I assume this was BEFORE the OJ trial …

(From "Wonderworld Comics" number 4, 1939.)

14 Responses to I assume this was BEFORE the OJ trial …

  1. Gero says:

    Dr. Fung and the Mystery of the Spider-Bat!

  2. Gero says:

    Okay, it gave me a 404 when I tried to post, and then when I tried to re-post the same comment, it said that it was a repost and wouldn’t be posted, but the first one still never showed up. This is confusing…

  3. William A. Peterson says:

    That heappened to me, too, a few days ago…

  4. Trekkie says:

    When I first glanced at that panel, I read it as ‘Dr Fling’ at first. It’s that type of writing they use.

    @Gero: So that’s what it is! I thought it was just a random blue blob. Spider-bat makes much more sense.

  5. Gero says:

    Oh, hey, my first comment returned from the other dimension!

  6. Brad says:

    I don’t get the setup, can someone clue me in? Jeff?

  7. ams says:

    I’m glad Brad said it first, don’t get it…..

  8. punkjay says:

    Fung was the judge from the oj trial. There is awfully FUNGY about this Fung guy!

  9. Gero says:

    Fung was a forensic scientist for the LAPD, not the judge. He’s one of the guys O.J. accused of messing up the DNA evidence…

  10. Watson Bradshaw says:

    the Fung defense “If the spider-bat is fat, OJ didn’t attack”

  11. Blue Blazer says:

    Lance Ito was the judge.

  12. Brad says:

    Well, that makes sense now, and I understand why Jeff doesn’t go for topical humor in these very much.

  13. Shade2075 says:

    @Trekkie 4: I read it that way too.

  14. punkjay says:

    I knew that I was only half awake when I wrote that. Besides I get those two messed up all the time.