*Face palm*

(From "Atomic Bomb" number 1, 1942.)

11 Responses to *Face palm*

  1. Tool says:

    So he can fly up but has to take a grapling hook and rope down? Holy retarded super powers batman!

  2. Watson Bradshaw says:

    looks like they are both a little light in the loafers!
    (old timey pun)

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yeah, apparently “Air Male” gets his power by injecting himself with a serum that makes him “lighter than air”, but the drawback is he supposedly can’t land without being pulled down. So, so lame.

    Of course, in classic Golden Age tradition, the writers proceed to completely ignore that just two pages later.

  4. Tool says:

    kinda like the soda pop in willie wonkas factory lol

  5. Joe says:

    The title fits. I almost did a face palm when I read that.

  6. TheNate says:

    Two towels worn as capes: $2.49

    Plastic masks held with elastic cords: $1.99/dozen

    Floating over a pink city and begging passerbys to pull you down: Priceless.

  7. Mr.MikeK says:

    Jack boots and breeches? Who’s side are they on?

    “You vill zend ze letter yust as ve have told you! You vill include return address zo ve know where to finds you.”

  8. X-stacy says:

    Well, I guess the comic would have been pretty short-lived if they stuck with that limitation. Page 7: Stampy misses his throw with the grappling hook, and rises higher and higher as Air Male looks on in helpless horror. Page 8 (a splash page): POP!

  9. Reader Kate says:

    I thought that Air Male was the lamest superhero name since The Whizzer, until I tried to figure out what else he could call himself. Zeppelin Guy? The Floater? Naaaah…Those two clowns should just turn in their towels–I mean capes.

  10. Rendu says:

    Stampy: “Um…Grappling hook? You never said anything about a grappling hook!”

    Air Male: “I never said I wanted a sidekick, either!”

  11. punkjay says:

    Is it just, me or do these two look like two kids playing Superman. I’m ready for Stampy’s Mother to come in and yell @ them for running in the house!