Racist Cthulu’s creepy come-on

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 16, 1941, a year in which it's not racism if you put it in quotes.)

9 Responses to Racist Cthulu’s creepy come-on

  1. ams says:

    Looks like Stardust has some self inflicted, alone time hand. And Slant-eye has a “purty” mouth….

  2. Sutter_Kaine says:

    This panel reminds me of a scene from “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”.

  3. McKnight57 says:

    Nicely done, Jeff. You definitely get points for the H.P. Lovecraft reference. Also, what’s with the Salvador Dali moustache?

  4. Myro says:

    McKnight57(3): I’m guessing that his mustache is actually supposed to be a Fu Manchu, but the extreme fear of Stardust has sent his mustache comically flying outward and his hair stand on end. You know, just like in real life.

  5. punkjay says:

    You expect a guy who makes his base on a star smart enough not to be a racist?!?!

  6. Bael says:

    Have you looked at that dude? I’m gonna have to give Stardust a pass on the racism this time.

  7. Dan Gonzalez says:

    If a guy can’t nickname his “Blow-up Dali” (TM) then what is this world coming to?

  8. Patriot_Missile says:

    But… Cthulhu’s daddy had a racist bit… Silly star spawns

  9. I hope his island isn’t Guam b/c that might tip over: