Sharing Day, Fondest Real-Life Geek Dream Edition

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Or a tennis player. I didn't know how to do math or play tennis, so neither one really panned out, but a close runner-up was to do something with super-heroes. And every day, I get to live that dream.

Which prompted me to wonder:

What is your fondest real-life "Geek Dream"?

In other words, is there something you'd love to do in real life that revolves around your geek life? Maybe you dream of starring in an episode of your favorite show, or to own an original "Star Trek" uniform, or to meet Rob Liefeld in person to get his autograph. Maybe you dream of having a career in the geek world, like working on an actual comic or super-hero movie, or officiating a panel filled with your favorite stars at a big convention.

I'd love to hear what your dream is (or was, if it's since been fulfilled)! In return, you can ask me any question you like about whatever you like, which I will answer either completely truthfully or not at all (in which case you can ask something else). I say that because, come on, there are some things no one should have to know.

Thanks in advance for sharing!