Character Contest 62: Fantasy Warrior

Normally we'd be having a caption contest this week, but I need to add the HeroMachine 2 list of "sample characters" into the HeroMachine 3 Templates, and I want you all to be the ones to design those instead of me. Here's how the list looks in HM2:

So this week, your challenge is to tackle the first of those categories, the Fantasy Warrior. Here's how the male version looked:

I'll be picking two winners from the submissions, one male and one female. The winners will need to send me the text string for their characters so I can include them in the HM3 Templates, whereupon they'll be available for everyone to load up "live", as it were. So if you're not comfortable having your creation permanently featured in that way, then you should avoid submitting anything this week.

Note that you still own the character concept and copyright, I just have the right to show it within the confines of the HeroMachine.

You don't have to (or even want to, necessarily) recreate this exact look. Your goal is to come up with the coolest, best-looking template that people can use as a starting point for making their own "Fantasy Warrior", something that a beginner could load up and learn from. To that end you're probably going to have to keep these a lot simpler than you're used to, because a new person trying to figure out why and how you've used a head to substitute for a leg isn't going to cut it.

I'll ask that you use only the first, "Standard" male or female body in the default pose. Try to avoid using the "multiples" setting if at all possible (clearly, with things like ears you're not going to be able to do so).

Good luck! You don't have to post your text strings yet, I'll only ask the winners for that.

The rest is the same as usual -- no limit on entries, link directly to your image, contest ends next Monday, etc. etc.