Character Contest 66: Cyborg

Your challenge this week is to design the coolest looking Cyborg character you can. Note that I'll be looking for entries that not only pass the "Does it look awesome" test, but that are actually combinations of organic and technological parts to make up the whole. Pure robots or pure androids, in other words, wouldn't really qualify.

Otherwise the rules are the same:

  1. Use only a HeroMachine applet (no PhotoShopping except for basic cropping) to create a PNG or JPG of your entry, named as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  2. Post the image to a publicly accessible website (ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, etc.).
  3. Enter the name of your entry and a link directly to the image in a comment to this post. The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest.
  4. The link to your image should go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  5. I'll choose a winner next Monday, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration (you pick the subject and I draw it up however I like).

No limit on entries this week, so give it your best shot!

205 Responses to Character Contest 66: Cyborg

  1. John says:

    Oooo…excellent contest, Jeffrey! Lookin’ forward to entries for this one!

  2. demonhunter says:

    how do i correctly post an entry from facebook? i save my files correctly, but when i do “view image” it does not show up in the link. is it possible to correctly do it from facebook or should i post from another site?

  3. newerlie says:

    well its my first cyborg and i cant put away myself to fantasy so here is a some kind a Cyborg Devil i hope u guys like it 🙂

    Cyborg Devil

  4. dblade says:

    @ demonhunter (3): I would recommend using the HeroMachine Forums if you can. The link is on the right hand side of this page under Community & Contact. There are limitations to size though (500kb).

  5. dblade says:

    Awesome contest idea by the way.

  6. newerlie says:

    @PapaKrok OMG man u have a mad skills! that so cool I cant express myself 🙂

  7. The Imp says:

    Everybody else, hang up yer hats – PapaKrok wins.


  8. dblade says:

    Consider it a challenge to rise to that level.

    Awesome job, PapaKrok!

  9. Chisoph says:

    Here’s my entry:

    He used to be called Mark, but now he goes by Project M.A.R.K. He joined the GSC (Galactic Space command) at age 20. After he was in a fatal explosion, at age 30. The scientists and medics at the GSC made repairing all of his damaged body parts a personal goal, reporting their findings to the general. Only half of his body is recovered, making him barely recognizable as Mark. At first, he couldn’t even convince his wife and child that he was Mark. Eventually, he rejoined the GSC, as he couldn’t very well go into public like that. Now he is just a GSC war machine.
    Just after waking up from the operation (Note: not everything is grey and green. I made a mistake. Pretend they didn’t finish painting him yet.)
    (Actually, now that I look att them, I see a few minor layering problems. Meh. I won’t fix it.)

    And here he is as a machine of war, after rejoining the GSC:

  10. Chisoph says:

    @Hammerknight (13)
    Your characters are usually a lot more complicated than that. I expected you to have some sort of crazy skin-to-metal effect, but I was wrong.

  11. miles says:

    This is fortunate. I’m playing in a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign and my character pic has enough chrome to qualify for this contest. So I’ll enter it.

    Wilby Ryhtbakk is a Media who works for KJON Pirate Television in Night City. He lost his legs in an altercation with a booster gang years ago, and had them replaced with cybnetics. The right leg has a built in A/V media player, and both feet are equipped with pop-out roller blades allowing Wilby to shoot very smooth pans and dolly shots.

  12. DaRumblyTank says:

    I love the gun for a hand. it turned out very nice.

  13. Jordan_Xord says:

    By the way, if someone has problems in publishing the entries, i recommend Photobucket. It works! (By the way, thanks for the tip, Jeff! It is an excellent application!)

  14. Vampyrist says:

    Here is my first entry. I envisioned my cyborg as being less pretty when assembled. He is a cyborg, though his flesh has been torn and even began to grow over his robotic body parts.

  15. ams says:

    Here’s an entry for this week…CYBORG CENTAUR

  16. Malfar says:

    Number One – Dren Viral, cyborg genie
    The Second – Aquandroid. Though his name is “…android”, he is a cyborg, not a full robot

  17. CKnap says:

    Heres my cyborg, this is my first contest entry so hopefully it goes good 🙂

  18. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 1


    Made from brass and gears The Windup-man has been a player in history for centuries. With a turning of a key this little cyborg comes to life and will do whatever the key holder commands.

  19. Transaction: How an ATM sees you

    @newerlie: Love the concept. Please post that background in the Custom Item Archive! It is epic!

  20. TOOL says:

    I actually made this the other day, was going for my own X-men type character but I think it applys here too. I took a little from the style of some characters that I liked to fit theme of X-men but added a few things to make it have a bit of me in there as well. What you think?

  21. HecNukem says:

    Here’s my entry:
    Under all that armor is the cursed mummy of an ancient pharaoh

  22. Tool says:

    19) VAMP, looks pretty good.

    I seen that we can enter more than once so I figured I would throw in my version of a Terminator. I will try to come up with something more fresh than older works too. Good luck everyone.

  23. abominal401 says:

    This is Centurion-S10! A machine with a human in it…

  24. Hammerknight says:

    @Chisoph, sorry to disappoint you, but I did do a lot of masking to get it where it is.
    @DaRumblyTank, thank you. The gun made it hard to put a background with it that looked right so I left it out.

  25. abominal401 says:
    Here is the edited version of Centurion-S10

  26. MrAndeed says:

    The Spiborg a warrior from another dimension

  27. Myro says:

    This was an older character I made for my campaign. I’m not expecting that anything will come of this entry, but it was a funny idea at the time.


    I’ll work on a new idea later. Maybe I’ll put on some Ghost in the Shell for inspiration.

  28. Scorpidius says:

    Hey hey folks.

    I have 2 characters who fit in here.

    Firstly Shodik

    Secondly Quevalen

    Good luck everyone!!



  29. pyrodude760 says:

    heres my android he is a standard war model which come prepackaged

  30. pyrodude760 says:

    vampyrist #19 i love the effect of the skin growing over the cybernetics

  31. Tarkabarka says:

    My first entry.

    Cyborg in the desert

    After the Sixth World War a lot of damaged cyborg walking in the desert – They haven’t got rulers because the human race is destroyed. They do the order what the humans programing in their processor and if they see an other cyborg they attack and destroy the other machine.

  32. borntobealoser says:

    I’m trying to get this in before any similar ideas get entered. I can see that at least one person has done it before me already.

    Clockwork Cyborg:

    Natasha Polski’s business worked well before hand. She worked as an assassin, bodyguard, that sort of thing. But the one criticism that kept popping up was her lateness, and that her plans didn’t always go as intended. This is all sorted now, with the new Natasha. You could even say things run like clockwork.

  33. Pesky says:

    Colonel Gunnar

    After a desastrous flight with an experimental craft Gunnar has been rebuild, making him stronger and faster. He has also been grafted with diginanites, which allow him to manifest digitools like his left arm. This technology is only usefull in areas where augmented reality is used, though some effects are still possible through his personal augemented reality node.

  34. Pesky says:


    A sinister cybered monk who patterns himself on spiders.

  35. newerlie says:

    @borntobealoser woooooow its great!

  36. Tool says:

    39 & 42 look pretty cool, keep it up guys but give a guy a chance LOL

  37. borntobealoser says:

    @ newerlie
    @ Tool

    Thanks for the comments guys. It’s really nice to hear what people think.

  38. PapaKrok says:

    Thanks but it aint over till its over…I was debating waiting until the end but decided not to. There are some crazyamazing creators on HM and the fat lady isnt singing yet…

  39. PapaKrok says:

    I think I saved this at the wrong resolution. It got a bit fuzzy. This is a repost.

    Cyborg Born Again (get it, born again zzzzzzzzzz)

  40. Kaldath says:

    Entry #1 The Full Conversion Cyborg “Cyber-Hawk”

  41. borntobealoser says:

    I’ve just edited my Clockwork Cyborg, because I really like this character, and the need to make changes is killing me, even though I only entered it a few hours ago! I’ll probably be making changes to her throughout the week. This time I added a utility belt, gave her a gun (because, in her line of work, you’re going to NEED one), and turned the legwear into high shoes. These are somewhat minor tweaks, but I think it helps a lot. I hope you all agree that its an improvement, but if not just tell me. Also, perhaps this new one should be counted as a seperate entry, just in case I have ruined her.

  42. Joel says:

    Entry #2

    Zzak was always a deadly and fearsome pirate. his name was feared throughout the seven systems. however, after loosing his right eye, part of his chin, and taken severe damage to his chest, he is now more fearsome then ever with a new robotic power core that makes him stronger, and a robotic eye with info-red, x-ray vision, and even laser targeting.

  43. Kaldath says:

    Entry #2 – Captain Nathen Storm of the Mega-Human Apprehension and Protection Force:

  44. mercwithamouth2 says:

    Sir Gp Capt Jacob William Stagg III
    former commander in her majesties royal air corps. Lost most of the left side of his body and a leg during the crashing of his airship the Victoria. after he recovered he spent the majority of his family wealth on rebuilding his body. today he is one of her majesties top engineers.

  45. Redwoodhats says:

    Electric Sheep. PS, i was HouseofH, but I saved it as Redwoodhats, so…

  46. MDxLegacy says:

    entry 1
    pumpkor, a cyborg controlled by the brain in the mddle of his chest, the pumpkin is just fer teh lolz

  47. House of H says:

    Entry 2:Cyborg Centurion-
    When Doctor Kabtha-Prima and his ship where struck by an asteroid, his beloved vessel fell from the stars to Hyloteth, a planet inhabited by vicious tribal creatures. In defense, he built mighty defenders from the experimental robotic technologies developed on the ship and the corpses of his crewmates. Of course, when he ran out of corpses, he had to find new hosts to the android tech- volunteers or not.

  48. Kwnnos says:

    Ok, Imagine a space city (far far away) Near in destruction.
    An Evil Guy destroys for his incomplete transformation, and he wants more HumanWeapons on his body. And of course we have our good guys 4 of them try to stop him.

    First eye on the good guys, Andromeda:

    Second… Cassandra:

    Guys now …. Orion:

    And of course some BadA** … Aquila:

    Now…the bad guy… Abgor:

    (As you guessed… I used constellations for names except Abgor)
    Song Inspiration (WWe The Corre Theme End of Days V6) :)))))) Enjoyyyy!!!!

  49. Kwnnos says:

    Hey 🙂 Sorry, but every evil guy needs his partner:


  50. TOOL says:

    Ok so I normally check up on these blogs through my e-mail and it doesn’t give me the entry number, or at least I didn’t see one, but I see names and links. I liked these:
    Kaldath’s Cyber-Hawk, Borntobealoser’s Clockswork Cyborg, and Joel’s Zzak. Im still working on one other entry but I don’t have it on this computer, hope to get it to you guys in a couple of days or so.

  51. Kaldath says:

    Entry #3 – The Female Cyborg Bounty Hunter known as Cyber-Stalker:

  52. Tigerguy786 says:

    This is Josephus Odysseus, historian, professor, wizard, cyborg.

    He spent several decades tracking down the truth behind Merlin and the stories of wizards out of a fascination and curiosity. Much to his surprise he found out that yes, they were real (at least some of them) and they still existed in his day, so he trained with them and learned many of their secret ways. When he started to get old, he was confronted with his own mortality. With the fear this wrought he sought to replace his now old parts with new ones that wouldn’t wear down, or else could simply be replaced.

  53. dblade says:

    The Cyber Witch. Because even cyborgs occasionally need to seek the aid of a mysterious witch with strange powers.

  54. Here’s my one and only entry. Chloe was a popular, um, brothel employee in the Old West. One day she crossed the wrong, um, customer and wound up tied to a railroad track with a train coming. Her rescuers weren’t fast enough and she had to leave part of her leg and arm behind. Fortunately, a Chinese barber-slash-watchmaker-slash-inventor was passing through town and stayed long enough to patch her up and invent her some wind-up limbs. Now she’s back at the brothel as Clockwork Chloe, and she caters to a very exclusive, um, clientele.

  55. McKnight57 says:

    Here’s an as yet unnamed cyborg. After a rather abrupt second tour in Afghanistan, an Army spec ops soldier was hit by a frag grenade that caused considerable muscle and tissue damage. Being one of the country’s notable elite, he was rushed into an experimental program that used cutting edge cybernetics to repair and augment physical abilities. After the end of the tour, he became a mercenary, taking any jobs that lined his pockets while also calling for his rather particular skill set. He is called by many names, though on these streets, he’s known as Death Stalker.

  56. SpellCheckingQuill says:

    You are cordially invited to the Asimov Museum of Art’s Sixth Annual Masqued Ball, June 20, 2061,
    to raise funds for children in need of gene therapy.

    Donations are strongly advised.

    Cyborg Socialite


  57. newerlie says:

    @McKnight57 did you copy borntobealoser ClockworkCyborg??
    @dblade OMG! This is a perfect piece.

  58. Kytana says:

    @ 71.dblade: I like how you use the color. Very nice.
    Remember little bit more on a voodoo priest.
    @ 23.Watson Bradshaw: The composition of the complete setting is great. Thumbs up.

  59. spidercow2010 says:

    Her name was Linda before The Accident, and she sees no reason to change it now. And certainly no one argues the point with her. But privately she’s sometinmes referred to as the Iceborg.

  60. newerlie says:

    I did some modification on my Cyborg Devil.

    Cyborg Devil 2

  61. Worf says:

    @Spidercow2010(79): LOVE that you went to the trouble of making the mirror effect on the ice. Also, one cool cyborg lady you got there!

  62. Felkaranos says:

    Tried to make a steampunk cyborg.


  63. Mad Doctor says:

    Nazy-scientist-steampunk-ciborg and his doomsday device. ^_^

  64. Sutter_Kaine says:

    EDWARD T. – The following is a short description of “Death Comes For The AnglerFish”, a short story featuring my entry, Edward T.

    “In a bleak future where the Earth is slowly laid waste as aliens harvest its most precious resources, the AnglerFish is a water-breathing mutant who rules the town of Purgatory with an iron fist. When the last uninfected survivors of an alien-manufactered mutagen virus send the gunslinging cyborg known as Edward T. to Purgatory in search of much-needed medical supplies, a showdown in inevitable.”

    You can sample the story here:

  65. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 2


    wanted to cross genre’s a bit with this one.

  66. Tarkabarka says:

    Mad Doctor (83) – Use the directly link because Jeff doesn’t accept your picture. – Use this link

  67. Tarkabarka says:

    My third entry

    Shadowrun concept. – So i’m a big fan of the Shadowrun rpg – so i make a char picture for my friend. Half a man, half a machine.

  68. Danny Beaty says:


    Mecha-Man has superhuman strength. He can see in total darkness and has super hearing. An artificial laranyx helps him speak.

  69. Mad Doctor says:

    Nazy-scientist-steampunk-ciborg and his doomsday device. ^_^

  70. Frevoli says:

    Once an honoured high court judge, Leonard Lance barely surived an explosion that tore through his home. Left for dead, he was entered into a cybernetics trial to save his life. Now stronger, faster and more agile than ever before; Lance escaped from the facility and chose to use his imporvments to their full effect.
    To deal out justice, where there isn’t any.
    To be judge, jury and (if need be) executioner.
    To those who illude the long arm of the law, they shall instead fall to… Vigilance

  71. Frevoli says:

    In an alternative universe, a parallel earth has no idea that one of their greatest heros is actually a cyborg

    … with a gun hand

    (this is actually a character form a project I’m currently working on so I don’t have that many details to share)

  72. Frevoli says:

    Some call it a breakthrough, some call it an abomination, others call it a complete waste of time and resources… it’s Robo Walrus

  73. Trekkie says:

    Frevoli (97): Haha! That walrus is hilarious!

  74. Trekkie says:

    Entry 3:
    Tiddles the Cyborg. Tiddles the cat was injured in a car accident, and so needed some cybernetic replacements for the injured parts.

  75. PapaKrok says:

    23 Watson Bradshaw! Damn that’s cool!
    71 Dblade…that is freakin amazing!

  76. NGpm says:

    Designated Override Troops by the leaders of the Imperial Counter Resistance Unit or ICaRUs, these unwilling soldiers are controlled by the disembodied heads of zealots to the cause of the Empire. Revolutionary forces call them “Pickle Jars” or Pickle Jar Troopers, and feel that destroying them is a kindness to these men and women forced to fight against their wills.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to export them and had to get screen caps.

  77. NGpm says:

    That is a grotesque spelling error due to a complete and utter lack of sleep. It sounded cool at the time. I’ll justify it by saying it’s spelled that way in the parallel universe where they live 🙂

  78. Kaylin88100 says:

    Harry Martin was a genius scientist who discovered the secret to creating intelligent machines – robots that could think like humans. He quickly realised the possibilities of this discovery and acted fast to ensure that he could have a monopoly on the technology. With the side effect of immortality, he made himself into a cyborg that the robots he created were sure to look up to and follow. Renaming himself Machina, he then began the process of creating a robot and cyborg army to take over the world.
    With his commanding officers:

  79. McKnight57 says:

    newerlie (77) That was something I came up with a few days ago. I didn’t even see that other one. I made this one for my friend, the only difference between this and my original is the faceplate.

  80. Pesky says:

    Kid Pirate has become a cyborg after been whisked to the future by his enemies.

  81. dblade says:

    @PapaKrock (101): I had to step it up a notch if I wanted to compete with your beauties! 🙂

  82. Frevoli says:

    @Trekkie (100)

    thanks, your caped cyborg is pretty cool too

  83. dblade says:

    A revision of Cyborg Witch. I needed to fix the glow on her hand and move some things around. Please use this one for the contest.

  84. Joel says:

    Now I know what you’re thinking, “Haven’t I seen them somewhere before? and don’t they belong to someone else?” Well you’re wrong. I created them, and I even patented the idea. SO THERE!

    (Music playing) Trade Mark Mutant Ninja Turtles, Trade Mark Mutant Ninja Turtles….

  85. headlessgeneral says:

    Entry #2

    Dr. William Zard and Tin Timmy.

  86. Jinx345 says:

    whit. that is the coolest entry yet

  87. Sutter_Kaine says:

    DOCTOR SATORIUS – Satorius is the ex-Nazi cyborg founder/leader of the terrorist group Reaper.

  88. Whit says:

    @Jinx345 (114): Thank you so much!

  89. VonMalcolm says:

    Kyle, you stole my thunder with Frankencyborg! I’ll try to think of something else!

  90. VonMalcolm says:

    Cyborg Witch has my vote up to this point.

  91. McKnight57 says:

    dblade (110): I gotta say, for good or bad, that your Cyborg Witch remind me of Lady Gaga. I think it’s the headgear. Also kind’ve reminds me of a Jack Kirby villain from the early days of Marvel.

  92. dblade says:

    @McKnight57 (120): both are fine comparisons to me 🙂

  93. dblade says:

    @ newerlie (76): Why thank you for your kind words.

    @ kytana (77): I was thinking shaman type character so voodoo priest isn’t far off.

  94. dblade says:

    @ VonMalcolm (118): Remind me to cut that check for you. 🙂

  95. dblade says:

    @ Whit (108): Makes me proud to be a cyber american. 🙂

  96. Bad-People says:

    Here’s my first ever contest submission, let’s hope this works I’m not very tech savvy(I’m also not very good with backgrounds).

    My concept is a Frankenstein’s monster that is so much machine as to be almost totally inhuman(Also my cropping sucks).

  97. MegaGoober says:

    This is his story:
    The last thing I remembered was lying flat on an operating table with a team of surgeons looking over me. I tried to move my neck to look around, but a sharp, unbearable pain stopped me. I couldn’t feel my right arm or my right leg, and a bright light was shining directly into my face. Someone in the room noticed I had awoken and walked over to me. He looked down so that I could make eye contact with him. He was wearing an officer’s army uniform and had a thick grey moustache.
    “You’re a very lucky man, Mr. Spiers.” he started. “It’s a good thing we found you when we did, or there would be a lot more of you missing.” I overcame my agony long enough to catch a glance to my right. Where my limbs on my right side once extended were now neat wrappings of bandages covering a pair of nubs.
    “What… what happened?” I asked, still struggling with the pain.
    “There was an accident. The factory where you worked had an electrical surge and some of the equipment went haywire. A circular saw came loose from its operating arm and severed your arm and your leg.” I tried to remember the event, but nothing came. I could hardly remember anything at all – I didn’t even react when he said my name. “Not to worry, though my good man – given your situation, our scientists believe we can restore your health completely and even enhance your already acquired traits. We can make you the most perfect being to ever walk this earth – with your permission, of course.” Before I could respond either way, someone injected me with something and I quickly became light-headed. The last image before I closed my eyes was the officer slowly grinning from ear to ear. When I awoke again, I was something… different.
    I was still on an operating table, but in a different room – perhaps even in a different building altogether. My neck was no longer in pain, and when I tried moving my right appendages, I got a response. I looked over to witness an astounding, yet gruesome, image – the skeletal beginnings of a metallic arm and leg, conjoined perfectly with what was left of my flesh limbs. I could hear a little better now, and I heard one of the surgeons alert the officer that I was awake again.
    “Ah, still recovering, I see. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to your new additions.” He was smiling, just as I remember him. “We’re not quite finished yet, but I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed at what we’ve been able to do to you.” I glared at him. Images and sounds flew through my head like stars, and something inside of me snapped for some reason. My new mechanical arm shot up and broke the thick metal bindings that were holding me down. I sat up and grabbed the man by his collar with my other hand, which now had electrical plating infused to it.
    “I may not remember everything, but I know when I’m being manipulated!” I yelled at him. “I never agreed to this operation, I know that much, and if I did, why would you have to have me locked down on this table!?” The man only smiled his big moustached smile. I threw him away and then fully broke free from my restraints. The surgeons were backing away in terror. I caught my reflection in a nearby mirror and ran away as soon as armed guards began entering the room. They fired at me, but I leaped through a wall into a dark alleyway. My bionic limbs allowed me to land without a scratch and immediately continue to flee. I lost them, but I regained all of my memory.
    I’ve never even been in a factory – and losing my limbs was no accident.

  98. Tarkabarka says:

    My fourth entry.

    The Choose

    Always hard to find the optimal….

  99. Kytana says:
    In the year 2111 people with handicaps become an
    replacement equipment. For long time Amanda worked in a
    explosive ordnance disposal. One day she lost in a explosion both arms and one leg. In a very long operiation her life can be safed. So she quit her job and taking time for herself. But ohne day the past take her. In a old shopping centre a bomb would be placed that nobody can´t stop. The time is running out and so Amanda try to stop them. But she came to late.
    Title: Ewiges Leid (Life and pain)

  100. MasterBeaty says:

    haha @dblade (110) that looks like something Lady Gaga would wear! ;)Awesome entry by the way.

  101. Worf says:

    @Kytana(129): Beautiful illustration, but I gotta ask: How the heck did you make that sideways face?

  102. VonMalcolm says:

    Kytana Cyborg is in the running for me along with Cyborg Witch. I should mention Cyborg Born and Devil Cyborg are up there at the top for me too.

  103. newerlie says:

    @Kytana(129)Omg perfect illustration.Nice job actually perfect 🙂

  104. Kytana says:

    @131. Worf:
    I think it´s better with tutorial than the text string. So you see better how it worked.
    By the way: I found that Watson Bradshaws cyborg has more perfection.

  105. dblade says:

    @Kytana (129): Nicely done. I am always impressed with your designs.

  106. Asder says:

    I don´t think that a cyborg should only be a killing machine or something that lost his human side. On the outside a cyborg could be just like us. But on the inside……

  107. Alex says:

    @jeff:sorry there’s no marking between my name and the cyborgs ,imageshack deletes it everytime I upload an image.

    So Hardwire is from the future where a battle is waged between Earth and an unknown alien species who want to destroy us at any cost.He is one of Earth secret weapons ,part of “Last Call” a group of cyborgs ,mutants ,human-alien hybrids and other gifted beings brought together to defend Earth.

  108. newerlie says:

    @Asder (137) Cool 🙂

  109. ajw says:
    vurk jedi cyborg, unhappy with overall image but the holographic effect convinced me to post it

  110. MDxLegacy says:

    Entry 2: Shotgun Cyborg

    In a freak accident back on the family farm in Oaklahoma, where his arm got caught in a tractor engine, and said tractor proceeded to explode, John-David basically died. it was only by luck that the State military had managed to develop a progam that could fuse skin with metal. They also rebuilt almost his entire head. Thus Shotgun Cyborg was born.

  111. TOOL says:

    Just checking in with my peep’s. Lots of entries this time, liked McKnight57’s Unnamed Cyborg and Alex’s Hardware, good others too, keep it up guys. Try to keep it original and and keep it coming. See you later

  112. vodnik says:

    In a distant future the world is a chaos of crime, robots, revolution, and war. To keep the peace the Cybernetic Guard was formed. Still, the greatest criminal masterminds, the deadliest robots, and the most powerful warlords are unaffected by the Guard, so a Special Opps Force was created. These are the three most important members of the force.

    Name: Reynard

    Reynard was a french aristocrat before he became a cyborg. He joined the Cybernetic Guard after a madman burned his house down, killing his wife and children. Mastering his new body, Reynard moved to a high place in the Guard. He became the leader of the Special Opp Force. Reynard is a diplomat, swashbuckler, tracker and a trickster. He is as cunning as a fox. He has a witty and sharp sense of humor. He is talkative, though he is extremely quiet when on the hunt. He has enhanced eyesight, extendable limbs, magnificent reflexes, enhanced strength, and enhanced agility.
    Reynard is based off of Reynard The Fox,from French, Dutch, German, and English folklore.

    Name: Demetrius Panoptes

    Greek born Demetri was the second in command of a band of criminals responsible for the assassination of several political figures. He was offered servitude in the Cybernetic Guard or the electric chair. He chose life as a cyborg over death. He is covered in motion, heat, radiation, sound, and metal detectors. Even when he sleeps, his body continues to see. He is also highly capable in hand to hand combat. His personality is quiet, highly reserved, somewhat cruel, and perceptive. He is a good listener and follows commands extremely well. Reynard recruited Demetri to the Special Opp Force, and Demetri has become his right-hand man.
    Demetrius Panoptes is based off of Argus Panoptes from Greek Mythology.

    Name: Gene Canách

    Gene Canách was part of an Irish gang, but when a rival put a price on his head, he fled and joined the Cybernetic Guard. He hates following the rules, but he hates the idea of being found by an enemy worse. He’s constantly arguing with his commanders, but he exhibited extreme talent with his cybernetic body. He was built to capture people alive. His shoulders, arms and his legs beneath the knee are cybernetic. His shoulders are filled with pipes that can give off a gas that can knock people uncontentious. He modified himself with chains and invented a combat and capture style of fighting with them. To try and keep him under control, but still use his quick thinking and martial skill, Gene was sent to the Special Opps. He constantly tries to undermine Reynard, but his attempts usually end up with Reynard making a fool out of him.
    Gene Canách is based off of a Gancanagh from Irish mythology.

  113. Tool says:

    Ok so is anyone else having problems with HM. Hey Jeff, when I try to move an item around it is real jumpy or non responsive. I have to click several times or click and drag and wait for the item to catch up. I have high speed and all that and it hasn’t been doing it before. Just let me know something please, thanks.

  114. Tool says:

    Here we go, with much patience with my computer being a douche I present my character it took me days to work on. Hope you guys like, if not alas I’ll take the critique but I still like it. If nothing else I feel a sense of accomplishment for finally getting it done LOL. Is there a size that we are suppose to post at too? I went for the wide and large to try and get the best view.

    Full Body


  115. Watson Bradshaw says:

    @Kytana (129) fantastic tutorial, great use of the program.

  116. Kytana says:

    @dblade: Danke ich geb mir Mühe… thx.
    @Watson Bradshaw Says: Yeah, but i think YOU don´t need it. 😉
    I found this time are most great entrys here.

  117. Worf says:

    @Tool: Are you using lots of patterns? I mean the ones in the patterns tab… If so they tend to do that to the program. Amazingly masking patterns (the ones that are in the patterns group) doesn’t do that. Too bad that not all the patterns from the tab are replicated in the group. Just load the Female Fantasy Template to see this “effect” in action. I have fast internet and a 3GHz dual core and HM behaves like a turtle walking on glue with that thing loaded.

  118. TOOL says:

    Thanks Worf I’ll keep that in mind

  119. VonMalcolm says:

    @vodki: ‘Reynard’ is one of my faves; I would have liked him better though if I couldn’t see the wrench ‘heads’.

  120. VonMalcolm says:

    @vodnik: Sorry about the @vodki! Where is the edit button!

  121. Tarkabarka says:

    My fifth entry.


    When i see the great work of Kytana, Papakrok, Dblade, and the others that always inspire me to do my best. I always thinking how to use HM for make a great picture. The story of the picture is very simple, i think the cyborgs mostly robots but they also dreaming like the humans.

  122. Kytana says:

    @Tarkabarka: And you do it very well. Hm…but did she take drugs or why she looks so strange?

  123. Sutter_Kaine says:

    KREIGER – One of the more successful products of the Nazi super-soldier program during World War II, Kreiger was a fierce warrior and fanatical devotee of Nazi ideology. He believed himself to be an ancient Teutonic warrior reborn into the 20th century and exclusively used melee weapons, preferring to fight his opponents up close. History books claim Kreiger died at the end of the war but conspiracy buffs insist he and a number of other captured Nazi super-soldiers are being kept in cold storage in secret government bunkers deep underground.

  124. Tarkabarka says:

    Kytana (158) – Because she sleeping and dreaming.

  125. TerminusVitae says:

    woo, haven’t entered one of these in a while, here goes nothing.



    I am CyberSteele. The silent stalker of cyberspace.
    In the year 2162, the Echelon Corporation developed Neurodock, a technology capable of directly interfacing with peoples minds through a set of electrodes in the brain. This opened up a plethora of possibilities, which Echelon seized in a heartbeat. The world changed that day; Freedom died that day.
    Echelon’s first move was to download the battle experience of a thousand of the world’s best warriors into their servers; their second was to upload it into their own personal army of millions. While they were rooting around in their merciless merc militia’s heads, they purposefully erased all trace of who they once were. They became the ultimate soldier; the ultimate war drone. When they had finished building their army, they unleashed it upon the world, conquering it all within days.
    It’s been a week since Echelon conquered the globe. Almost every one has been Mindjacked; Free will has become an even rarer commodity then common sense. my merry band of misfits and I are, for all we know, all that is left of free humanity. I was one of the first to get a Neurodock interface, pre-technocalypse; I needed one to add advanced functionality to my multiple cybernetic limbs. That qualified me as leader, because once Echelon thought they had gotten everyone, they lowered security in favor of exorbitant executive bonuses; this lapse in judgment allowed me to infiltrate their server and copy all their Neurobytes into my own head, and to also back them up onto a drive, now stashed at our makeshift base.
    Today was the day. The day we would finally strike back against them. We had learned the location of one of their neural conversion centers; we planned to capture it, and use it to create an army of our own from their clone banks. We were perched in our lookout spot over the facility, watching them change the guard. We had snipers surrounding them waiting for my command; I gave the order, and it began.
    Next thing I remember, I was running though the facility, guns blazing; a door opened and I saw what we’d all been looking for. The door closed and locked behind me.
    “Well, well, well. What have we here? Someone who survived the purge intact? Don’t worry; we’ll soon fix that.” said a man’s voice through the intercom. I switched to thermal on my eyes, and saw a heat signature above me. An observation room. I switched to EM vision; I didn’t see any electrical energy, which would indicate control panels, so I was safe, for the moment. I switched back to normal vision, and looked through the glass at the face of Rex Delaterra, the CEO of Echelon, and a man hideous on both sides of his skull. His disfigured face was second in its repulsiveness only to the mind it carried.
    “You don’t have much time.” He said smugly. A pounding on both of the doors reinforced his claim.
    “I don’t need it” I said. And, having no other choice, I set the facilities self-destruct, jacked in to the Neurodock, and uploaded myself onto the internet.
    I woke up in cyberspace, an avatar of myself floating in a beam of light, code streaming all around me. This is my life now. I have cut off Echelons supply of soldiers; every one they try to make ends up being me instead. I wreak what havoc I can when I can. From what I’ve seen in these snippets, Echelon is now losing the war.

    I am CyberSteele. This is my story.

  126. Joel says:

    entry #3

    The Knight of Broken Hearts arrives, striding into to battle. The Knight of spades is close behind, the music all a rattle. the Knight of Diamonds sword in hand, heart a fiery blaze, has come to fight a wicked foe that is sure to amaze. The evil wizard in his tour, name of Dread A’alettle, has taken all his warriors, and has merged them with their metal. The kingdom of Royale arise, the fight is now at hand, take up the sword take up the cry, to fight the cyborg band.

  127. Wierdrocks says:

    A princeple character in the western I’m writing, Jessie Dearden is wanted for crimes commited in front of limited witnesses in dark rooms at night

  128. michael says:

    dang, i just might enter this one.

  129. RazorEagle says:

    I’m not sure why I’m bothering, if I were the judge of this I’d give it either to PapaKrok or borntobealoser. But hey, this is fun and it kills time!

  130. Tango says:

    “Cap Cosmic! Champion of the Galaxy!” At least, that’s what everyone thinks. What the public doesn’t know is that Cap Cosmic, whose real name is Carl J. Brawn, is on life support, after an alcohol-fueled accident nearly took his life. Despite the company of his ship’s faithful A.I. Billy, and the heroic persona he puts on for all the people of the Galaxy, inside he feels empty, and without purpose. Little does he know that a fleet of hostile aliens from across the Universe have set their sights on our Galaxy, and it’s up to him to become the hero that everyone thinks he is.

    This is my take on the classic 50s Science Fantasy archetypes like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, and I tried to give him that retro flavor. I don’t know if I have much of a chance, considering all the other entries, but trying never hurt, right?

  131. Trekkie says:

    Fourth entry:

    A man who took part in a program to enhance the body with cybernetics, before escaping after discovering the real purpose of the experiment- to create cyborgs with fully programmable personalities, to be used a perfect soldiers, assassins etc. Since the other cyborgs have been programmed to hunt him down and bring him back, he’s now constantly on the run, protecting innocents from the other cyborgs who will stop at nothing to get him back.


  132. Z9-6Q: Credit to SeanDavidRoss for the “Battoujutsu” pose.

  133. Helen says:

    oh bye the way my characters are called Atomite and the woman is Lisa Montgomery they are in love but atomite struggles to control his cybernetic murderous instincts and allow his human side to take controll.
    Atomite was injured badly in a war which explains his apperance

  134. CyberPink: Surviving member of the Arachnids Motorcycle Club

  135. Helen says: this is my second attempt. this is experiment chromo 46 part human in apperance but with a robotic core controlling his actions and thoughts. this was until he met carla who woke up the human side of him and helped the human break out of the cybernetic prison how ever his creators feard that he would seek his revenge on them for what they have done to him. so his creators set out to destory him killing carla in the process this in the end does destroy him but not in a physical way instead carla’s death causes what little human he regained to depart from him leaving him as an unemotional robotic shell.

  136. VonMalcolm says:

    @TheAtomicPunk: CyberPink made me go ‘oo’ -simple but Striking.

    Helen: I like the cyborg romances!

  137. Myro says:

    Sometimes cybernetics is used to save someone’s life, or to replace limbs and organs after an accident. Sometimes they are used to create machines of war, while leaving the creative thought of a human.

    And sometimes, the melding of machine and man is done for the most superfluous of reasons. Lee “Turbo” Hendrick, a street dancer, had an mp3 player, mixer, and speakers installed into his body to turn himself into his own boombox.

    Big props to SeanDavidRoss for the “balance” pose on this one.

  138. Seems to be a recurring them this contest: A CyBorg is Björn

  139. mrmatt220 says:

    Tri’Lon is a Cyber Space Warrior who works with his Darkling Companion Grimmer sworn protecters of all that is good.

  140. FlyingLazerBeamWalrus says:
    Based off of a drawing I made a while ago for my cousin’s death metal band, “Mummified In Circuitry”. That is all 😛

  141. ajw says:

    pandademic,that’s how you introduce yourself, nice job!

  142. Lazarus Ambulatory Service: “Cloners Who Care”

    @VonMalcolm: Thanks for the compliment. I enjoyed creating CyberPink.

    @Pandademic: Welcome and WOW!

  143. TOOL says:

    Pandademic, your Rusted Man was really eye catching to me, good job!

  144. savantguard says:

    My character is Homunculus, a freakish Frankenstein creature. A crazed scientist takes the best human parts he can find, then adds on animal parts and a computerized brain to create the perfect organism.

  145. Meniukas says:

    My attempt for the cyborg challenge. Because I didn’t think of nothing original so decided to go whit most unoriginal idea commercial poster.

  146. Lime says:

    “A Star Is Reborn”

    When Euphonia came to in a hospital bed after a brutal automobile accident, she was thankful simply to be alive. Her mother, however, was distraught that the promising young singer’s injuries had ruined her voice. Sparing no expense, the woman subjected her daughter to dangerous experimental procedures that did, in the end, return Euphonia to the stage. A window remains over the chest cavity to show the world that, despite how changed she may be, Euphonia still has the heart of a diva.

  147. unknownblackpaper says:

    If Man

    If man was meant to fly, he would have born with wings.

    Part play on Icarus part tech. Honestly, cyborgs don’t spark creativity for me and I’ve had a long week. Oh well

  148. mrmatt220 says:

    Demon Cyborg was a 1000 year old demon that was summoned by a scientist who captured, experimented and combined his demonic nature with modern technology. The scientist thought to use D-C as his personal minion to enslave humankind. D-C instead enslaved him forcing him to create a cyborg army.

  149. demonhunter says:

    submitting these via facebook at the last minute. next time i should be able to submit via something better though. first up is a character i named “army arm”…im sure you can see why. the scar on his chest is there the mechanical parts end
    next up is a man known as “the boot.” i believe its the first character ive made with the 3/4 body
    finally is my favorite and most detailed entry, a futuristic/sci fi pirate. i couldnt think of a creative name so i just went with “captain cyborg.” i hope the actual character is more impressive than his name!

  150. Jeff Hebert says:

    Wow, almost 200 responses! It’s gonna be a looooong day tomorrow …

  151. Pandademic says:

    @ajw, Atomic Punk, and TOOL: Thanks guys, I’m really glad you liked it. 😀

    Just got done going through the entries, and I’m really blown away. There’s a lot of amazing entries in here, can’t wait to see how it turns out tomorrow.

  152. Brons says:

    She is Tisiphone, a cold Techno-Fury from an apocalyptic world. I tried to make her wild and feminine as well as mechanical, and to integrate the flesh and artifice as smoothly as possible (who knew there were so many uses for boobs in this thing?).

  153. Jordan_Xord says:

    James Trainor was a police officer in 23rd Century L.A. until he was framed for a crime he didn´t commit. He served a prison term until released into the community after being paroled for good behavior. A few days later, he was ambushed and attacked by the criminals who framed him. Badly hurt, he was rescued by a man named Doolis, who brought him to a private clinic ran by Dr. Alan Donovan. Dr. Donovan performed radical reconstructive surgery and cybernetic replacement. After some time, he rejoined the police force as an Enforcer, a special type of policeman assigned for high-risk missions. Trainor became known as STALKER.

  154. Cliff says:

    Entry #1 (and only this week)

    It’s been a busy week, and I’ll admit Cyborgs aren’t my favorite. My first version of this was literally half man half machine, with lots of masked bits, but honestly it just wasn’t working for me visually. So this is simpler, but I find him sexier with the mech legs and ready for anything pose. He is on a power grid recharging. His ship has an alien gas atmosphere kept in by a force field on the bridge where there are a lot of controls as you can see. His body had been damaged due to a high use of a drug which he couldn’t get anymore and tried a synthetic which almost killed him. the suit now replaces his limbs and automatically regulates the correct drug to keep the remaining body alive.
    (OK! Yes, I admit my Gaming Group is playing an AD&D version of Dune, with Fremen as Desert Elves and yes we have Melange Spice, Benie Gessuit (sp?) and Sandworms … So for two weeks I have been researching Dune. This backstory was all I could come up with for my Cyborg under the circumstances LOL I hope someone likes it)


  155. Zyp says:

    He lost his both arms in a car accident. Now he’s known as the fastest dj in the world.

  156. Yurasagi says:

    Dri-Borg, Drider-Cyborg.
    Thanks to Meniukas for the Dungeon Background,look for it in the Custom Item Archive.

  157. Tarkabarka says:

    My Sixth entry

    Mutant Cyborg Roadwarrior.


    Zyp (199) That picture is awesome.

  158. xXBladeXIIXx says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time for a background, last minute submission 🙂

  159. VonMalcolm says:

    @Zyp: That’s a contender in my book!

  160. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK folks, my thanks for the many great entries! I’ve downloaded them all and will start going through them shortly, meaning submissions are now closed.

    Good luck to everyone!