Character Contest 64: Legionnaire!

In honor of our last contest featuring Timberwolf, your Character Design Challenge this week is to create a new member for the Legion of Super-Heroes!

For those of you who aren't aware of this inspiring futuristic super-team, the version I'm most nostalgic for is the one featuring a group of 24th century teenagers who band together to fight super villains threatening either the Earth or one of the innumerable other planets in the Federation. Or whatever they call their goody two-shoes planetary league, you can't expect me to go through all the trouble of looking something up!

More importantly than that, I loved the Legion growing up, although I am sure it has been ruined by future generations just like everything else anyone my age ever loved. For instance, have they ever introduced anyone else since then with the awe-inspiring nature of "Matter Eater Lad", whose power is to eat stuff? I kid you not, my friends, that was the incredible power of my creative cohorts while growing up. And it's probably a good insight as to why we're leaving you such a hosed-up planet. Oops.

Arguably the best thing about the Legion was how 1950s their entire team was, despite allegedly coming from far in the future. The haircuts, the costumes, the logic-defying awfulness of their original rocketship headquarters, and -- above all -- the apparently iron-clad early rule that your name had to end in "Lass" or "Lad". Or sometimes "Girl" or "Boy". Apparently in the future the adults completely lack the spines necessary to either fight for themselves or to enforce good taste on their ill-begotten offspring.

Regardless, you must come up with a suitably futuristic and super-powered member to fill out their already over-bloated ranks. You can play it straight (as I said, I did love the Legion) or you could go silly, and note that your character is slotted to join the "Legion of Substitute Super Heroes". Yes, that really existed, too. The next time you're wondering how we let the polar ice caps melt, take a look at Polar Boy and Plague Girl. I shit you negatory.

I'll be judging on the usual "Is it awesome" criteria, but also for suitableness to a futuristic super-hero team. You're going to have a hard time convincing me that the rifle-festooned zombie corpse of the Punisher's 24x great-grandson would be a fit Legionnaire, for instance.

Otherwise the rules are the same:

  1. Use only a HeroMachine applet (no PhotoShopping except for basic cropping) to create a PNG or JPG of your entry, named as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  2. Post the image to a publicly accessible website (ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, etc.).
  3. Enter the name of your entry and a link directly to the image in a comment to this post. The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest.
  4. The link to your image should go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  5. I'll choose a winner next Monday, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration (you pick the subject and I draw it up however I like).

Since this sort of contest might be interpreted by some to be a license to spam everything they ever came up with in the past, we're limiting entries to no more than five apiece.

I look forward to seeing what all you lads and lasses come up with!

(Image ©1958, DC Comics, Inc.)

163 Responses to Character Contest 64: Legionnaire!

  1. spidercow2010 says:

    I’m old enough to remember the earliest appearances of the Legion, where a contingent of them would show up in their Time Fishbowl to whisk Superboy, or sometimes Supergirl, into their future utopia and make them try out to see if they were good enough to join–like they didn’t already know what yellow-sun-exposed Kryptonians could do; they’d spent umpteen quatluus to travel back in freaking time and they STILL make them audition–and they’d invariably disqualify them on some stupid technicality. Elitist punks!
    You’d think I’d have got past this by now.

  2. Gero says:

    If I remember correctly, the one golden rule of the Legion was that no two heros could have the same powers. So does that mean that before we submit an entry we have to go through a list of all the real Legion guys and make sure we’re not using a power they already have?

  3. Jack Zelger says:

    For some reason, the Silver Age Legionnaires’ seem to have spent a lot of time enforcing rules and rejecting potential members.

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Gero (2): There have been so many variations on the Legion membership that I will waive that rule. If they don’t like it, they can come back in time and kill me. Or make me prance around in my underwear like they did to Timberwolf.

    Jack Zelger (3): They were like a big fraternity of high-achievers who delighted in telling everyone what to do and having a rule for every single possible occurrence. I’m pretty sure there’s a whole section devoted to how to handle emergency incursions of grotesque foods from the past into their present, titled “Handling ‘Hot Pockets’ Temporal Incursions, Policies and Procedures.”

  5. Jack Zelger says:

    Oh, and Jeff, they’re from the 30th century, not the 24th. You may be confusing them with Starfleet. 🙂

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oops! Yeah, 30th century. They’re too square even for the Federation.

  7. ams says:

    For your nomination into the Legion….BILE BOY!

  8. Trekkie says:

    Next up to audition in front of the Legion- Insect Lass!

    ams- Bile Boy looks very um… pleasant.

  9. John says:

    I love this contest. I will add, however, that I think a REQUIREMENT for consideration should be the addition of the “lad-lass-boy-girl” naming convention. My only concession would be for number, a la Brainiac-5.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh believe me, John, that will definitely be taken into consideration in the “Spirit of the Legion” section of the judging. Definitely.

  11. Jack Zelger says:

    Here’s my first entry, a serious one, but making a legacy superhero. A proud descendant of the heroic Lance / Queen line of heroes, Sonic Girl inherited the canary cry of her honored ancestor. The costume includes hints of Black Canary’s costume, but done in what I think is a 50s/60s Legion variation. It’s also convenient that the skirt is a great way of covering up problems with body parts lining up! 🙂

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    That’s a really nice one, Jack, very much in the spirit of the Legion. I love the sonic effect behind her, you nailed that.

  13. McKnight57 says:

    Here is Lucky Lad, an irish hero whose powers are based off of Longshot and Domino from Marvel. It’s really both skill and luck in a world where hitting your target is a life-and-death matter. It’s a visual variation on a character I’m developing for my own comic. The name is Connor McGee, Lucky lad.

  14. captperv says:

    This is jetboy I used the new torso and i think it turned out pretty good. I thinking of “jet age” super powers so he has super sonic flight powers and through the magic of comics low orbit capibility.

  15. Hammerknight says:

    Rainbow Lass is a martial artist that is able to multiply herself by by seven using the colors of the Rainbow.

  16. Vampyrist says:

    Here is my first entry. I present to you Quake Lad, a silicon based legionnaire from the planet Terra 4. The Terrans all have bodies made of stone and they can create ground-shaking vibrations.

  17. Chsioph says:

    Here is my first entry; Iron Lad! Or as I like to call him (and named the picture of him) Iron Clad Iron Lad!

    It’s kinda like a 50s Iron man, maybe Iron Man’s Grandfather, I don’t know, but at least you probably got a cheap laugh out of it.

  18. Mr.MikeK says:

    @Sean (23) That made me laugh out loud!

    Here’s my meager entry. Kinetic Boy

    To be honest, I think his powers are cooler than the design. He is able to redirect any kinetic energy/inertia from a physical object to anywhere. Imagine the power from a punch from Validus redirected into the eye of the Emerald Empress. Just for fun.

  19. Joe says:

    Ok. Not my best, but here is “Shade”. A shinobi from earth who obtained the ability to blend in with his surroundings. No radar can track his movements and you walk through him as if he wasn’t there at all! He specializes in recon, obviously.

  20. ajw says:
    my condor again, but redesigned for legion membership, chipper smile,visible eyes, insignia, and spandex!

  21. Joe says:

    @sean(23): I just saw that entry. You should at least get an honorary mention based on comedy ALONE.

  22. captain Hawk says:

    the green falcon

  23. @Jeff: I love how the “futuristic” characters always conform to the contemporary. 1950s Legion of Superheroes, 1930s serials of “Flash Gordon”, even the 1979-81 run of “Buck Rogers” with Gil Gerard are great examples.

    Consider this, though. Future Marty in “Back to the Future Part II” might have worn two ties, but the ties themselves were so 1980s. Between the 1950s and the 30th Century? That’s plenty of time for grecian formula, poodle skirts, and doo-wop to make a come back.

  24. Mr.MikeK says:

    @PapaKrok (34) Dude, he looks like he should be hanging from Colossal Boy’s belt! Very cool. Great looking artwork but yours always is.

  25. Zaheelee says:

    Here is my first (and probably only) entry! Once again, I am trying to go out of my comfort zone with this one, but, unlike my last attempt, this one has eyebrows! Yes, bask in the glory of Lunar Lass!!!!

  26. Zaheelee says:

    oh, and I was trying to have Lunar Lass (37) be from the early stages of the Legion, back when they had Legion Flight Belts instead of the itsy bitsy rings 🙂

  27. Felipe S Card says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Here is my two entries: Sunblast and Coldfire. I tried to use simple configurations of shapes and colors, based on draws of 50´s, but with other components of HeroMachine´s set:

    Tks. Hope you enjoy!

  28. Joel says:

    Entry #1

    From the planet Narcis comes the newest Legionnaire. He has the power to cause anyone who looks at him to become stunned and immobile. I give you: Pretty Boy!

  29. ams says:

    Another Legionnaire applicant with the power to absorb all ambient light and energy…..ECLIPSE BOY!

  30. The Imp says:


    Chronic Boy!

    Blunt Weedman is a kid from the planet Emjay, where certain native vegetation gives one out of about 10,000 inhabitants superpowers. Bored with the laid-back, three-dee watching culture of his home, he decided to head out into the galaxy for fun and adventure!

  31. Zaheelee says:

    ams(41): I like the shading on Eclipse Boy. You are lucky, the turned torso for the guys is much cooler and easier to use than the girls (no offense, Jeff! I am still not that good at making “dynamic” characters yet, and I am sure that there is someone else out there- *cough cough* Zyp *cough cough*- who can use it properly 🙂 )

  32. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 1

    Odor-Lad (1958)

    Wuff Pong is a Member of a race that can excrete any smell they want as a defensive tactic, He tried out for the Legion but joined the Legion of Substitute Superheroes.

    Odor (pre zero hour 90’s)

    dark and Gritty 90’s version of Wuff Pong, in a time where the whole legion wore leather jackets and had a ridiculous amount of pouches.

    Oder-Lad (modern)

    Now a fun loving guy with a girlfriend that can’t smell his powerful emissions (Oder-Lass!) He is a leader for the Substitutes for the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

  33. Dan says:

    ok, here’s my first ever entry to a character contest, Hydro Lad.

  34. McKnight57 says:

    Atomic Punk (48): Very nice. I like the backstory on this one and the “rabbit holes.” Simple, yet astonishing.

  35. spiderrcow2010 says:

    The Legion had a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Mindprobe policy for awhile, just for the sake of having another stupid rule. Somewhere along the line this Legionnaire was inducted.


    Evildoers were just too confused and embarrassed and didn’t know what to say or where to look, and they’d be putty in the Legion’s hands.

  36. spidercow2010 says:

    I note a typo in my login name last entry, so maybe this will be better:

    The Legion had a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Mindprobe policy for awhile, just for the sake of having another stupid rule. Somewhere along the line this Legionnaire was inducted.


    Evildoers were just too confused and embarrassed and didn’t know what to say or where to look, and they’d be putty in the Legion’s hands.

  37. Hairwhip says:

    Here is my entry. He is a noble bullfighter from Spain, who fought illegaly. But when he crossed his boss, he was locked in his arena with Rhinoceros’. But when he actually defeated the Rhino, the mob boss fused the human and Rhino into superstrong, superquick, Rhinolad!

    (It took me awhile to make the ponytail look right, I wanted him to look like my friend)

  38. Legatus says:

    This is Dinosaur Lass: the frightening, yet beautiful survivor of planet Sauria, where dinos evolved into an intelligent species.

  39. PapaKrok says:


    Thanks and TOTALLY should be dangling from a giants belt!

  40. Trekkie says:

    Entry Three, Octopus Boy!
    Hailing from the planet of Aqualis, his species was amphibious, and hand the natural ability to grow octopus-like tentacles, which comes in very useful underwater when they needed to ward off other aquatic predators.

    Sephal O. Pod, a young Aqualian decided that he’d rather explore the galaxy than swim about all the time. So when the Legion of Superheroes arrived Aqualis to try and recruit new members, young Sephal jumped at the chance.

  41. Asder says:


    With the power to create and move trough parallel dimensions

  42. Jack Zelger says:

    Next up, we have Hydro Lad. A teen from an ocean-covered world inhabited by people who can control water:

  43. Kaylin88100 says:

    Got a really good entry coming, just need a bit of help/advice on one thing:
    How do I do water, pouring out of a jug held in a person’s arms, down to the person’s feet?

  44. Frevoli says:

    With her MPπ and plasma-skates, Lyn once spent her days doing nothing more than grazing around retail district of Cyrus-6’s shining citadel.
    However when the Legion saved Cyrus-6 from falling into a black hole, she vowed to join them.
    As her natural Cyruian abilities transform her body into any substance it comes into comtact with, She now she saves the galaxy – as Material Girl

    … she also happens to be a Madonna fan (aka classical music)

  45. headlessgeneral says:

    The Guardian is the last surviving member of a shield carrying, energy ring wielding, intergalactic police force. His galaxy destroyed, but not yet ready to hang up his galaxy defending boots, he decides to apply for a spot on the Legion of Super-Heroes. Feeling it will help him make the team he now goes by… GUARDIAN LAD!

  46. Jack Zelger says:

    And the latest member of the Legion! This Legionnaire has the power to bore and tire out his opponents by example. He is so tired and sleepy, they can’t help but pass out, too.

    Introducing Lazy Boy!

  47. Frevoli says:

    He can stretch

    He can stick

    He can suck out someones very lifeforce whilst absorbing memories, skills and abilities

    It’s the amazing Leech Lad

  48. PapaKrok says:

    45 Imp ! That’s some seriously funny spliffage!

  49. Kytana says:

    Candy girl will join.
    She have her own Cafe and Candyshop. A very tough young girl who loves colourful like pink( in my speech thats a Augenkrebs-eyecancer). She don´t need any personal because she have a special skill. She can freeze a moment the time and make with them a dimensions gate. So she can not only serve her own candy shop on earth.
    With this power she travel to many worlds know a lot about other people and lern to fight. Her rollerskates help a lot to transport her faster and her weapon are…many candys. Poison Candy, exploding candys, surprise hit candys and not forget the edible candys.
    Would you like a cup of ice visit her in the candy cafe shop!

  50. Myro says:

    First entry, and I apologize about how derivative she is. Also, she seems to be suffering from Zaheelee disease (sorry zaheelee, I couldn’t resist, but it seems I too can forget eyebrows). Anyway, I promise to come up with something better later this week, but for now, I give you Quick Girl.

    As a side note, Jeff, I seem to be having problems correctly loading characters from my .sol, as the program has gone hack to relayering and dropping the masking on my saved characters. The reason why I am submitting Quick Girl without eyebrows is because o just don’t want to go through the trouble of virtually redoing her. Again, I might add.

  51. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 2

    Techno-Gal (1958)
    when her family shuttle crashed landed on a mining asteroid maned only by robots young Jessica Metro was the only survivor. Over time she discovered that she could control the machines with her mind. After constructing a ship she escaped and found a new family with the Legion.

    TECHNO-GAL (90’s)
    Now ret-conned as a young cyborg ninja, a survivor of a rebellion on her home world with a battle Mech as her only friend.

    Techno-Gal (modern)
    Now still able to control all technology with a touch she is a member of both the Legion and the Science Police.



  52. McKnight57 says:

    Kaylin88100 (61): From the hair section (standard), take the item on the 6th page, bottom left corner, then just color it in however you want. I do suggest fine-tuning the alpha on at least one color, and not using black for anything, including lines.

  53. William A. Peterson says:

    I hate to bring it up, since it obviates a number of entries, but the Legion had another rule…
    Each member had to have an [I]inherent[/I] Superpower, not provided by technological devices…
    I men, it IS the 30th century, and ray blasters and flying devices are pretty common!

  54. Asder says:

    Every group of heroes needs a strong old fashioned cool guy that hates to be around people (i meant lonely) but is always there when somebody needs him

    red shadow

  55. Jordan_Xord says:

    Travis Reilly is an Earthman born in the 30th Century. When he was a boy, he became blind as a result of an accident in which his parents died. An old friend of the family took him under his care; this friend turned out to be Val Armorr, the original Legionnaire known as Karate Kid. Armorr trained and instructed young Travis in martial arts, which helped him to cope with the loss of his sight. Not soon after finishing his training and graduating from Armorr´s instruction, the brave Legionnaire died at the hands of Nemesis Kid, member of the Legion of Super-Villains. Travis decided to honor his master´s memory by becoming a hero and adopted the name DRAGON FORCE. As a result of his training, his remaining senses have developed to superhuman levels, being able to “see” in more than one way. His fighting skills, strength and speed are extraordinary, making him an invincible warrior, second only to his former master.

  56. Zaheelee says:

    @Kytana (68): The candy explosion is really cool 🙂 how on earth did you do that?

    @Myro (70): Thats okay 🙂 I had to re-export my character FOUR times because I forgot eyebrows, stars, feet, and the belt. Lets just say that even though I can recite every line from the Dark Knight and the Sorting Hats’ Song from Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, my memory can still be a little… off.

  57. Zaheelee says:

    Oh, and sorry to be bothersome, but, Jeff, when I try to use the “Standard Female Load” in HM3, it gives me the “Standard Male Load” instead.

  58. headlessgeneral says:

    Victory Lad!

    Image inspired by the cover of Legion of Super-Heroes #1(not sure which volume, it’s the one done by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson.)

    Also featuring:

    Guardian Lad(64) by headlessgeneral(me)

    Shock Girl(4) by Kaldath – The first entry in the contest and one of my favorite so far. She just looks like she should be a Legionnaire.

    Nimble Boy(51) by SeanDavidRoss – Just another SeanDavidRoss classic.


    Pretty Boy(42) by Joel – Hilarious!

    Hopefully you guys don’t mind that I used your characters. If you do let me know and I will take it down.

  59. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 3

    Tumbleweed Kid (1958)
    Born on the desert planet Calafax-4, Jax Orn had the ability to zoom through the desert at amazing speeds, The air of his native planet is toxic to most species so he has to wear a specialized air supply.

    Tumbleweed (90’s)

    In the 90’s Tumbleweed is revamped as a solitary, heavily armed monk in a desolate dystopia planet.

    Tumbleweed (modern)
    Now he is a galaxy classed bounty hunter who works with the Legion on hunting down the worst criminals in the universe.

  60. Yurasagi says:

    So, here is my 1st entry; “Aqua-Lass”. Myrryllya Curry is the decedent of Arthur Curry, the Legendary Aquaman & Mera his Sorceress wife. She possesses Similar powers to Aquaman, and is learning to harness mystical powers as well. In the 30th Cetury, the Atlantean Princess makes a valuable addition to the Legion, and a Must Have on any aquatic mission!

  61. Yurasagi says:

    Crud… something went wrong with he link above, let’s try again shall we:

    So, here is my 1st entry; “Aqua-Lass”. Myrryllya Curry is the decedent of Arthur Curry, the Legendary Aquaman & Mera his Sorceress wife. She possesses Similar powers to Aquaman, and is learning to harness mystical powers as well. In the 30th Century, the Atlantean Princess makes a valuable addition to the Legion, and a Must Have on any aquatic mission!

    [Jeff, please feel free to delete the above post, thank you!]

  62. spidercow2010 says:

    Sorry, all, about the repetition up there at 52-53. Comment 52 was awaiting moderation, and I thought my misspelling of Spider(r)cow might be why, so I corrected the typo and re-sent, which worked just fine. Now they’re both up, making me look like some kinda spazz. Not that I’m denying my spazzitude, mind you…

  63. Kytana says:

    @Zaheelee (68): Thx, but i most corrected you. It´s not a explosion it show´s the dimensions gate. When Candy use her explosions stuff it rain soured milk and hot chocolate.
    For your question i use a many backplane/auras and than i worked a long time for the colour.

    @headlessgeneral (80): Very funny idea, i smile when i saw it.

  64. Legatus says:

    a teleporting legionnaire: Travelling Lad

    thanks to SeanDavidRoss for the inspiration

  65. Myro says:

    It’s been difficult for the Legion to take Infinity Girl seriously. After all, she is thoroughly unfocused, disorganized, and worst of all, annoying, and her duplicates are doubly so. Still though, she is a popular heroine to the outside galaxy, and her self-promotion may be conceited and vain, but it is also effective. So it seems perennially, the Legion invites Infinity Girl to audition, to see if she’s taken the opportunity to take responsibility and grow up, and every year, they politely decline her admission. Oh, Infinity Girl, will you ever be more than a “Substitute Hero?”

  66. Entry 1

    The Terrabutor

    The “Terrabutor “ is a name given to this strange “blue-ish” creature by Dr. Joseph Monroe of the E.T.S .I. (Extra Terrestrial Studies Institute) and it derives from the fusion of the Latin words Terra (= earth) and abutor (=“abuser” or manipulator); a name granted to the creature after the doctor witnessed its extraordinary powers. The “Terrabutor” arrived some time ago into the earth’s atmosphere from the distant Nebulian Universe… His sole mission is to meet and be part of the earthlings’ Legion of Superheroes in order to assist them in the protection of the human race and the universe in general. He is a telekinetic expert and manipulator of matter. He can control and alter his surroundings, make things float or even use them as projectiles against enemies. Also he is able to instantly craft weapons and armor from almost any material (e.g. stone, wood, iron, etc) nearby, making him almost invulnerable to enemy attacks. Moreover, his traditional Nebulian red cloak, the only garment that he wears on his blue-ish body, grants him the power of flight and teleportation to long distances, yet he cannot use this power at the same time as when he is manipulating matter… This benevolent super-alien will probably be a valuable addition to the Legion of Superheroes even though he doesn’t seem to talk very much…

  67. Frevoli says:

    I liked the idea of using the legacy of a past hero, so I thought I’d give it a try myself:

    Nelk Sonent, once the prince of his homeworld, now forced into the life of a contract thief. His latest assignment has him breaking into the vault of a private collector. Succeeding in the first part with ease, upon entering he sees his prize – the Helm of Nabu.

    Whilst thinking over how to best leave the building and get back to his cilent, the vault alarms go off. With security pressing closer on him with every passing seccond, Nelk has no choice but to see if this relic still works. Lowering the helmet onto his head, his mind is engulfed with the knowledge of the universe, the mystic arts, order and chaos.

    It is at that moment Helk knows what he must do. To no longer act as a common thief, but to serve a higher purpose more worthy of his birthright. Not yet ready to accept the full title of the legendary doctor, he’s known as Fate Boy.

  68. ams says:

    Here is another candidate for the Legion. He has the ability to transform himself into a powerful dragon who has superior strength and can project fiery beams from its eyes or mouth. I present ….DRAGON BOY!

  69. pyrodude760 says:

    he will fight for justice when no one else will he has the power to control cosmic energy and the ability to generate spikes across his body
    i give you justice lad

  70. abominal401 says:

    Heaven-Guardian of Heaven…..

  71. Anarchangel says:

    I have to admit that while I was always aware of the Legion, I was never all that into them. But I remember reading a Superman story where he travels into their future (time travel is confusing) and finds that the Legion of Superheroes has been usurped by another team of heroes (really villains) and branded as criminals. So given that that’s really my only knowledge of a Legion storyline I figured I’d set my first entry there if that’s okay.

    This is Bug Boy (a.k.a Dragonfly)

  72. Anarchangel says:

    And keeping with the insect theme, here’s Beetle Boy (a.k.a Scarab)

  73. McKnight57 says:

    ams (90): THAT is a Legionnaire. Nicely done my friend. I do like the size differentiation, very cool effect.

  74. McKnight57 says:

    My second attempt. Phoenix Lad. All the powers of a phoenix; 1000 year life-span, ability to create and manipulate flames, immunity to fire, rapid-healing and when mortally wounded, is engulfed in flames and rises from his own ashes.

  75. ams says:

    Thanks, McKnight57!

  76. Whit says:

    Albin Frederick Thomas II, aka Binary Boy, has the ability to convert himself into a computer programme and download himself into any electronic device. His personality is to see the world in dualistic, either/or terms.

  77. Sutter_Kaine says:

    EXPLODING BOY – He can only use his power once.

  78. Myro says:

    Sitter Kaine (101): Bwahahahahahaha! I delight in the absurd. That was hilarious!

  79. Cliff says:

    While LSH did have a host of BOYs, GIRLs, LADs and LASSes, not to mention a couple of Royal KINGs and QUEENS, therr was also a lot of non gendr specific names in the Legion lineup:
    Founding Members:

    Cosmic Boy
    Lightning Lad
    Saturn Girl

    Silver Age Members:

    Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel
    Phantom Girl
    Chameleon Boy
    Colossal Boy
    Invisible Kid
    Star Boy
    Kid Qauntum
    Brainiac 5
    Laurel Gand
    Sun Boy
    Shrinking Violet
    Bouncing Boy
    Ultra Boy
    Matter-Eater Lad
    Element Lad
    Lightning Lass/Light Lass
    Dream Girl
    Ferro Lad
    Karate Kid
    Princess Projectra/Sensor Girl
    Shadow Lass
    Chemical King
    Timber Wolf/Furball

    Bronze Age Members:

    Invisible Kid II
    White Witch
    Magnetic Kid
    Polar Boy

    Post Crisis on Infinite Earth Members
    Joined during five year gap:

    Calamity King
    Chlorphyll Kid
    Color Kid
    Crystal Kid
    Fire Lad
    Infectous Lass
    Karate Kid II
    Porcupine Pete
    Stone Boy

    After Five year gap members:

    Blood Claw
    Spider Girl

    Older Legionaries on the run members:

    5 (Brainy)
    Furball (Brin)
    Pulse (Ayla)
    Emerald Dragon (Jo)
    Jewel (Mysa)
    Neon (Celeste)
    NRG (Wildfire)
    Polestar (Rokk)
    Wave (Sussa/Spider Girl)
    Virus (Vi)

    Reserve and Honorary Members:

    Pete Ross
    Kid Psycho
    Insect Queen (Lana Lang)
    Elastic Lad (Jimmy Olsen)
    Green Lantern (Rond Vidar)

    Expelled members:

    Jan Jor
    Command Kid
    Dynamo Boy
    Nemesis Kid

    SW6 members:

    Chamleon Boy
    Cosmic Boy
    Saturn Girl
    Live Wire
    Brainiac 5
    Invisible Kid
    Matter-Ear Lad
    Shrinking Violet
    Ultra Boy
    Karate Kid
    Princess Projecta
    Kid Quantum
    Bouncing Boy
    Star Boy
    Dream Girl

    Reboot members:

    Cosmic Boy
    Saturn Girl
    Live Wire
    Kid Quantum
    Invisible Kid
    Brainiac 5
    Star Boy
    Element Lad
    Ultra Boy
    Karate Kid
    Kid Quantum II
    Timber Wolf


    Antennae Lad
    Chlorophyll Kid
    Color Kid
    Double Header
    Dream Girl
    Fire Lad
    Infectious Lass
    Night Girl
    Polar Boy
    Porcupine Pete
    Rainbow Girl
    Star Boy
    Stone Boy

    Eyeful Ethel

    Subs II:

    Cosmic Boy
    Bouncing Boy
    Duo Damsel
    Night Girl
    Karate Kid
    Comet Queen

    After Five Years Gap Subs:

    Stone Boy
    Chlorphyl Kid
    Color Kid
    Porcupine Pete

    I havent got to read much of Three-Boot due to my eyesight, so nit sure of those names.

  80. Joel says:

    due to your eyesight I’m NOT sure either

  81. Joel says:

    Entry #2

    Khar Randar comes from a planet with three moons. This causes the gravity of his planet to randomly change. this being the case, all his people have the ability to change their body weight at will without effecting their mass. So Khar decided to use his power as the newest member of the Legion: Kilo Kid

  82. nakiato says:

    I did a very simple desighn for this contest, I wanted to give my character a more vintage look anyway my entry is Gemini girl who has the power to be in two places at once.

  83. Myro says:

    Third entry is Cranium Lad, the hyper-intelligent, precognitive psychic from Rigelus IV.

  84. Panner says:

    Are you lost? Don’t know how to get back home? Labyrinth Lad will always find the way!

  85. Frevoli says:

    I’d make this my 4th entry, so far

    Member of an aquatic species, able to create bubbles through their pores

    It’s Bubble Boy!

  86. Tarkabarka says:

    My first entry.

    Little Devil

    Young little Lady from hell who help her Father to save the Earth. (Because her father more want the world and the souls :D).



  87. Whit says:

    Entry #2:

    Indigo Girl–named not for the band, but for “indigo children” ( )

    aka Roygi Biv, Indigo Girl is actually a princess from the planet Irryd. All the members of the royal family have superpowers, including the ability to produce force fields (like the one she’s walking on in the pic), telepathy, precognition, astral projection, and light manipulation. She is always surrounded by an indigo aura.

  88. NGpm says:

    Hoping that this is true to the spirit of the early Legion …

    Walking along the shore, 98 pound weakling Ian O’Connor found the remains of a crashed spaceship. The only things to fully survive the crash were a strange helmet and a bottle of strange liquid. When he drank half the bottle of Nuetraxian strength formula, he became FiddlerCrab Lad.

  89. Trekkie says:

    Fourth Entry

    A being of living rock and linked to earth, Geo Lad has the ability to control and manipulate earth and rocks.

  90. Jack Zelger says:

    Entry number four. Weather Lass comes from a world where she is a princess. She is one of a long line of rulers with the ability to control the weather. The power also lets her ride on the wind. So, yes, she’s like Storm. I’m not that thrilled with the name Weather Lass, but this isn’t really about the names, is it? 🙂

  91. Jordan_Xord says:

    Wallace Blake was born on Earth on the 30th Century. His parents were a couple of notable scientists, known throughout the world and the galaxy. When his parents were performing an important test with an experimental power reactor, the engine exploded and irradiated the scientists with an intense burst of radiation. For unknown reasons, the couple survived with no after effects. Three years later, their son Wallace was born, without any apparent deffects. When he grew up and became an adolescent, his powers emerged in a state of emotional stress. It was later discovered that the accident suffered by his parents altered their genetic structure and that change was passed on to Wallace. He learned to absorb and control any and all kinds of energy, from light to radiation. He called himself Fireforce.

  92. Jordan_Xord says:

    Anandra is one of the last survivors of a doomed planet, which was destroyed by an invading alien race when she was a young child. She was adopted by a couple who worked for the Earth Science Police. With the help of a Saturnian police officer and friend of the girl´s adoptive parents, she learned to handle and use her natural mental powers. She asked to join the Legion, using the name Scion. Her powers include telepathy, telekinesis, illusion-casting, among others. She is also a skilled pilot, an expert in computers and a great hand-to-hand fighter.

  93. alphaalpharomeo says:

    Aracnalad:Superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, and durability
    Healing factor
    Ability to create webs out of psychokinetic energy

    Mutt Boy:Animal-like physiology
    Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, senses and dexterity
    Genius-level intellect
    Regenerative healing factor
    Pheromone manipulation, razor sharp claws and teeth

    Frog Face:

    Superhuman leg and tongue strength and endurance, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance, and leaping ability
    Regenerative healing factor
    Can stick to walls
    Ability to expel gusts of air from lungs
    Elongated prehensile tongue
    Psychoactive venom secretion
    Paralyzing mucus secretion
    Adhesive spit
    Can communicate with amphibious life
    Expert kickboxer, mechanic, and machinist

    Academy Kid:Ability to absorb cosmic energy
    Energy blasts, Master Stategist

    Ten-X:Possesses multiple brains;
    nano-active blood;
    skilled marksman, acrobat, and hand-to-hand combatant;
    able to read body language;
    skilled in misdirection
    enhanced night vision,
    superhuman acrobat/gymnast,
    Prehensile tail,
    Ability to stick to walls,
    12th level Intelligence

  94. Cliff says:

    Now we are talking! A LONG time

    LSH fan, 70s Jim Shooter/Mike Grell era was my fave, and been RPing LSH since the early 90s. We, my Legion buds and I, have made Legionnaires, Subs, Rejects and Alternates …
    Here are some of mine:

    Alter Boy
    An old character. So old I forget his background story or even his real name. I remember he had a twin sister, Alter Girl. His powers were to change things into other things. His costume is not my gay attemt to make a boy halter (that was just a side effect) it is actually the top part of his A costume, the legs of course being the bottome.


    before I even knew the term Legacy heroes, we had several. This being one of them Nura Sehpt formally Calamity Queen.
    Older sister of Infectious Lass from the planet Somahtu but with more control than her sister Drura. Once she discovered Drura had left Somahtu to see the universe she went after her hoping to heal any her sister made ill by mistake. Calamety Queen has the ability to heal by touch and concentration, taking the ailment back into herself
    where her own immune system can deal with the illness. She underwent a makeover from the girl Legionnaires to make her
    less …. “severe” that included a name change to make her sound less threatening.Cadecus has purple hair as does her sister but underwent cosmetic sugery to remove the chalk white complexion and distintive antennae so she would not be recognised as a Somahturian. She wears a white dress, with a cadecus on her chest. The dress his slitted up each side so not to impeed her work, she wears a utility belt of medical equipment and medications although her powers let her heal most anything.She dates the former Legion physician Dr. Gymll from Medicus One.

    HM2.5 (for nostalgia purposes)

    HM3 Body


    Force Girl
    in the 30th century the Green Lanterns were outlawed. However Force Girl is not a Green Lantern, but a being composed of Green Lantern energy itself. All the powers a Green Lantern has She can’t remember her true name, parents, planet of birth, or anything about herself, just flying aimlessly through space. But once she heard of the Legion of Super Heroes, she knew she had to become one to help them secure the galaxies. She has green hair, light green skin, and black shark type eyes. Her teammates have given her the name Emerald, some calling her Emma or Em. Her personality is sweet, innocent and naive, until she must fight lawbreakers and villians, then she is a fierce warrior.


    Leprechaun Lad
    Sean O’Beene from the planet New Dublin. Son of King Changeling and Queen Beansighe, and older brother to teammate Legionaire, Brianna aka Anger Lass. His powers include: Super Hearing, Invisability, Illusion, Super Ventriliquism, Matter Manipulation (shapechanging non-living objects). Very little can damper his eternally cheerful spirit, and even when he fights it’s more of a game. Like many a leprechaun he has a weakness for drinking.
    Often seen up to no good with Coyote Kid and Slyfox who are
    almost constantly getting into mischief, the trio is usually known among teammates as the Legion of Practical Jokers!

    Lookout Lass
    Nyssa Nal
    Daughter of the High Seer of Naltor Kiwa Nal,Sister to Nura Nal (Dream Girl) and Mysa Nal (White Witch), born with a sharp eye as well as her races tendancies towards mental
    powers: Postcognition, Clairvoyance and Precognition.
    Nyssa later learned all the Vision powers she could from her Sister the White Witch and their friend Princess Projectra: Eyes Of The Cat, Full Vision, Heat Vision, Hypnosis, Miscroscopic Vision, Radar Sense, Recall, Telescopic Vision, Thermal Vision, Truesight, Ultra Vision, X-Ray Vision. She has a focused mind and strong will and has successfully balanced her scienctific mind with occult
    studies. Much like her siblings and friend he is something of a looker in her own right. She has been Legion Leader.

    HM2.5 (origninal, you can see I had to get creative in the HM3 on the hair)



    Negation Boy
    Rad Powers is a real cool guy, so cool his real name is his own adjective, who has the ability to cancel out an oppenants powers, leveling the field to take out the
    mightiest foes hand to hand. At least … that’s the theory. Take Valadus powers away, he can still step on you and crush you flat as an omicom pad.


  95. Cliff says:

    Of course I had to have a posting error … or it wouldn’t be me. This time it’s not just my eyesight, but my left shift key is screwed up.


    Force Girl:

  96. Cliff says:

    These guys I created, but never got to play:

    Goat Boy
    from the planet Capra.Never fully developed him, but his name was … Billy. Yes I know, it’s …. baaaaaaad!


    Light Lad
    Blaine Allison was born with the mutant light powers of:
    Energy Blast – Concentrated Light/Laser,
    Energy Absorbtion – Light,
    Solar Sustanance.
    He is a scholor of Music, and likes to sing and go clubbing.
    A good natured guy, his teeth and powers are actually much brighter than his mind is.


    Scardy Cat
    Like all of his feline race he has:
    High Dex and Acrobatics,
    Ultra Vision,
    Tracking Scent,
    Super Hearing.
    he is also skilled in theif skills.
    Unfortunately Scardy Cat was riddled with paranoia, flashbacks and night terrors from a traumatic childhood. Through counseling and medication he learned to deal with them and now his mental problems have lessened to low self esteme issues and a minor fear of his Fears coming back ironically. He has somehow learned to use his fears projecting them, giving him an Aura of Fear and Phobia powers.


  97. Cliff says:

    my wife Brenda Beene Roberts used to have a fairly fierce temper, she still has bouts of road rage LOL We created Anger Lass somewhat based on her. Brianna O’Beene is the sister of Leprechaun Lad. Her smile actually is supposed to be crooked. It’s based off my wife’s senior year book picture.. She throws temper tantraums … that does physical damage. LOL


  98. Cliff says:

    Legion of Substitute Hero

    a desendant of the villian Poison Ivy and Floro the Floronic Man. Ivy heritage is checkered with villians and heroes over the generations. Poison Oak and The Earl King to name two of the Heroes. Ivy, much like her decendant, is a very sexy girl who knows how to use it to her advantage, but her super power is Plant Growth, unfortunately the power is a bit diluted over the 1000 years or so, so that is her ONLY power, she can’t animate, control or speak with the plants, and she HATES them to be cut down once she’s grown them. (In one LSH game she was an actual member, in a later LSH game she was only a SUB)


  99. Cliff says:

    Legion Rejects.
    Some of the fun of the legion comics were the guys who never made it. Heck that is were the Subs came from, not to mention the one time Legion of Super Rejects who fought the Legion, some going on to join the Legion of Super Villians!
    The following are actual Rejects from our game. Actually these are just my rejects, John and Ray
    had their own great moments like Wee Wee Lad and Cake Kid!
    Not only were some of these rejects because of the lameness of their powers, but occasionally just because they didn’t fit into the Legion “feel” and setting, such as being too blood thirsty or not having a natural power and relying on weapons and armor or other tech.

    Baby Boy
    Powers: not to wet himself … except when scared,
    and of course he can talk pretty good,
    and walk,
    and he can count up to 5, and knows A, B, C … but gets confued after that,
    but his most powerful power, is his adorableness, (broadcast empathy) all adults have to stop
    what they are doing and fawn over him and talk ridiculously idiotic. If the adorableness doesn’t get them, his sonic baby cry will stop them in their tracks.
    Also he has super speed to always get into things as soon as someone’s back is turned and the ability to break almost anything. We wont mention the poison gas attack serveral hours after he eats.


    Bat Boy
    Grayson Drake is a decendant of Jason Drake aka Robin.
    Grayson discovered Dr. Langstrom’s ancient notes and formulas which with 30th century tech he thought he could improve on. He was only partially right. The new formula turned him into a living vampire.
    (this is a case of a character who doesn’t fit the Legion … in our own humble opinion, but makes a good reject. And yes it is based off a certain living vampire from another company … ok so its a
    total rip off, but I always had him pegged for the this Legacy comic company crossover character. I almost saved him for the Black and White contest …)


    Blind Girl
    Martha Murdock lost her sight and now claims her other senses have become sharper to make up

    for the loss making her a super hero. And while it may make her a hero, it doesn’t mean she’s a
    SUPER hero. Walking a obstacles course of Legionaires, she ran into 4 out of the 5 then ran into
    the door.
    There was some rumours later, that she had just wanted to Try Out for the Legion to get to “bump into them”.


    Bondage Boy
    The less said about Ty the better.
    (may NOT be safe for work)


    Water Boy
    Kwin Kawaii Kai is a lifeguard from New Atlantis Water World and Recreational Theme Planet.
    His power is to make Water Bombs (Water Productton).
    His skills include:
    Charisma (Persuasion),
    Medicine (first aid),
    Vehicles (water)
    Area Knowledge: New Atlantis,
    Good eye,
    Intense Training,
    Lightning Reflexes,
    Scholar: Swimming, Watersports and New Atlantis.
    Swim goggles,
    liight blue Speedos,


    Ayla announces the next applicant “Next we have … Zap … from …. WINATH!” Ayla says in

    surprise.A small insect flies to the center of the room

    “Uh hem. I am Zap … I come from Winith. Specifucally the Lightning Bar Ranch, and I my name is … Ranzz I got my powers during a storm. Just as lightning blasted the fence post I was on, Garth Ranzz blasted it in a fit of rage as I was sparking with a cute female Lightning Bug.” Zap’s butt gives an electrical spark and an audible ZAP!

    “Instead of being incinerated … like she was …” Zap’s antennas droop

    “I was giving the superpower of … heighten intelligence. I unlike any other Winathian Lightning Bug have the power to think and communicate! plus I can fly and my zap is quite painful … and I
    can get into small places”

    Suddenly he falls to the floor Ayla and Garth look at each other

    “Got his powers from me on Winath? Then made it from Winith … all the way here to Earth?” Garth asks.

    Ayla nods “Poor Thing. Guess he didn’t know Winath Lightning Bugs only have a year long life
    cycle” she says sadly, sweeping him into a dustpan.


    George A. Russo
    from Nzambi in the Necropolis system. Also called Necro IV. Necro IV is populated by zombies.
    ZomBoy can take an extreme amount of damage, he is immune to pain, immune to diseases,
    can’t die – unless his brain takes damage.
    Detached limbs can still function … and with time be reattached.
    Has excellent night vision.
    but he is slow, stinks, and is considered to have a horrific appearance to most sentient life forms.
    George wants to prove not all of Nzambi’s population are the horror stories they are said to be.
    ZomBoy likes rare meat and brains particularly. But doesn’t have to kill to get them.
    On Nzambi, there are cults of Zombie lovers who willingly have sex with Nzombis and sacrifice
    There are also condemed prisoners and terminally ill patients sent or come to Nzambi.
    Nzambi is NOT a UF planet due to the debates over the nature of
    this race of its inhabitants


  100. Tarkabarka says:

    MY second entry.

    An amazon for the near future….

    Amazon Girl


  101. Zaheelee says:

    Cliff(125), I can’t tell if when you mentioned “Jason Drake aka Robin” you were trying to invent a Robin that does not actually exist or if you were trying to state a fact. If it is the latter, there was no Jason Drake, there was Jason Todd and Tim Drake, who both happened to be Robin AND Red Robin at some point or another.

    Sorry if this sounds kind of mean, it was not meant that way. Also, I am very defensive of Tim Drake because he is my favorite comic book character in the history of forever 🙂

  102. Cliff says:

    Zaheelee(127) It was a typo. I do know better, but trying to remember the LSH Reject’s mixed name I wrote the wrong name of his ancester Tim Drake. Sorry.

  103. Cliff says:

    well only one screwed up link in all that.

    Young Element Lad at LSH HQ

    (This will probably show before Jeff can approve my Legion Alternates.

  104. The Imp says:

    Temm Blor, from the planet Tectos, has the power to create and control earthquakes and project ‘seismic blasts’ and ‘seismic shields’.

  105. Jordan_Xord says:

    OK, here goes my last one.

    Renn Sohrad is a brilliant scientist from planet Bollius X. He has achieved recognition as an authority in cybernetics and technology. At one point, he travelled to Grenda, a planet populated and ruled by robots, in order to perform some research for his work. Unfortunately, his ship crashed and his life was in danger. The Grendans saved his life by performing an emergency surgery which required the implantation of nanites that reformed his body. As a result, his life was saved, but as a side effect of the nanites in his body, he became a man/machine hybrid. He returned to Earth and asked for induction to the Legion of Super-Heroes. He adopted the name Techno Lad. His body is imprinted with nanite technology that enables him to interact and control any kind of machine or computer. He uses a mechanized wheelchair to move and support his nanitized body. Aside from these abilities, he is a brilliant scientist and researcher.

    (Oh, by the way, Imp, very original! Temm Blor is an aliteration of the word “temblor” which is the spanish word for earthquake. VERY COOL!)

  106. ajw says:
    Corona Lad, I know, it’s feminine (Corona), but he’s a guy and its the only cool name from the suns layers.
    here’s corona lad with some extra background and some minor differences.

  107. ajw says:
    corona lad pre-lighting up,
    he’s capable of becoming white hot. Don’t know the scientific temps for that but it’s at least the second hottest in the universe, he can fly, and like the staples of the legion, space travel is something he can do also.

  108. ajw says:
    Corona Lad, I know, it’s feminine (Corona), but he’s a guy and its the only cool name from the suns layers.
    here’s corona lad with some extra background and some minor differences.
    (the other was awaiting moderation)

  109. Yurasagi says:

    Shivette Kalima Devareax, AKA Deva Girl; is the Daughter of French and Indian Archaeologists. One fateful excavation led to the discovery of a long forgotten tomb of Raja Indrajit Singh & His Queen Trisha the Beautiful. Upon disturbing the Sacred relics with in, Shivette was transformed into the Avatar of the Gods, a Living Deva.Her powers Manifest as taking flight upon Fiery Wings, and wielding twin Flaming Swords with which to fight Evil.In addition to gaining four new arms, she became divinely strong and her mind draws upon heavenly wisdom. A consummate scholar and warrior, Deva Girl Maintains the Histories of the Legion, as well as assisting in training. Despite her exotic appearance she is known as a Legendary Heartbreaker in the 30th Century.

  110. Yurasagi says:

    Grrr… lousy Auto-correct… For those who care, it’s supposed to be TRISHNA the Beautiful, not Trisha… I always miss something… THANKS!

  111. alphaalpharomeo says:

    I kind of wanted to do a character based of Martian Manhunter sort of a decendent but I figured that might be a no no

  112. K2 says:

    Cadet Josh is top of his class. Very smart and strong!!!

  113. @McKnight57(50): Thank you! Lepus is one of those characters that I enjoyed writing the backstory. I admit that if I get too involved in the story, my actual design tends to be basic. Likewise, if I go heavy into the design, the story tends to be brief. It’s a trade-off where I emphasize creativity. ;9

    @William A. Peterson(74): Fair point. In the spirit of a hero with in-born super powers, I present…

    Oracle Girl: Vision of Venus

    (I went with the conscious decision to exclude eyebrows to make her more alien.)

  114. Kosmik Kid: No backstory, just wanted to design a retro-looking character using SeanDavidRoss’ “Balance” pose.

  115. Brons says:

    I’ve been a fan of the LSH since their first appearance, which I suppose tells you something about my age. My entry tries to capture a little of the look of the 50’s: aliens who were just humans with a different skin color, space helmet globes, ala Space Ranger and Cosmic Boy, but updated a little.

    She is Karna B’rwon, aka Space Girl. Evolved among a race of asteroid dwellers, she can live in space, but earth’s atmosphere is toxic to her. She can absorb any form of energy and survive in pressures from zero to greater than the deepest seas. This renders her invulnerable to all energy weapons, and hand carried kinetic weapons. The absorbed energy nourishes her and allows her to fly.

    Glamorous and beautiful, she cannot touch or be touched by anyone who requires an atmosphere. On Earth, or any inhabited planet she has to wear a protect suit–later a forcefield created by Brainy–and space helmet. She often comes off as cold, stand-offish — untouchable.

  116. ElectroLass: Hooray… insomnia…

    @Brons(50): Nice job with Space Girl! Great costume and the auras complement the scene well. Backstory explains her powers and insight into her personality. Think we have our winner.

  117. StarMan2000 says:

    This is Dead Boy, a fifteen year old formerly known as Jason Williams. Jason was your average teen who through an unfortunate accident was killed. Only two months later he was mysteriously restored to life and granted above-human toughness and strength, along with psychic abilities. Confounded by he new life he joined the subs for the Legion to better understand his powers and find the truth of his return to life.

  118. Iflyte says:

    Alright, this week’s contender for me is Captain Lad! He uses crazy shenanigans and classic physics breaking captain jockery to save the day.

  119. DiCicatriz says:

    Nice to be back after some brief connectivity issues 🙂

    Here’s my entries:

    1) Fission Lad

    Aeon Solaris is one of a race of energy beings who evolved on the surface of a binary star. Like all members of his species, Aeon exists as a non-corporeal nuclear energy being capable of releasing the energy that makes up his form in widely destructive bursts. He wears a specially designed containment suit to control his energies and allow him to interact safely with terrestrial lifeforms. He joined the Legion after they saved his star system from total collapse.

    2) Chrono Queen

    Qarina Yggzar is a member of the ruling council of an extra-dimensional colony. Generations ago, a group of scientists hailing from the 30th century were lost in a rogue dimensional rift. They found themselves lost in a dimensional void. With no way to return to their proper universe, the scientists paired off and eventually established a society founded on the principles of progress and scientific reasoning. The void existed on a highly accelerated timeline and thus while only a few years passed for the Legion, centuries passed within the void. Qarina was a member of a research group attempting to find a way out of the void. Her experiment was a success, but Qarina found herself stranded in the Legion universe. She continues to partially inhabit the accelerated timeline of her home universe and thus her reflexes, perceptions, and movements appear to move at super-speed. She aids the Legion in hopes that they can help her find her way home. Her superhuman speed lends itself to her already impatient attitude, and her origins from a highly advanced society beyond even the 30th century leads her to view most of her teammates condescendingly, thinking their technology and civilizations ‘primitive’.

    3) Crush Kid

    Neb Mryl comes from a small planetoid nestled within a turbulent asteroid field. Like all inhabitants of his planet, Neb can manipulate gravity currents. Neb is particularly proficient in this talent and can create high intensity gravitational epicenters, drawing matter into focal points of his choosing. He aided the Legion in navigating through the asteroid field surrounding his home and was subsequently invited to apply as a member. He takes the name Crush Kid, noting his propensity to collapse structures in on themselves using his gravity sinks.

  120. Vampyrist says:

    Here is my second and last entry.

    Kris Oldowan is a member of the Athame race. The Athame all have great psychic potential and often are telepaths. Kris is different however, he can form his energy into psychic knives which knock out people when stabbed. Kris is a master knifes-man and being so is called Kid Abbatoir.

  121. Cliff says:

    Luck Lad
    Ty Che Fortuna.
    Ty has the power over luck and chance
    like the true Luck Lords from Ventura, immortal mystics garbed in green robes with a single large eyeball representing their head
    While he heals rapidly and ages slowly he is not immortal as the Luck Lords are. He is dressed primarily in green although he wears tights not robes, and he looks like a normal humanoid having an actual head with blonde hair and a face with two green eyes, two ears, a nose and smiling mouth instead of a single large eye as a head making it doubtful he is a son of the Luck Lords, unless Luck was indeed on his side. He does have a large eye as an insignia on his chest.


  122. unknownblackpaper says:

    Name and Power

    I had no idea what to do for this one, so I made another comic. Not the best, but I was trying more for humor then for skill level. Although I know the layers for this one was close to 200 @_@

    A small note on my lawyer: I notice that with Marvel and DC, red-heads tend to be favored (Jean Grey, Mary-Jane Watson, Rouge, Black Widow, Pepper Potts, ect) So I think the odds for Pretty Red-heads getting in are pretty high!

  123. Yurasagi says:

    Prepare for Efficient German Justice! The Bavarian Disciplinarian came form Berlin, and He Came to win! The Efficient German Hero makes short work of evildoers while protecting the noble German people from those who would besiege them, and all in time to make it home for bratwurst! Using his Superspeed and Metahuman Strength, Uberboy dispatches villains with calculated efficiency. A master tactician; he is able to lead large teams of diverse Legionaires to victory against even the most stringent odds. If you need the job done right the first time, and you don’t have any time to spare, call der Uberjungen!

    Thanks to Sean David Ross for the Pose!

  124. Kytana says:

    Der Uberjungen? *laugh
    I know i am not better in english but the word Uberjungen don´t exists. Only Überjunge or better is ” Der Hau drauf Junge(beat the boy or so). Yes it´s a good name: Hau drauf Junge! *smile
    Great. Grüße K.

  125. My second entry is a Greek super hero which i have created some time ago for my comic book which I am currently have been working on… I think he could easily be a Legionnaire… The character is called “Myrmidon”. This is the minimal version of the superhero who wears a half-torn Hellenic flag upon his chest and his armor is in ancient Greek style yet in a more modern way:

    He fights against the deviant politicians-villains that have destroyed Greece by bringing the financial crisis into our country causing unemployment, increased crime waves and corruption, heavy taxation, and bloody protests…
    His weapons are his energy spear and his force blades that project from his elbows, while he also possesses ultra strength and agility and shoots beams from the “M” on his forehead. Hitting his fists on the ground also cause sonic waves… His power boots can allow him to jump higher then a normal being as well…

  126. Tarkabarka says:

    Yurasagi (157) – That pose and the picture is awesome. So dynamic.

  127. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK folks, thanks for all the great submissions! I’ve now downloaded them all and will begin judging, so this contest is now closed for new entries.

  128. dblade says:

    Whoops. I forgot to submit. And LSH was my first comic book I collected. 🙁