DOOM has done it! At last, the DOUBLE espresso!

(From "Big 3" number 1, 1940.)

8 Responses to DOOM has done it! At last, the DOUBLE espresso!

  1. TopHat says:


    No wonder he wears the mask…

  2. Sutter_Kaine says:

    I wish my name was Richard Crater.

  3. Mr. Q says:

    It doesn’t last long but it taste pretty good.

    Mr. Q

  4. ajw says:

    Ra’s al ghul is Dr. Doom!?

  5. Dan says:

    Bah! None can tame the eyebrows of DOOM!!!

  6. Joshua says:

    *In a facility…miles from polite society, a tempestuous Dr. Doom hurries about preparing his time-machine for temporal launch. Energy arcs overhead in violent commotion as switches, knobs, and all manner of flashing buttons are set to allow the armor-clad-lord-of-all-he-surveys to warp the very fabric of reality.*

    DOOM: No one dares imitate, DOOM! DOOM cares not that this rival predates him by 22 years. When Doom is finished, there will be nothing left of Richard Crater but a smoldering crater! Bah! Hebert! You will cease and desist at once!!


  7. NGpm says:

    “Impertinent barista, Doom demands more foam!”

  8. Dan Gonzalez says:

    @NGpm: LOL! DOOM knows venti does NOT mean large!