Stardust falling

From the pages of the truly awful "Fantastic Comics" number 6 (published in 1940, I grant you, when apparently anatomy had not yet been invented), we find the sartorial splendor of the stellar sorcerer himself, Stardust!

From the splash panel, you might just think he's a gray-leotard-wearing buy with a bad belt, but take a closer look:

Apparently, after stopping the interstellar profiteers, he raided their wives' panty drawers. Or maybe it's a loincloth, perhaps the one owned in secret by Bozo the Clown. Either way, I'm having a hard time understanding how you leave the house in the morning thinking "This polka-dot number looks good!"

You know what would make a polka dot apron/loin cloth/pair of women's panties look even better, though? That's right, leggings with toes sewn in!

I have several theories on how such a person might come to be dressed this way. First, he could be so alien his fashion sense is beyond human understanding. Second, he could be color blind. Third, like all too many geeks, he could simply be utterly oblivious to what it means to dress normally.

However, given this panel:

No genius-level galactic geek, whether human or alien, is going to misspell "Scientist". Not. Gonna. Happen.

Therefore we're going with "Color blind" and calling this one done, Mister Super Wizard!