And people say super hero comics aren’t realistic

(from "Big 3" number 1, 1940.)

13 Responses to And people say super hero comics aren’t realistic

  1. Jeff Hebert says:

    Too true, Worf!

  2. Panner says:

    This is why you should always wear a hard hat around construction work.

  3. Anarchangel says:

    Of course a falling girder can cut a mans hair. My barber uses giant steel girders all the time…Which would actually explain the mess that is my hair.

  4. ams says:

    Samson should use a medicated shampoo conditioner for that brittle hair problem he has!

  5. ajw says:

    Isn’t samson jewish?

  6. frankie says:


  7. Gero says:

    Why does it look like Samson is falling, too, but his Young Male Companion is less than two feet away from him and standing on soild ground?

  8. Sutter_Kaine says:

    This actually happens more often than you’d think.

  9. Reader Kate says:

    @Worf, what I find unrealistic is that Power Girl’s lower half is too small in propotion with her upper half. Her hips need to be wider.

  10. Dan Gonzalez says:

    You know we’ve all become jaded by these random panels when we’re discussing the physics of hair and girders but ignoring the creep factor of a grown man and a little boy shirtless at a construction site.

  11. punkjay says:

    LOL @ Dan! I wonder what the hell is a Bible hero doing in a furry diaper anyway! Shouldn’t he be in a robe and not Captain Caveman’s wardrobe!?!?!

  12. frankie says:

    @my post, No.7: That damn girder cut my comment too. I had eight hyphens, it was cut at the fith one.