With a name like that, I’d go with “Mary” too.

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 23, 1941.)

7 Responses to With a name like that, I’d go with “Mary” too.

  1. Vampyrist says:

    So much headturning, it’s painful to even look at.

  2. X-stacy says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Mary Moosefoot stopped in the middle of her sentence because she broke her own neck, not because of the blue guy’s ahems. It’s just taking her a minute to fall.

  3. Frankie says:

    Miss Sheldon Moosefoot legally changed her name to Mary Cameltoe.

  4. remy says:

    since when is Sheldon a girl name?

  5. Bael says:

    Huh. I thought it was Mooseknuckle.

  6. John says:

    Frankie and Bael – you beat me to it!

  7. punkjay says:

    I wonder if Miss Moosefoot is related to the “Boy
    Named Sue!!!”