META: Delays

I just wanted to give everyone who was waiting on results for Character Contest 62 that I'm going to be later than usual posting results. There were a LOT of excellent entries and a) I'm having a hard time deciding, b) it takes longer to upload the images and format the post when there are lots of good ones, and c) my in-laws' departure has been delayed by weather and illness so that's slowing things down a fair bit as well.

Anyway, the results will go up before the day is done, but it will be later than I'd like. My apologies!

4 Responses to META: Delays

  1. Avatar Myro says:

    Thanks for the update, Jeff.

  2. Avatar Coolness is for Coolkids says:

    I was at school waiting and I was like WHERE ARE THEY!

  3. Avatar zaheelee says:

    That’s okay, I hope your in-laws are doing alright!

  4. Avatar Whit says:

    Thanks. πŸ™‚ I wait with bated breath…