulf Warriors are casualties of US military operations in the Middle East, and were treated by Drs. White and Brown for their injuries. The Five Star Team is the best Team of Gulf Warriors at the present time, but Drs. Brown and White are still experimenting…

Gadgeteer = Platinum Pentagon = Colonel Gage Demeter, USAF and leader of the Team.
Received a crippling spinal cord injury after being shot down over Afghanistan. Has been fitted with an experimental exoskeleton to allow movement and flight that acts as a life-support system for his battered body. Surgery was required to tie his nervous system into the computerized controls, so he can’t be removed from the unit without killing him.

Creator: Skybandit

Dr. Jensen

Team: The Faculty
Name: Dr. Jensen
Description: The team name comes from the fact that this group of five were all Co-Workers at Leviathan University in Minnesota. Their powers came from an act of revenge. A brilliant Chemistry student whom they had all failed at some point dosed each of their morning coffee with a chemical that was supposed to make them terminally ill. Instead, however, it gave them powers consistent with the thing they loved most ... and that happened to be each of their respected fields.

Dr. Jensen - Former Phyics/Engineering Professor
Bio: Dr. Marny Jensen had always loved physics and had dedicated her life to discovering the mysteries of the universe so they could be put to some other use on Earth. She had won several prizes and awards from many respected organizations. After her dosing, something clicked in Dr. Jensen's brain, and she suddenly understood many of the questions that have plagued the scientific community. While she can't articulate what they are (because of the dosing she lost some speech skills), she uses them to her and her teams advantage to stop the bad guys in their tracks with her fellow super-powered faculty members

Creator: Superfan1

Fast Jack

Team: Fast Jack and the Red Eagles
Name: Fast Jack
Description: The Red Eagles, a small group of law enforcement which has set itself the task of helping the innocent and persecuted by all forms of sins Each member have special power, someone use mystic energy power, and someone use modern technic and the power of the science. Other member is confident in his own body and there is a member who use the power of the mind. Each member special and unique in its own kind, although they don’t resemble the other but they work as a great team.

Fast Jack the Man of Machines
Jackson F. Reynolds is a traditional Superhero. He helps the poors and catch the criminals. But he also has a major secret. He became a superhero because he have serious guilty of his family passed. He too much to deal with things in the university and he has neglected his family, and he hadn't been there when they really needed of it. Absence of law enforcement helps to he have good technical qualifications, and his IQ is higher than the other people. Fast Jack teaching electronics and computing in the university, but when daylight fades, he pick up his cybernetic nano-rods reinforced clothes, take it the custom made battle computer and proton gun, jumps on his air motor and patrolling the streets.

He is the founder and leader of a superhero team called by the RED EAGLES, they patrol and help the fallens of the city.

The Red Eagles members and in some sense separate from the rest superheroes. Someone willing to free but other joined by the hand the fate of the membership conducted line. Jack in the most of the time more like they father, mentor and spiritual who help if they have any problem. He need for they and they need to he too.

Strength: Great technical equipment, True leader characteristics

Weakness: Serious Guilt, Fear of if someone die or injured.

Creator: Tarkabarka


Team: Sand Vipers
Name: Ratchet
Description: They are a team that came together after a post-apocalyptic nuclear war.
Creator: Tool


Name: Teclyn
Description: The Defenders: A team of superheroes funded by the British government to help defend the nation against threats and fight crime across the island.

Teclyn- Team leader, gadgeteer. Born Caryl Tomos near Cardiff, Wales and studied Engineering at university. Recruited by the government for their super-team because of her technological expertise.

Creator: Trekkie


Team: None.
Name: Aegis
Description: None.
Creator: Vampyrist


Team: The Tiamat Triads
Name: Meka-Mantis
Description: Little Trouble In Big China:

In the Magical Steampunk world of 1860’s China, the ‘Tiamat Triads’ are a Superhero Gang with the singular mission of ‘Fan Qing, Fuk Ming’ which means ‘Overthrow the Qing, Restore the Ming’. In their 11th Generation, the Tiamat Triads were founded in 1661 by the sons and daughters of the Five Elders who escaped the destruction of the Shaolin Temple by the then rising Qing Dynasty in 1641. Along with their own unique powers, each Tiamat Triad (Meka-Mantis, Tiger-Dao, Qi-Cobra, Dragon-Crest and Panda-Moon) can take the natural or anthropomorphic form of their namesake. The only way to distinguish a member of the Tiamat Triads from other members of society is by their hidden ‘Triangular T’ Tattoo. Their unseen Green Emblems are an homage to the Green Standard Army which traces its lineage back to the last Ming garrisons.

The main enemy of the Tiamat Triads is the Dragon Imperials of the Qing Dynasty; the unseen head of this enemy is ‘She Who Rules Behind The Curtain’, the Empress Dowager Cixi. Cixi was once a concubine who rose to power with the cunning of a crocodile. . . After defeat in the Second Opium War in 1860, the then Qing Emperor Xianfeng died (suspiciously) young on August 22, 1861, leaving his unprepared, five year old son, Qiziang, Emperor. In the power struggle that ensued, two of Xianfeng’s Consorts ousted the Eight Regents that the deceased Emperor had chosen to rule the Dynasty until his son was ready. The Consorts, The Empress Dowagers Ci’an and Cixi, quickly consolidated their power, Ci'an with grace and Cixi with subterfuge. . .

The Tiamat Triads find themselves dancing upon the line of good and evil on their quest as their rebellion has cast them into darker shadows. . . They sometimes find themselves dealing in Opium with the ‘Dark Triads’ to fund the ongoing mission of restoration while at the same time trying to destroy the substance’s corrupting influence on China’s youth. They sometimes find themselves aligned with the greedy Eight Nation Alliance against the Qing Dynasty while at the same time they even find themselves aligned with the Qing as to protect China from the same eight foreign powers which seek to carve up China for their own ends.

The Tiamat Triad’s mission of restoring the Ming Dynasty seems hopeless for though there are many factions within China that wish an end to Qing rule (including the Tibetan Monks, The Christian Militants, the Muslim Braves, the Confucian Rebels and the Boxer Spiritualists), these factions are as incompatible as the five powers of Europe. Despite the impossible odds, the Tiamat Triads push forward against the Blue Dragon Imperials with the Oxymoron Mantra: ‘Bring Chaos to Restore Order’.

The Gadgeteer: Meka-Mantis:

Meka-Mantis is the Innovative Gadgeteer of the Tiamat Triads. A practitioner of Tang-Lang-Wuan (Praying Mantis Fist) Kung Fu, he has invented a mechanical suit of armor that takes this style to a whole new level: in essence making himself into a Metallic Humanoid Praying Mantis. He felt the need for this suit because his natural Praying Mantis form is too large to be clandestine and his anthropomorphic Praying Mantis form’s three fingered hands are good for manipulating weapons, but they are not dexterous enough for an inventor’s needs. His other gadgets include his fireworks pistols and his mechanically enhanced Golden Flying Monkey named King-Fist. Meka-Mantis is now working undercover for the Throne and he has built a flying throne for the Child Emperor which has led to the rise of rumors of a relationship between he and the child’s mother: Empress Dowager Cixi. . .

Creator: VonMalcolm

Captain Shelby "Mustang" Harris

Team: Hydro-nauts
Name: Captain Shelby "Mustang" Harris
Description: The Hydro-nauts are a group of adventurers using an advanced submersible ship called Persephone to explore the dark and amazing world of the Mariana trench. While passing through an energy rift they gain amazing powers and they discover a whole world of advanced shark men that rule the inhabitants and fight for the very freedom of the under-dwellers.

Captain Shelby "Mustang" Harris is the creator of "Persephone" and world class engineer.

Creator: Watson Bradshaw


Team: The Golden Scarab
Name: Antenna
Description: Though all the members of The Golden Scarab have different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common; they were chosen by the Egyptian god Khepri. Whenever Khepri senses darkness spreading in the hearts of man, he sends out a swarm of golden scarabs to find a group of people who will spread the light of good and fight the darkness of evil. Khepri emblazons these chosen people with his symbol and gives them knowledge of evil whenever it is in the works. There have been hundreds of incarnations of the Golden Scarab throughout time, each coming into being and fighting for the cause whenever needed. Khepri always gives his Scarab Staff and Belt of Scarabs to one of the group so that they will always have a leader. The members are named after the parts of a scarab they best represent.

Tyson McCarren a.k.a Antenna (Gadgeteer)-- Tyson is a mechanical genius with enough curiosity to kill a cat. He graduated from MIT with 4 degrees at the age of 22. Always interested in the creation of more advanced prosthetic limbs, he built his own type of leg that can retract and allow him to hover and fly to a limited extent. He has created a plasma blade gauntlet and an adamantium claw gauntlet along with plasma shooting heavy gun. He is young and cocky which occasionally causes problems with the group.

Creator: Xion Unborn

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