Character Contest 64 Prize – Stegosaurus!

I just posted Atomic Punk's prize for winning Character Contest 64 to Companion-Standard in HeroMachine 3:

Next up is probably Tool's "gun blade".

Hope you enjoy the dinosaur!

21 Responses to Character Contest 64 Prize – Stegosaurus!

  1. Sutter_Kaine says:


  2. dblade says:


  3. Worf says:


  4. Lime says:


  5. Kytana says:

    Stego- … i don´t know. Steg-o-dino?
    Very good work.

  6. Worf says:


    ok, that last one was a stretch… I’m all Steg’d out. 😀

  7. Myro says:

    Dude, I want to see if I can HeroMachine a guy into riding this beast. That would be truly epic.

  8. McKnight57 says:

    Ya know, if this is what we’re gonna focus on. It’s for the best that they died out.

  9. TheNate says:

    Nice thagomizer. Yes, that’s the correct word.

  10. Myro says:

    Worf (10): As a starting blueprint, yes, that’s exactly what I’m going for.

  11. McKnight57 says:

    Worf (10): I can hear the nut crunch on a sudden stop from here. Ya might want some paddin’ in front there bro.

  12. Worf says:

    @McKnight57(12): You´re welcome to try to make a saddle in that position…

    @Myro(11): Not a blueprint anymore… Here’s a more finished picture:

  13. abominal401 says:


  14. Myro says:

    Worf (14): Sweet! I love it.

  15. Worf says:

    @Myro(16): Thank you sir. I’m finally getting the hang of making a 3/4 face. Did you like the Steg’s red eyes?

  16. Lime says:

    “Anachronistic Caveman wish he thought to ride sidesaddle!”

  17. First, thank you Jeff! I love how the Stegosaurus is bold, determined, marching to his own beat! Just so much awesome, it makes me purr!

    And Worf!… I thought a dinosaur as companion would be interesting. Your pose takes this to an alternate universe of more… yes, awesome!

    Love, and “squishies.”

  18. Worf says:

    @the Atomic Punk(19): I have to thank you for the compliment and specially for asking for the Stegosaurus to begin with. And thanks again to Myro for the idea. I wouldn’t have done it without him mentioning it. And finally thanks to Jeff for giving us that beautiful dino.

    (wow, does that sound like an acceptance speech or what?) 😉

  19. Hunter631 says:

    All we need now is a T.rex