Caption Contest 97 Winner!

Caption Contest 97 was probably the toughest one yet in terms of how hard it was to come up with an appropriate caption. The addition of the pre-set dialog ups the sphincter factor by at least two. Still, a number of folks came up with some high-quality entries:

  1. Rendu: “I’m sorry, darling- there’s no wite-out left for YOUR speech balloon.”
  2. Blue Blazer: I hate redundant questions. Even in the office.
  3. Sutter_Kaine: Please stop saying “Even in the office?”.
  4. Hairwhip: I dont know why, but everytime you say “Even in the office?” I want to kiss you even more.
  5. frankie: “I think we need to end our inter-office relationship.”
  6. Myro: “You know what I’m tired of? ‘That’s what she said’ jokes.”

Proving I'm an idiot, I never even thought about the TV show, yet in retrospect that was obviously the way to go. Which is why, despite still not having claimed a prize for his Caption Contest 94 win (ahem!), the prize this time goes once again to ... Patrick!

Well done, Patrick! Let me know in comments or via email what you'd like as a prize for this contest and your other outstanding prize and I'll get 'em on the list.