Character Contest 62 – Male Finalists

The response to Character Contest 62, which challenged you to create a template available to everyone who uses HeroMachine 3 for a Fantasy Warrior, was huge. My sincere thanks to everyone who entered, I am once again humbled by your creativity and skill.

I've broken the results into two sections, male and female. I went through and picked out my favorites, limiting it to one entry per person in the interest of fairness even though there were some (Felipe S. Card, Scorpidius, Sutter Kaine, and several others) who had two or more I thought were outstanding. I ended up disqualifying any that had the arms in a non-standard position (that was one of the contest requirements this time around), and although I picked out several Templars initially (PyroDude760, Myro, and a few others), I ended up leaving them off at the end because they were all just too similar.

But hey, I've done the hard part, now you get to do the even harder part of picking a winner! After I show you all of the Finalists, I'll have a poll where you can vote for up to five (5) entries you think would be great templates to show to new users as a starting point. Polls close at 8 am Mountain Time on Wednesday when the entry with the highest total number of votes will win.

You can use whatever criteria you like for voting, of course, but as for me, here's how I looked at the initial entries:

  1. Is it awesome to look at?
  2. Is it relatively easy to duplicate or pick apart so the newbie can figure out how to do it on their own?
  3. Does it say "Fantasy Warrior" to me when I look at it?

Without further fanfare, I present the many Finalists for the Male Fantasy Warrior template for the first half of Character Contest 62:


Atomic Punk:

Blazing Tornado:

Captain Brass:

Coolness is for Cool Kids:


Felipe S Card:




Jordan Xord:


Martian Blue:


Me, Myself, and I:



Sutter Kaine:


And now, the poll! Remember, you can vote for up to five (5) entries, but you can only vote once. Good luck everyone! Polls close at 8 am Mountain Time on Wednesday.

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